Archenemi is a small hole in the wall of a superhero movie restaurant. The kind of restaurant that serves delicious, fatty foods that satisfy some kind of nocturnal hunger. It is a cartoon adventure that is different from all the recent publications in the genre that were made after the degeneration. The aesthetics of the Kunsthaus is a wildly imaginative canvas. And it takes you on a crazy journey that leaves you puzzled from start to finish about the true origins of your main character, an alien named Max Fist who claims to be a street nomad played by Joe Mangianello.

Instead of the cheesy crust with special effects and parasitic action scenes normally used in most Marvel and DC films, Archenemy offers us a living graphic novel of the real world, draped in a post-apocalyptic setting normally reserved for the nihilistic films of the 80s about the future. Although it oscillates in the air of a spicy postmodern particle that naturally seems eternal. Is that the past? Is this the future? Is it here and now? It must all turn out to be cult insanity. And right now you can see it in the house it was made for, the drive-in theater. It’s one of the few places where you can see this strange science fiction movie on the big screen, which will be broadcasted all over the country this weekend. It is also available on PVOD.

POWERFUL: Paul Shire this Archenemi, Marvel’s 616 and Lots More [Exclusive].

More than in any other movie, Archenemy is a real thrill for the rollerboys, and that’s what I mean at best. For lovers of a certain type of film, the opus of Corey Chaim on roller skates in the post-apocalyptic era scratches a certain kind of itch, and this aesthetics can be felt within these walls. She’s the perfect companion on her best side.

The story is unique; the main theme can be found in all canonical comic strips that exist today. Only it is here, under the bridge, in this dirty little shed of exciting action and mystery that has bent with a certain kind of wiry tissue to unleash the power of abstract art. It’s a fun trip that deserves a place on a shelf next to the big baseball players of the game, like Spider-Man and Superman. It’s a homemade enchilada that tastes much better than anything on the menu of a local Taco Bell fast food restaurant, a local kineplex that is currently closed for a while in most districts of the state.

The story follows Max Fist, played with disgusting perfection by Joe Manganiello. Is it a stranger? Or a crazy homeless man? Max pretends to be a hero from another dimension. In a crazy animation in the manner of a comic strip, we see him fall to earth through time and space where he has no power. Since he hangs around on dirty dives, nobody believes his stories, except a local teenager named Hamster. Together they take to the streets to eliminate the local drug syndicate and its evil criminal boss, the so-called manager.

Glenn Howerton, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is hardly recognizable at first sight. He plays the manager, the main villain with an inch of pure evil that leaves little time for lightning energy. On the screen he matches Paul Shire, who plays one of his lackeys, with a fast cameo that steals the show from him.

The director of the film is Adam Egypt Mortimer, whose unique style and unusual strengths really bring something new to the world of comics. Known for his favourite iconic character, Daniel Isn’t Real, he continues his series with an explosion of action that takes to the streets like an eruption. It’s one of the coolest superhero movies of the year, and in a year when there aren’t usually enough new movies, this drink is like cool, refreshing entertainment that soaks us up and distracts us from the madness of the world around us.

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