There was more drama on Saturday. Look no further than last week’s Clemson Notre Dame thriller.

There were Saturdays with big matches. This week there was no match between the top 25 teams, including four of the top five. With 15 matches postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was anything but an ideal football Saturday.

On some Saturdays the biggest stars shone brighter, although this was thanks to Lou Hedley from Miami, who made the epic game with a 52-yard average for seven shots. Even suitors can be stars.

No, there was no tent at the soccer school on Saturday. But in a year in which we sometimes feel that we don’t watch football at all at university, week 11 was perhaps the most symbolic of that wild circle around the sun that we call 2020. Just think of everything that was made available on Saturday.

Stanford played with a can opener in front of the trees, begging for an answer: If the cardinal, in the fourth quarter of the 19th century, came back and only the trees could hear it, would it really make noise?

Arizona played his first game of the season with only 15 days to go and it turned out that the Wildcats were only 25 seconds away from victory.


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Because the Governor of New Mexico does not allow football matches on his territory, the University of New Mexico has moved its matches to Las Vegas, allowing the Lobos to play a home game against Nevada – in Nevada. (Nevada wins.)

If you accidentally arrived at the end of ET day, you weren’t crying on your non-working weekly schedule. They went from Miami’s last fight against Virginia Tech (which ended in a 25-24 Keynes victory, although you had more than a dozen players) to Nebraska’s last fight against Penn State. You could turn around to see North Carolina turn a 21-point deficit into a 14-point deficit when Sam Howell lost 550 yards and scored seven touchdowns against Wake Forest. You may have seen Illinois their first spectacular victory on the field with only four seconds to go against Rutgers or Kentucky to keep Vanderbilt in their first emotional match after the death of line coach John Shlarman.

Do you like the Cinderella story? On Saturday we went 4-0 with Indiana and Northwest.

Do you like it when the tough guys get hurt? Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida suffered even more on Saturday.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Wisconsin jumped to Michigan on Saturday, bounced back to 2-0 and left the Wolverines 3-1. Rick Ossentoski/US Monday Sports

Do you like the historical background of a big university soccer game? After a week of talking about the staggering mess at Boston College in 1993 that cost Lou Holtz the national title, Notre Dame banned the demon without even offering him pea soup on his shirts. Brian Kelly won his 100th title. Play against the Battle Irish and bind Holtz for the second time in a row.

Even on the eve of Saturday we had our share of the highlights. On Friday night, Cincinnati raised the score, leading to an epic post-game peak between the head coaches. Boise State blocked three strikes on Thursday. On Wednesday, West Michigan made one of the biggest retrospectives in recent history by hitting hits on a fourth down-conversion, scoring a fast TD by skipping a PAT, restoring the attack spike and scoring again with a false spike.

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After West Michigan took its own shot, Caleb Eleby forged a spike and found Jaylen Hall wide open in the end zone.

It sounds like what Berra-Yogi would say, but there has never been a week with so many bad games, so many good games.

Of course, this season’s schedule has been turned upside down, the stars have refused to participate, and this week there is a new coronavirus distribution series.

In August we weren’t sure what the season would be. After the last virus scare, there’s no guarantee we’ll put an end to it.

But at the same time, there are days like Saturday – when there’s no reason to believe anything good will come of it, when the whole process of playing seems scary – when we are offered one thing that university football has always promised us: a glimpse of what we didn’t know we needed when we least expected it.

B1G Surprises

Just think of the fact that we all came so close to not seeing the Big Ten this year. Last August we were afraid to see the last Justin Fields, not to celebrate Greg Schiano’s return to Rutgers, and not to see Jim Harbau in blue pants.

Thank God the competition has come back to life, because this season the Big Ten are open bananas.

We won 4-0 against Indiana and ended up in the top 10 with Ohio after beating the state of Michigan 24-0. For the first time this season, the Hoosiers beat the Spartans, Michigan and Penn State. But that’s not so surprising in Bloomington. Can you imagine Indiana basketball in the Big Ten starting as many 4-0 games as Indiana basketball in 2009? Somewhere Bobby Knight throws a chair into disbelief.

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Indiana dominates the state of Michigan after two touchdowns by Ty Fryfogle, who saw the Hoosiers play 4-0 in the Big Ten for the first time since 1987.

