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The NFL trading period ends at 4 p.m. today. ET, and the teams have been taking action in recent months.

There were several NFL qualifying rounds in 2021 and the Jacksonville Jaguars were busy changing Yannick Ngakoe’s basketball wheel with the Minnesota Vikings. Elsewhere the Las Vegas Raiders did not select a debutant in the third round.

Here we follow every transaction from boot camp, with analyses, rumors and highlights from our NFL news team (the latest information comes from above). Take a look at the Sports Center Special: NFL trading hours are at 3:00. AND about ESPN and the ESPN application.

Tuesday, 3. November

I’m told the Green Bay Packers are discussing trade in the Texas Will Fuller receivership. At the highest level of the organisation in Green Bay, however, there was disagreement as to whether an elite beneficiary should be added in the short term.

– Diana Rusini (@diannaESPN) 3. November 2020.

In his speech to the 105.3 Fan, Jerry Jones said that cowboys are great, cowboys will do business. A player who’s not going anywhere? Aldon Smith. I think it’s been a positive development, Jones. He’s not a player like he used to be, but that doesn’t make him negative… I like her attention. I like his attitude. I like his attitude towards the future. I’m not interested in doing anything for Aldon. Until there were no negotiations on an extension.

Todd Archer, ESPN staff student four hours ago.

After talking to several NFL Grand Masters, I learned that several teams who had called the Patriots to Stephon Gilmore via BC had been informed by New England that they wanted a first-round pick and a player in exchange for the title of player of the year in the 2019 AP defense.

– Diana Rusini (@diannaESPN) 3. November 2020.

Bill Belichik, about the current trading hours and how quickly things can change: It looks like the ball rolls into a cup and spins at the last second. So you have to take things as they are. ⛳️️♂️

– Mike Travel (@MikeReiss) 3. November 2020

Monday 2. November

@AtlantaFalcons don’t do business with me. They’ve turned down several offers.

– 2. Branch player McKinley (@Takk) November 2020.

The titans of Tennessee are buying the defensive back of veteran Desmond King of the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for a sixth round pickup, said Adam Shafter, ESPN source. King’s a good scratch for losing the eighth. Loading week in the Denver Broncos.

The New Orleans Saints continued their aggressive approach to the 2020 season with the purchase of linebacker Kwon Alexander in San Francisco 49 on Monday in exchange for veteran Kico Alonso and a conditional fifth-round draft, ESPN sources Adam Schefter reported.

Sunday, 1. November 1 1

Date: 1. November

On Sunday night, the New York Jets traded Avery Williamson’s linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelworks, a confirmed source. The source said that in exchange for Williamson, the jets will receive a pickup for the fifth round in 2022 and a pickup for the seventh round in 2022. Similarly, Williamson went from the worst record in the league (0-8) to the best (7-0).

Ryan Kerrigan, the defensive player for Washington’s soccer team, has asked for a deal, but Washington has told the teams that he won’t play his leading role, according to an ESPN source. Another source said on Sunday that Kerrigan hadn’t asked for a deal. Many people in the NFL believe that Kerrigan values loyalty to the franchise and its family more than money.

Cleveland Brownes, at the end of David Njoku, could also be up after asking for a deal earlier this season. Njoku later withdrew his candidacy, but the Brownes have a surplus in a tight circle with double professional player Austin Hooper and newcomer Harrison Bryant.

The Miami Dolphins accepted the challenge of tackling Xavier Howard, but it accepted an offer from Laramie Tuncila to take him out. Last year Miami Tunsil and Stills sold to Houston for a set consisting of two first-round drawings and a second round.

The Minnesota Vikings are open to Anthony Harris’ safe trade if anyone wants to take over his salary and the expiration of his contract. This season, Harris, 29, plays in the Viking franchise which is worth about $11.4 million.

Tuesday’s trading date raises the obvious question of how active the New England patriots can be. Unlike previous years, when it was almost always about buying players, the team offers 2:5 at the beginning of the game to sell in the game. Corner Stephon Gilmore is probably the patriots’ best asset in this kind of conversation,

While the teams need wide receivers and a slow start to the Minnesota Vikings, the team has made it clear that, according to some sources, they do not intend to deal with Adam Tylen. Tylen wasn’t bought despite the rumors.

Date: 30. October

John Ross, Wide Receiver in Cincinnati Bengals, spoke Friday about his role and his uncertain future. Ross, who had not played three of the last four games of the team because his role had diminished, rejected the report that the source of the team was not sure that the speed catcher still liked football. Swap with me if that’s how you feel. On Friday Twitter wrote that the Bengalis have chosen for the first round of 2017. I’m healthy and I want to play. I know I can be productive. It’s hard to love something when you’re not really a part of it.

