But after so much hardship, Americans can hardly be blamed for feeling the indignation of their leaders.

On Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives rejected a Democratic attempt to pass legislation that demanded $2,000 in direct payments to Americans – the actual figure Trump in a video he randomly tweeted this week, rejecting a $600 bill that passed overwhelmingly with the support of his administration.

It turns out the $2,000 check voucher doesn’t have enough support in the Republican-controlled Senate. Trump is in open conflict with the leadership of the House of Representatives GOP for acknowledging the reality of his election defeat, an argument he acknowledged on Twitter when he returned from the Mar-a-Lago golf course on Christmas Eve.

At a meeting in Florida today, everyone asked why the Republicans aren’t fighting for the fact that the Democrats stole the rigged presidential election, he asked, using the term loosely. Especially in the Senate, they said, where you helped eight senators win their races. How quickly they forget!

Mr. Trump’s bill, which calls for changes in Congress, was handed to him Thursday afternoon in Florida, but he did not give a clearer picture of what he would do with it. Government funding will end on Monday unless Mr Trump signs the package or Congress approves another interim measure; four such measures have already been taken this month alone.

The fact that nobody seems to know what Trump wants – if he knows it himself – only reinforces the impression that the country sinks into chaos at the moment it is least welcome.

I have no idea what he’s going to do, Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican who generally agrees with the president, said Thursday.

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In the past, when the government was about to close around Christmas, presidents and legislators stayed in Washington to deal with the problem. Even Trump missed his Florida vacation two years ago when the authorities closed.

Just as heads of state usually try to show some form of solidarity with their constituents when it comes to difficult situations, for example when health experts advise not to go on holiday and not to see their families.

But common practice has largely disappeared during Trump’s four years of presidency. And no one thinks twice when Trump – despite the White House saying his diary is filled with phone calls and meetings – goes back to one of his golf clubs when millions of Americans are hungry for Christmas.

The Americans, who have been suffering for a long time, have been waiting for months for additional economic aid after the debacle of the coronavirus, and it does not seem that the elected officials will find a way forward in the short term.

We’ve been assured the president will sign the bill, Blunt told reporters Thursday, flippantly suggesting the president may not even know what’s in it. That’s an understatement, given the combination of the president’s stimulus packages and federal money with Covid and his enthusiasm for the expenditures he himself proposed in his budget this year.


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If Republicans work to get what Trump wants, more than 12 million Americans laid off may lose their unemployment benefits after this weekend, the 1st. In January, millions of tenants will be in rent arrears, and states could lose any unspent funds from the $150 billion that Congress made available to states and locations earlier in the year to cover coronavirus-related costs.

At the end of this difficult year, millions of Americans faced great uncertainty.

I think people are scared, Karen Pozna, communications director of Greater Cleveland Food Bank, told CNN. You know, they’re scared, so many people lost their jobs or cut their pay. The need was already great before the pandemic. That’s still the case. And I see this continues into the new year.

Trump barely talked about the pandemic for weeks; in a video he shot on Christmas Day with the first lady, he allowed some sympathy for his wife to escape and said that the introduction of the newly prescribed vaccines was a Christmas miracle, even though the vast majority of Americans won’t have access to the footage for months.

Legislators say they feel pressure from their constituents to do something, a pressure Trump doesn’t seem to share.

Last night in a town hall, people cried, they were afraid of what was going to happen, said Michigan Congressman Debbie Dingell on Thursday after the Democratic measure failed.

The president – when we finally thought we could give the people hope – that’s what the people need, hope – and we can start working on that in January, he doesn’t care about people, she said. He threw more fear… he poured kerosene on the fire of terror.

The Democrats weren’t the only ones who were upset.

If he thinks that by tweeting and ruining the bill, his team, which we supported on his behalf, will get more people on his side in this election fiasco, I hope he’s wrong, although I think we’ll see Reverend Anthony Gonzalez, R-Ohio, tweeting Wednesday.

Seeing things burn

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After all, Mr. Trump himself may not know what his ultimate goals are, other than to pour even more fuel into the system, which he apparently wants to see exhausted when he leaves his office. The trump card remains that the Republicans – including those who helped negotiate the legislation he opposed – do not support him in his efforts to overthrow the elections.

In Florida, Mr. Trump is often surrounded by devotees who have supported his destructive impulses in the past. His personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, took him to Florida on Air Force One on Wednesday.

On Thursday CNN reported that the last step of Trump is to confirm the electoral college on the 6th. January is for Joe Biden, an event he hopes to give his fans a chance to challenge the results.

When he flew to Florida for his vacation, Trump responded to a call from one of his supporters to ask Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to ratify the Electoral College results.

Trump recently stated that Pence has not done enough to fight for him as his presidency comes to an end, and has recently expressed interest in Pence’s traditional role during the certification process. As President of the Senate, Pence will chair the session.

According to some sources, Mr Trump has raised the matter with the Vice President in recent days and does not know why Pence did not call January 6 to reverse the election result. Pence and White House staff have tried to explain to him that his role is more of a formality and that he cannot unilaterally reject votes in the electoral college.

It is far from clear that the president has internalized this message.

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