And then there’s Northwestern, whose offense Well, there’s 11 guys and a soccer ball. But this protection is something else. Purdue was a terrible 4 out of 17 when he tried the third run and on Saturday was only two meters behind and lost to the Wildcats.

The fact that the Hoosiers and the Wildcats can play for the Big Ten title is quite amazing, but the other side of the table is no less so.

Nebraska has done his best to make progress, but even the Haskers aren’t bad enough to lose to Penn State. For the first time since 2001 the Nittani Lions are 0-4.

And then there’s Michigan. The good news is that Graham Mertz, after being almost perfect in the Wisconsin opener, looked completely pedestrian against the Wolverine defense. The bad news is that Michigan also had to use a quarterback. Wisconsin won easily in another brutal performance by the Harbau team, and although the next three games – Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland – were all won in full (even for Michigan), it’s hard to imagine how the excitement in Ann Arbor went down before a miracle was performed against Ohio. On the other hand, the New York jets may soon be abandoned.

No happy returns

At a time when no decent Buy More is sitting on the couch for a long time without being transferred, we will inevitably see a lot of confrontations between former teammates. But on Saturday we had three noisy matches with a very special drama.

In Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Phil Yurkovets of Boston College hoped to finish QB Instagram Beef on the field. After the departure of Yurkovets from Notre Dame in January, the Irish starter Jan Book posted a message on his Instagram page to read: The circle is smaller. This week Yurkovets answered that he had posted a music video with the brand name Mack Miller – a song in which the words All we think love is nothing more than a trademark. It was a masked shot at his old team? It doesn’t matter, because Notre Dame has restored the brand image to prove that it is a real business in 2020.

Yurkovec crossed the finish line 300 meters and scared the Irish a bit. But we’ve finally found out why Brian Kelly continued to publish the book, which we hope you won’t like, because there’s nothing more fun than a little quarrel on social networks between the launch of the Buy More.

In Gainesville, Florida, Felipe Franks’ former alligators returned to the swamp as Arkansas pitchers. Franks calmed the crowd down with a fast TD-pass on the first shot, but the rest of the game didn’t go so well – Florida won 63:35.

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Arkansas quarterback Phelleip Franks feels back in the swamp with a 47-yard touchdown against Mike Woods.

There’s also Florida, who came to NC State with a skeleton list, QB starter Jordan Travis (wounded) and former starter James Blackman, who announced his transfer earlier this week. The FSU started with newcomer Chubba Purdy – the fourth starting CB of the season for the Seminoles. This is the first team since Kent in 2016 to throw four KBs in the first eight games, and no CCA team has done so since at least 2004, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

So, what is the salt in the wound for USF (because for Seminoles there is always salt for their wounds)? The Buy More on the other hand was Bailey Hawkman, who signed a contract with FSU in 2017, moved to NC State and did a good show on Saturday. Hawkman threw three touchdowns and chased one after the other with a 38-22 victory for the Wolfpacks. FSU has not had a QB with four TDs in the conference game since 2018. The basketball season is fast approaching and the Seminoles are at the height of their popularity.

Heisman 5

Four of the five candidates did not play on Saturday, so there is little room to mix. But maybe Dillon Gabriel, Sam Howell, Desmond Knight or D’Eric King were all in the same place for the presentation of the trophy on the 5th. Enough January to talk about it.

1. Florida Buy more Kyle Trask

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Kyle Trask goes to Florida, where he scores five touchdowns against Arkansas in the first half.

Trask has scored four or more touchdowns in each of his first five games this season, and if you were wondering if he’s going to make six, all you had to do was wait 26 minutes for an answer. Trask even closed the first half with five touchdowns. Trask is the first QB with four TD passes in each of the first six games, starting with Graham Harrell of Texas Tech University in 2007.

Florida’s Backup Buy More has also made a commitment to Trask.

2. Alabama Buy More McJones.

We don’t want to shoot Jones, but it’s hard to deny he’s not doing it with the best masters in the country. This year Jones has 1,056 passing yards after the catch, which is more than Tennessee or Kentucky in general.

3. Clemson BC Trevor Lawrence

After two weeks of quarantine, Lawrence returned to Clemenson’s training field this week. He will be back on the field on Saturday against the unfortunate Florida state defense and will see if he can adjust his stats, still within striking distance of a material victory.

