SANTA CLARA, California. — …the Bay Area has a history of unrelated brothers who have left an indelible mark on the sporting world.

Athletics in Auckland once conquered baseball thanks to the Bash brothers, led by Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco. The Golden Soldiers of the State built a dynasty on the back of the Splash brothers, Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson. Today, 49 San Francisco players want to introduce you to the YAC Bros, a group of players who make their choices by running on, around and – most importantly – on any defender that stands in their way.

Although it is undoubtedly a catchy title, Niners still has a long way to go before it can be mentioned in the same breath as Brotherhood A and the Warriors.

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How far? When the receiver of the Niners, Dibo Samuel, first mentioned the nickname in public and greeted Brandon Iyuk, the club’s newcomer, as well as himself and a good friend of George Kittle, Kittle probably didn’t know anything about the message.

Am I with YAC Bros.? Kittle asked. I didn’t get an official invitation or a T-shirt or anything. I don’t even have a dibo shirt, so it’s a little salty.

YAC is more than just an acronym used to create memorable nicknames and products. For the 49th, this is the base on which their attack was built.

To remove any confusion, the Niners want to load a yacht from their two definitions – shipyard after yacht and shipyard after yacht after contact. During the 2020 season Neuf won first place in both categories: 682 meters after contact and 1086 meters after the catch. Since early 2019, San Francisco has also been at the top of these statistics.

This is no coincidence with Coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch. However, since they took over the case in 2017, it has become a priority year after year.

Category Total Rk.
Contact closure 682 1
Quick gauges after contact 368 2
Fast gauges after steep contact 1.82 4
Contact the reception camps 314 2
Reception after catch 1,086 1
Recruit after the catch at the reception 6.92 1
Court after contact at the reception 2.00 1

That’s something we appreciate in a way, the ability to continue the catch and then probably take a step forward, Lynch said. It’s something we talked about a long time ago, but we probably started talking about it a little more because some of our systems were under development, and then we started meeting people who were doing really well.

At the beginning of each offensive race, Shanahan recalls the basic principle of YAK No1: a step towards reduction. If it sounds like a basketball term that has stayed in the hands of guys like Hakim Olajuwon or Tim Duncan, then so be it.

Shanahan and his team advised the players to put themselves in the shadows to tell you how important it is to get on the pitch. They soon noticed that the sun was sometimes in different places during training, which made the situation even more confusing. So they borrowed from their basketball brothers.

Simply put: When the receiver of the pass receives the ball, he puts one foot on the ground and immediately turns around in the opposite direction, requiring his body to go onto the pitch as quickly as possible.

Not one, but two days of the 3 and 16 Conversion on the winning line.

This is Jimmy G’s link to @BournePoly11, which is worth checking out.

The regular season ends next week in Seattle at FOX.

– San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) 22. December 2019

To illustrate what this means, the Niners regularly refer to Kendrick Bourne’s conquest in the third and sixteenth games and his decisive victory over the Rams at the end of last year’s fourth quarter.

Shanahan said it was the fastest way north and south. That’s what we preach to everyone, regardless of your abilities, and I think our guys really have it under control. They look at each other, and I think they feed on each other. We’ve got physically gifted guys who don’t mess around.

This is another pillar of the Tao YAC, especially the contact version: The great drip phase means little if it is not associated with the mentality necessary to fearlessly attack any defender who approaches with intent to deliver and not be hit.

When, in 2017. The 49ers brought Kittle together, they believed in his potential as a passport collector, but knew they had to develop him further. Team opponent coach John Ambry immediately stressed the importance of running with ruthless rejection, pointing out that the team’s opponent defenders will begin to take creative paths as soon as you realize that not only are you not afraid of contact, but that you really enjoy it.

Kittle said the YAC was a mentality. That’s what Coach Shanahan and our coaching staff have been preaching since I was a rookie.

– 49ers’ YAC Bros. continues the
tradition – Green impressed with Alexander’s package
– How the Bronx became good at tipping passes
– Cats ready to support the stone jump
– Bris works another 2 minutes with ease

By focusing on the YAC, Shanahan can choose games that protect the quarterback and make the offensive line a little easier, as the ball comes out quickly, while still allowing a great game. That’s why the 49ers are ranked 30th in the air per target (6.55) but 9th in the air per impact (11.83) and explains how Samuel’s average target depth of 11 strikes has been negative over the last two weeks – 4 meters but still averaging 11.9 meters per strike.

You must be able to walk without fear, Shanahan said. When you walk around and look who’s hitting you, it’s very difficult to attack and enter the field. … The best guys after the catch are the ones who don’t make jokes, they just go out and take what they can get. I feel like we have a group of these guys.

Kittle’s arrival, especially in 2018 when he set the record of 855 yards after being caught, opened Shanahan and Lynch’s eyes to the benefits of players who can create extra yards. This led to the election of Samuel in the second round of the 2019 NFL selection and his promotion to the first round for this year’s election of Ayuk.

When a man’s doing well, they say: Wow, that’s pretty effective, Lynch said. Let’s try to find a guy like Dibo, and then you’ll see Ayuk, you know, our eyes are a little heavy. We found something.

Last season in Arizona, Ayük averaged 10.9 meters after the catch, which is the most newcomers in the competition this year. For Ayuk it was only natural, but soon after arriving in San Francisco he learned that the YAC is not only a statistic, but also one of the family values of the 49th century.

Whether it’s catching an explosion, putting your foot in the ground and coming back up again, or catching the ball where your back is on the defensive and you fall and come right back up again, these things aren’t usually heard, Ayuk said. I didn’t hear much about it in college, it was a bit like what you do, but it’s just outlined here and it’s formed.

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