Athleisure has become one of the most popular street styles these days. And for a good reason – there is nothing more comfortable than wearing tights or other gym clothes as part of regular casual outfits. Tights have become a staple in most women’s everyday casual outfits, as there are more different models than ever before. But the question is, how can we style them and be trendy?

Monochromatic looks

Black tights are the new little black dress, they are something every woman should have. A pair of black tights is not only extremely flattering, but they are the most comfortable piece of clothing you can own. Luckily for us girls, tights today are made out of various materials, with various finishes, from shiny to matte, see-through to fully opaque. So, now it has become fully acceptable to wear tights to work, especially those that have a front seam to resemble pants. You can create a powerful monochrome black outfit with just a pair of tights, a black shirt and a structured black jacket. Add accessories and some loafers and you are good to go. Remember that this outfit is business casual, so you do not want to wear tights to a business meeting.

Tights and sweaters

If you want to feel cozy and comfortable, a long sweater or sweater dress with a pair of funky tights has you covered. The good thing about this outfit is, you do not have to go easy on the color. Pair a pastel blue or turquoise fuzzy sweater with patterned pink tights and turn some heads on the street. But you can also go for a tamer look and pair neutrals with black, or even create a monochrome look. The point of this outfit is to be comfortable and warm in the long winter months, so feel free to throw on a coat and knee high-boots, some oversized sunglasses and wear a sleek low bun for a chic appearance.

Tights and a puffer jacket

The last couple of years you could see puffer jackets making a comeback on your Instagram feed, or even on the streets. Puffer coats and jackets have become a streetwear staple. But you do not only have to wear them with jeans or sweats. They go together perfectly with tights, since they are direct opposites and create an interesting silhouette together. You can pair an oversized or cropped puffer jacket with colorful or monochrome tights, depending on your style. We recommend wearing chunky jewelry, a graphic tee, a baseball cap and trainers to compliment the look.  

Patterns and prints

Interestingly enough, tights let you get away with crazy patterns and colors, simply because they are more casual than trousers. Make them your statement piece by pairing crazy colorful tights with more low-key pieces of clothing and let them shine. You can even find trendy seamless tights that look more like they should be worn on a Sunday brunch, than in the gym. There are new stylish patterns, inspired by the 60s and 70s, which go perfectly with a simple black skirt or white tee. Or crazy monochrome colors, and we are not talking about neon. Do not be afraid to experiment with color, it will only make you look trendier.

Split hems and flared

If you have been to Zara or any other boutique, you must have seen that the line between tights and trousers has never been thinner. Which is great for us, because that they are no longer reserved just for the gym, but can be dressed up and down to your liking. Flared tights have become popular in the recent years, and we must admit that they are flattering on any figure. There is just something about a flared cut that makes the leg look longer and slimmer. And they pair well with heels and thicker soles. Another great trend that we love is the split front or side hem on tights, making them look a bit more elegant and professional. Besides, split hems are a perfect way to showcase your footwear.

Avoid tech materials

One thing to note though, make sure that your tights are not too “techy”. Tech pants are tough enough to pull off at the gym, let alone on the street. You will simply look like you have come straight from CrossFit class and forgot to change your pants, not so athleisure. We recommend wearing a nylon and polyester blend for a more opaque, matte look, unlike the shiny tech materials.

Tights are extremely versatile, as they can be dressed up and down according to the occasion. Follow our advice if you want to rock your tights and be trendy and comfortable at the same time.

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