Date: 29. October

As the end of trade approaches and the Houston Texans begin their farewell week with a record 1-6, it looks like it’s time for a full house for the 2020 season. Unlike his predecessor Bill O’Brien, who was both general manager and head coach, substitute coach Romeo Crannel said he wasn’t even thinking about timing – I’m thinking about loss and victory, he said.

Date: 28. October

The New York Jets say they have no plans to sell defense equipment to Quinnen Williams, the third in 2019, whose name has been in the media for speculation. He’ll be there. These [stories] are lies, Coach Adam Geys said Wednesday. I talked to Quinnen. I didn’t hear anyone at headquarters say it was switched. … There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s a lie.

Date: 28. October

Cincinnati’s Bengali career guide on the way. Experienced defender Carlos Dunlap has been sold to the Seattle Seahawks for forward B.J. Finney and for the seventh round of the NFL 2021 draft, ESPN source Adam Schefter said Wednesday.

Date: 28. October

Sources say the Atlanta Falcons are holding baseball player Tuck McKinley from Thursday night’s game against the Carolina Panthers, fueling discussions about a possible deal. Falcons sit with McKinley, so a longer groin wound can heal. However, sources from various leagues indicate that the Falcons are open to options traded with a fourth-year player, so the inclusion of an inactive Atlanta player can be used on both fronts if necessary.

Date: 27. October

The Detroit Lions acquire the defensive end of the Dallas Cowboys Everson Grips for a sixth straight game round in 2021, several sources told ESPN, giving the Lions another chance to succeed and hit one of their biggest holes in the defense. According to an ESPN source, Todd Archer, the editor-in-chief can become the fifth editor-in-chief, depending on different conditions. In seven games this season with the Cowboys, Griffen has 20 shells and 2.5 bags.

Selling Lions for Everson Grips makes perfect sense for a club that urgently needs tickets. Although Lion’s head coach Matt Patricia didn’t want to get too excited about how they were going to use the handles before they were allowed into the building on Monday, it’s clear he’s going to complement Trey Flowers and Romeo Oquara. Most of the season in Detroit, as well as his pressure and speed in winning passes, is at the end of the championship. Mr Griffen should provide immediate assistance in all these areas. Big victory for Detroit.

Michael Rothstein, ESPN6d editor back.

Date: 25. October

The Atlanta Falcons will be quarterback Matt Ryan or receiver Julio Jones until the third quarter. In November, sources close to the situation told ESPN. Although the Falcons are at the bottom of the NFC South Ranking (5-1) and have already fired head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff, sources told ESPN that they will not follow in the footsteps of Ryan or Jones.

Date: 23. October

The Arizona Cardinals disabled the time machine to secure their passports after losing to Chandler Jones during the season. In 2021 Arizona traded the sixth round with the Giants of New York for linebacker Marcus Golden, who started his career in the Cardinals. In 2015 gold became the second choice of the Cardinals of the University of Missouri. In four seasons with the cardinals, Golden got 19 sacks. In the last two games against the Giants, he has scored 11.5, of which 1.5 in seven games this season.

Date: 22. October

With less than two weeks to go in the NFL before the end of the exchange period, the teams are forming their schedules for the 2020 season. Can the Eagles take down Zack Hertz, who is disappointed in his contract, by moving? Can the team switch to quarterback? James Winston (Saints), Jacoby Brisset (Colts) and Dwayne Haskins (Washington) are among those who can be supported. We asked our NFL Nation reporters to select potential business goals for each team.

Date: 22. October

The Baltimore Crows traded with Minnesota Viking Yannick Ngakoe, adding a crucial element to the strongest defense in the NFL. De Raven will send the Vikings to Ngakou in the third round in 2021 and make conditional dives in the fifth round in 2022, ESPN sources told Adam Schefter.

Date: 21. October

The New York Jets have rarely been used outside Jordan Willis’ aircraft on 49 planes in San Francisco. The jets will get the 49ers dive in the sixth round of 2022 in exchange for the Willis dive and in the seventh round of 2021. Willis has been inactive the last three games. He only played 42 snaps and had no equipment.

Date: 18. October

Shortly after their fall to 0-6, the New York Jets made a deal that allowed Captain Steve McLendon to launch an operation on the Tampa Bay Pirates. In exchange for McLendon the jets get a design for the sixth round in 2022 and a design for the seventh round in 2023. Books had to replace a veteran who broke his ankle last week and ended the season with a 347-pound Vita-Vea rhinoplasty.

Date: 15. October

Let’s look at the players who have played in the three weeks between now and the end of the NFL exchange period at 3. November could become available and offer several businesses. Some only show up when their team is in craters or when another team is desperate. Others are people who may be more accessible than you think because they don’t have much future with a franchise.