4. UBC Zack Wilson

The cougar has been cancelled this week, but let’s take a look at Wilson’s litters this year. For field runs of 20 yards or more, he finishes 71.4% in 27 yards in a single pass with a TD family and without a kicker. It’s not that pathetic.

5. Ohio CB Justin Fields.

The figures are important and Fields is certainly one of the best players in university football. But after Saturday’s cancellation, it is normal to be surprised: Will he play enough games to really escape Heisman? I don’t think he can afford another rejection.

Gift game of the week

On Saturday, in North Carolina, there were many beautiful shows with the 59:53 victory over Wake Forest. Sam Howell has rewritten the record book of the Tar Heels with seven touchdowns and 550 assists, and both teams are one in the first half of every game this season. In total, two QBs – Howell and Wake Sam Hartman – have joined forces at 1002 yards and 12 touchdowns. It was a rally that included 19 games for 20 yards or more.

But fortunately there was a play in the Brown family that would probably cause some confusion.

Choose the winner of 10 school soccer games per week. Play directly or with confidence. Make your choice

Hafre Brown’s younger brother intercepted what appeared to be a 75-yard touchdown by Howell in the third quarter with only the flag at stake. In the end, Damiami Brown’s older brother hit a defender in the back on the 10-yard line. The touchdown has been erased from the board.

He’s in bad shape, but it’s getting worse.

Five appearances after the destruction of TD Hafre, Howell met Dyami for a touchdown.

It’s a cold-blooded gesture from a big brother, and it’s certainly nice to be at Thanksgiving dinner this year – unless Hafre lets you sit at the children’s table.

Gift game of the week

This year the coronavirus pandemic added the III. Division completely cancelled – except for one race, the annual secretarial cup between the Coast Guard and the marines, which took place on Saturday. The game of rivalry, which, as our friends of Reddit have pointed out, used to be called the Cup of Secretaries until the reorganization led to the two branches being placed under different Secretaries, has been played every year since 1981, and the virus was not going to stop it in 2020.

Despite the excellent play of the Coast Guard defender Eugene Baiser (20 grenades), the attack by the Merchant Navy Marines was too strong. QB Ian Blankenship and RB Ceaser Gonzalez won more than 100 yards 24-14, receiving the Secretary Cup for the fifth time in six years at the New Yorker at the end of Long Island Sound and reportedly giving the Marines the third divisional championship in the fall.

WE WYGRAELS!!! Sailors hold the secretary’s cup above their Coast Guard rivals, 24-14 !!!!. #BEATCOASTGUARD #d3fb

– USMMA Athletics (@USMMA_Athletics) 14. November 2020

Best bets and bad wins

  • Did you know that 2020 is a wild year in which Rutgers… Yes, Rutgers! — …wins the Big Ten. But that’s exactly what happened Saturday when the Scarlet Knights were 6.5 points ahead of Illinois, the first time since 2015 that they were favorites in the conference game. That was two coaching teams ago. Rutgers only won for the fourth time since joining the Big Ten in 2014. So, what happened? Illinois not only covered the balance, but also won 23:20. At least some things will still look normal in 2020.
  • Saturday was an emotional roller coaster ride on Chapel Hill. North Carolina was the favorite against Wake Forest with 13.5 points, but like the Tar Heels, who have done so much this year, they fought badly on defense and fell far behind – 21 points behind Deacon Demons in the third quarter. This is the third time this season, including a 31-7 deficit to open the second half against Florida and a 41-20 deficit against Virginia. In both cases the heels almost won, but this time they did. In fact, they should have covered it up. UNC scored 2:39 and rose to 14th place. Health Backers fans celebrated the unexpected coverage. But in a game that included 1348 yards, they clearly left too much time on the clock. Wake-QB Sam Hartman converted the third and 18th and then made five more passes in a row when the Deacons entered the field, scoring only 57 seconds per game, securing the burst lead/closed flap.
  • Utah didn’t want to win their first match after Gary Andersen’s shot, but Aggis was able to help in the end. In Utah, state 35-16, the first and last offset was recorded in the second state of Fresno with a score of 2:21. Even a goal on the field would exceed the final score of 51.5. Instead, the illegal formation, two incomplete and two bags folded to zero points, while the lowest is held by half a point.

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