Video games have been a huge part of our culture, and although they are not as popular as they used to be, they still hold a special place in our hearts. Video games have characters that are larger than life and are more than just a game—they are iconic, often times breathing life into as they play a huge role in our society.

Quite often, gamers blame video game protagonists for all of the portrayal of women in games and they tend to forget that the developers are the ones who write the characters. Still, there are some video game characters who have proven to be better written than most of the others.

The best video game characters are always those that can make us feel real emotions. Those characters that can make us feel like we are actually there, watching an epic struggle unfold before us. And that is why, in this, we’re going to list 5 of the most underrated video game protagonists of all-time, each of whom has had their fair share of epic moments and has made us feel like we are right there in the thick of it.. Read more about underrated video game characters and let us know what you think.


The hero is universally adored. They are given the opportunity to rescue the day and are reunited with the person they adore. What about the unsung heroes? Those that really rescue the day while not caring about anything else but getting the job done because it’s the right thing to do? So, in this list, I’ll name who I believe are the greatest underappreciated video game protagonists of all time (in no particular order). At least, that’s how it’s gone so far.


1.) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7’s Zack Fair

When the game was originally announced, fans were thrilled to learn that they would be playing as the famous hero from Final Fantasy 7. Who wouldn’t be, right? If it weren’t for our beloved Soldier, Cloud would be nothing.

For a variety of reasons, Zack Fair is underappreciated. He was not only the guy Angeal trusted with the Buster Sword, but he was also the one who discovered all of Shinra’s secrets. He was concerned about others. He cared so much about them that he sacrificed himself so that they might live to fight another day.

I don’t believe anybody who has ever played Crisis Core will forget the game’s last act. The manner in which Zack had to keep battling. It was a heartbreaking experience. That is why he is included on this list.


2.) Bully’s Jimmy Hopkins

Yes, it is correct. Bullworth Academy’s tyrant. Jimmy is an underappreciated video game protagonist because he never set out to be one. He just wanted to go to a normal school, but his parents insisted on sending him to Bullworth. He sought to create a name for himself in a desperate act of defiance driven mostly by adolescent anguish.

He began with the school bullies, then moved on to the jocks, nerds, preps, greasers, and finally the townies. Even though his “friend” Gary eventually abandoned him, he never let it stop him from accomplishing his objective. Gary was vanquished, and he rescued the day.

To some extent, he was a conqueror. Even Thanos would have been proud of him, I’m sure. He was able to bring the people’s lives into balance and harmony. All the while, he’s making out with every single female. What a hero he is. This game’s mobile version is available to play right now.


3.) Shenmue series’ Ryo Hazuki

Shenmue and Shenmue II were two games that were ahead of their time. The exploring element, as well as the combat scenes, QTEs, getting to know the NPCs, and the opportunity to acquire amazing capsule toys, were all huge hits with gamers. But, above all, there’s the narrative.

Ryo was just a regular, everyday Japanese kid, you see. Until he saw his father’s death, which sent him on a road that would permanently alter his life. The thing with Ryo is that he’s simply a regular guy. You and I, for example. His desire and drive to revenge his father, on the other hand, truly sets him apart.

On my Sega Dreamcast, I only played the first two games if I’m being honest. Despite my desire to play the third game, I opted against it after reading the negative reviews. Who knows, however. Maybe, just to see what happens, I’ll alter my opinion one day.


4.) Psychonauts’ Razputin Aquato

Another game that was far ahead of its time was Psychonauts. I felt like I was playing several games inside the game since the narrative was so clean and unique. The stages were fantastic, with each section of the game having its own distinct design.

After that, there’s Raz. That character has such a spirit. His commitment to become a Psychonaut before the program ended was really inspiring. He tried all he could to maintain his position as the best in the world. Even when his friends’ lives were in danger and his own life was on the line, he kept his calm and saved everyone. Thank God he was so talented that he was able to reach the level of psychonaut so quickly and put an end to the camp’s wicked plans. His courage alone qualifies him for inclusion on this list of underappreciated video game heroes.

Psychedelic graphics, a fantastic unique tale, and a fantastic protagonist. What more could you want? I can’t wait for the next installment.


5.) Amaterasu kami from kami kami kami kami kami kami kami kami kami k 

This game will go down in history as one of Capcom’s all-time greats. From the visual style to the sense of old Japan, everything is spot on. This game was really incredible.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I initially began playing the game on my PlayStation 2. The game started, and I thought to myself, “OK, the main character is a wolf who doesn’t speak.” This is going to be tedious.” I’ve never been so incorrect in my whole life.

Amaterasu was a complete badass. She obviously cared for the people and animals of Nippon. She made it clear that anybody who attempted to disturb the calm would have to go through her. She never gave up, no matter how formidable the opponent. She was quick and harsh, but yet sensitive and caring. That’s why she’s such a misunderstood v

Let’s hope that a sequel is eventually possible.


So there you have it: my top five underappreciated video game protagonists of all time. Fantastic characters from fantastic games. If you’re wondering about why I selected these characters, just play the games and you’ll see what I mean. You may also watch walkthroughs.



Video games have become a massive industry, and after a decade or so of existence, video game protagonists have become as iconic as their movie counterparts. The list is an eclectic mix of widely recognizable characters like Solid Snake, The Terminator, and the Joker, as well as beloved protagonists that have faded into obscurity, like the original cast of Final Fantasy VI.. Read more about forgotten capcom franchises and let us know what you think.

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