The Mass Effect trilogy is one of the greatest achievements of the game. The first game in the Mass Effect trilogy, developed by BioWare, was released in 2007 and is widely recognized as the exclusive game for the Xbox 360.

BioWare has already released one of the Star Wars licensed games: The Knights of the Old Republic in 2003. In 2005 the company launched Jade Empire, a complex and fascinating role play based on Chinese mythology.

After these two critical and commercial successes, BioWare will never be easy. However, with the new console (360), which after developing games for the original Xbox can be used as a sandbox for game development, many of the great gamers behind KOTOR and Jade Empire have returned to the original project called Mass Effect.

The rest is history. A detailed and complex science fiction epic has become a phenomenon, especially after the release of an unprecedented second game in the series, which won numerous awards at the end of the year. It remains one of the most qualitative games of all time.

According to the critics of Metacritic Aggregator, the original version of Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 is the 34th installment of the game. The game of all time, even before the release of incredible titles such as Half-Life, Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker, Grand Theft Auto: City Assistant, Solid 2 Metal Equipment : Sons of Liberty and Hello 2.

As with all extremely popular game series, a revised version of the entire trilogy is emerging, with a planned release in the spring of 2021, according to Polygone.

With this in mind, there are a few things that are worth learning about the original trilogy that may need extra attention from the developers during the remastering process. Read on to discover the three things that had to solve the remnants of the original trilogy.

(Disclaimer: This author likes the planetary research sections that focus on the macros of the first mass effect game, so they are not presented here. Oh, expect some vague spoilers for this trilogy, first published 13 years ago)

Combating mass impact 1

While the last two games in the trilogy were more akin to the Action/Adventure combat approach, the first Mass Effect was undoubtedly a hardcore role-playing game, with character construction and statistics having a huge impact on the player’s combat progress.

If you think about it, the battle of the first game… …was very imperfect. Moving and aiming during a fight can only be described as slippery, but also as incomprehensible and confusing when it comes to the source of the fire.

The game is supposed to be a cover shooting game, but this element of the first Mass Effect game is not bad, and it is usually much easier to run and shoot, shoot from the hip with a shotgun, assault rifle or heavily modified gun.

For the remastering, although it is probably a great desire, it would be better to ensure consistency and gameplay throughout the series, making the original a much more meaningful, fluid and fiery fight; two final games in which the fight really looked like a high stakes, a novel about higher difficulties defying death.

The internal environment in mass action 1

This is probably the most likely change for restaurateurs, as it is usually a cosmetic change.

Because of the scale of the First Mass Effect, many environments in smaller facilities – such as the countless small planets you can travel through – have exactly the same buildings with exactly the same floor plans and exactly the same interiors; the only thing that changes are the enemies inside, plus some interior decorations (also known as the number of boxes nearby).

An important change in the remastering would be to improve the interiors of some of these random planets, so that a visit to these planets actually gives the impression that new places are being explored, rather than doing the hard work of the parallel question.

(Warning: this writer appreciated the blank canvas of many tertiary planets, because the emptiness of the different biospheres was indeed very representative of unexplored worlds).

End of mass exposure 3

It is probably also an unlikely request, but the biggest complaint from Mass Effect fans – and it seems to be the case for everyone who has played the game – is that the final of the series, Mass Effect 3, had an extremely unsatisfactory and disappointing ending.

The whole series is set up for the final battle with the Reapers, and just when you think something exciting is going to happen, the player is offered three options, none of which are very entertaining.

After hundreds of hours in the series of stories the players felt betrayed, and the departure of Mass Effect 3 in the original final forced the team to come back and rework it to give the players another option.

In this respect, it is possible that the remastering team will come back and add more options to the final to appease the unconditional fans of the trilogy.

The Remakers of Mass Effect will certainly be a great success on the road to nostalgia, and we hope they will also introduce some people who have never played before.

Despite its flaws, the whole trilogy – an amazing feat of plot, game design and remastering – will certainly underline this truth with all the attributes that can characterize a modern game. Kiss each other forever!

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