Algonquin and LaFontaine High School celebrated their 100th graduation ceremony on May 20th, making it the most recent high school to graduate from the school and the second-most recent overall, after Algonquin’s achievement in 1908.

Half a century ago, AHS welcomed its first class of students. Since then, it has grown into Canada’s leading and largest private university with over 7,000 students, 130 faculty members and more than 350 courses taught in English and French.

Students at the University of Alberta have a unique opportunity to hear from the Prime Minister and other dignitaries this Friday during their graduation ceremonies. AHS will be at the ceremony, and our professor Tanya Desjarlais will be speaking to the grads. If you are planning to graduate this year, you can find out more about the ceremony at this link.

277 graduates left on Thursday

Graduates of the Atascadero High School (AHS) Class of 2021 celebrated their graduation Thursday at Memorial Stadium and entered the next phase of their lives. The class of 2021 is the 100th. Atascadero’s graduating class, the first was held in 1921 when the school was still called Margarita Black High School. We’ll get through this together, Atascadero. word-image-5530 Photos of Atascadero High School graduates taken by Connor Allen. It was a perfect afternoon, without a cloud in the sky, when the 277 graduates, dressed in long gray gowns, ornate caps, and their Sunday clothes, entered the stadium and took their seats to the sound of the pear band. The ceremony was effective, but powerful, as many took time to reflect on the 15 particularly difficult months this graduating class has gone through as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Senior President Mia Perry opened the ceremony by thanking family and friends and welcoming the nearly full house. word-image-5531 Director Dan Andrus, who took over leadership of AHS this year after Bill Neely retired, came to the podium to thank Aziz Basil, Valedictorian, and Sean Reagan, Salutatorian of the Class of 2021. Only three points separate the two boys at the top of the points classification: Basile finished his high school career with a 4.62 GPA, while Reagan earned a 4.59 GPA. Then alumna Moselle Steeler took the stage to give her farewell speech. It has been 100 years since Marguerite Black Communion High School first graduated. Today, in 2021, we, now known as Atascadero High School, will celebrate our 100th year. To be a graduating class and receive our own diplomas. There have certainly been a lot of changes in schools in the last century, but I don’t think they’re as significant as what we’ve experienced in the last four years, Stieler said. We had to learn how to navigate a brand new platform [e-learning] while dealing with siblings who were screaming in the background, forgetting to turn off the microphone and sometimes getting out of bed. And despite everything, we not only survived the turbulent times, but we thrived. In recent years I have been impressed by the resilience of my colleagues in the face of instability and uncertainty. Steeler shared some of her fondest memories from her time at AHS, recalled some of her favorite teachers, and concluded her speech with an inspiring message about the need to get involved in the fight. After the Steeler, it was time for Andrus to address the graduates and their families and tell everyone about an exciting journey to his first graduation ceremony as director of AHS. Andrus talked about the laws of nature, Newton, and even quoted Shakespeare on stage. Graduates, I hope your choices bring you success, happiness and joy. I hope you will be able to draw from the marrow of your life and find satisfaction in the path you have chosen, Mr Andrus concluded. Two of you have recently taught me that simple pleasures are important, that sometimes building a snowman is the best choice. The world is yours; you decide what your life will be like by making choices and reaping the benefits. Class of 2021, vote right and be happy. After each graduate received their diploma and the usual photo with a member of the school’s board of directors, the students returned to their seats and Perry took the stage for the moment everyone was waiting for. Push the pom-poms to the left and we did it, people! Perry squealed with delight as the hats flew through the neighborhood and the crowd began barking like a pack of wild dogs to celebrate the greyhounds starting a new life. For those who missed the ceremony or just want to relive it, the entire ceremony has been streamed online and will be available for viewing on YouTube next week.


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It has been a lot of years since I’ve been to a celebratory ball for a high school grad, but I’m sure glad I went. I’m trying to say that I’m so glad AHS celebrated their 100th graduation in-person, but I’m not sure how to say that. Fortunately that’s not the only thing we were celebrating!. Read more about atascadero high school alma mater and let us know what you think.

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