Date: 14. October

The Tennessee Titans switched with linebacker Kamalei Correa and the 2021 draft pickup truck in round seven against the Jacksonville Jaguars in round six. Correa was disappointed with his reduced role. He only played 38 dreams in three matches in defense (14%) and 23 dreams in special teams.

Date: 10. October

A handful of NFL officials interviewed this week told ESPN that they believe the New York Jets will receive similar compensation as part of the Sam Darnold deal if they end up with the No. 1 Universal Choice and decide that that is the path they want to take. I don’t think they’re going to get [first round pick] for Sam, but it also depends on what he registers on tape for the rest of the year, said an ESPN executive. The problem is that [Darnold] fights with his precision, his strength – so they’re in a difficult situation. And if everyone knows the Jets are taking the quarterback position, they won’t get the same payback.

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Adam Schäfter informs Baltimore about the details of the trade with Minnesota DE Yannick Ngakoue.

Date: 19. September

Even before Odell Beckham Jr. seemed to beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, a source close to the situation insisted that Cleveland Brown had no plans or discussions about swapping the wide receiver this season. This is not at all true, a source told ESPN, given the speculation about the sale of Beckham. I have no idea where anyone could have gotten something like that.

Date: 18. September

The situation with the Allen Robinson Treaty is complicated, and not just for normal reasons. The Chicago Bears #1 big receiver made headlines because he was disappointed with the state of negotiations with the contract team. Robinson is in the final year of a three-year, $42 million free man contract, which he signed with Chicago in 2018. As is often the case, he wants to stay, the team wants to leave him, but the parties simply could not agree on the corresponding figures.

Date: 6. September

The Miami Dolphins bought the assault weapon from debutant Lynne Bowden, Jr. of the Las Vegas Raiders on day three of the brick exchange. The raiders had Miami’s choice in the fourth round and gave it back in the sixth round. Bowden, a Kentucky player who played mainly in the third round of the Raiders’ training camp, may have a chance to play against the receiver in Miami. He was seen as a universal playmaker, a potential receiver of slots and a return to design. Bowden was a quarterback, a slot machine receiver and went back to college.

Date: 3. September

The Denver Broncos sold the Isaac Yadom box for 7 laps to the New York Giants in 2021. The Yiad, which enters the third round in 2018, gives the Giants another option in the corner. I’ll be his biggest fan, said Denver coach Wick Fangio after the deal was signed. I hope he makes us look bad and he’ll be a great player there.

Date: 3. September

The Jacksonville Jaguars continued to clear the registration and agreed to trade Ronnie Harrison’s safety for Cleveland Bros.’s for a fifth round of Project 2021. The brown boy needed reassurance at the end of the season when Grant Delpit, who had torn his Achilles tendon, had to retire in the second round of the tour on 24 January. August was injured in a training camp. Harrison has started 22 of the 28 games he’s played for the Jaguars since he was drafted by Alabama in the third round in 2018.

Date: 1. September

The Washington soccer team reinforced the line of attack by swapping the sixth round of the election against the Las Vegas Raiders, who captured David Sharpe and the seventh round of the election. Washington appreciates Sharpe’s athletics and his height – he’s 1.82 meters tall. Sharpe, who won the fourth round in 2017, started four games and played in 24.

Date: 31. August

The Jacksonville Jaguars exchanged the basketball mill Yannick Ngakue for the Minnesota Vikings for a Draft Peak 2021 and a Conditional Draft Peak 2022 from the fifth set. Ngakou accepted a $12 million contract with the Vikings for the year – instead of its $17.8 million franchise – to close the deal. Ngakou, 25 years old, gives the Vikings a proven young litter for Danielle Hunter, whose zest for work and intensity in the Jacksonville locker room has always been one of the most respected.

Date: 31. August

The Carolina Panther traded Andre Smith’s linebacker for the Buffalo Bill in 2023 for a conditional tour. The Panthers were planning to free Smith.

Date: 29. August

The Miami Dolphins traded the defense of Rackwon McMillan and the 2021 design led to the Las Vegas Rayders in the fourth round. The Dolphins’ net replaces the pick-ups of the third day, while the Raiders got a stuffed linebacker who can compete for playtime in a positional group where they need some depth.

Date: 9. August

The Detroit Lions traded Michael Jackson’s corner for the New England Patriots a few hours after the announcement of the veteran’s release. In response, the Lions will receive a conditional dive in the seventh round of 2022 in the NFL design, ESPN source Mike Reiss said. Last season, Jackson played a game for Detroit and lost 19-16 in Washington, D.C., where he played against two special teams.

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