The annual event has been moved to Atasquadero Lake Park Street.

ATASCADERO – It was hard to see the smiles under the masks, but they were there, and people’s eyes shone when they saw the masks on Saturday the 14th. In November, during the 15th annual festival, the shop went from seller to seller.

The population took advantage of the beautiful autumn day and supported 38 artisans, who worked in the Atasquadero Lake Park, Pismo Ave, from 10 to 15 hours. 9305 Atasquadero, are installed. Almost all cabins were under portable solar sails. In the upper and lower parts of Lake Park there were not enough parking spaces for a one-day boat show.

Several people indicated how much they liked the holiday shop.

I’m so glad it wasn’t cancelled, the woman said. I always find great gifts.

In general, the holiday shop is located in the pavilion at the top of the lake park, which offers a breathtaking view of Lake Atasquadero. The city of Atasquadero distributed COVID 19 guidelines on the pandemic and demanded that visitors wear face masks and social isolation.

There was a lot of space between the cabins. Lines were drawn on the ground six meters apart to help people maintain social distance. Most people have followed the guidelines of COVID-19.

For many sellers it was the first trade fair this year. Everything you can buy at Holiday Boutique had to be done manually. That’s what makes a craft fair unique.

The hand-knotted and hand-knitted beans for adults and children in the stand for handmade accents attracted the attention of many people. Carol Lopez, owner of the Atasquadero, was satisfied.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day. A lot of people came out of the closet, Mr. Lopez said. It was a lot of fun. That’s great, because with COVID it’s the only event I’ve been able to organize this year. I am very happy to be here and I am very happy with the city of Atasquadero and all the forces that made this possible. We really appreciate it.

Mrs. Lopez said she usually organizes 10 to 12 events a year. For more information about handmade accents, please visit

Events are my biggest thing, but this year I couldn’t organize them. So that’s great, Lopez said, adding that people were buying. The people have been very supportive, which is great.

For Montse Cross, owner of Cookie Momo in Atasquadero, the holiday shop was a great opportunity to market its handmade biscuit sets. Each set contains 12 sugar biscuits in different shapes, at least three ice packs and different powders. It currently offers eight sets – Autumn Bounty, Thanksgiving, Wooden Critters, Classic Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Santa, Gingerbread and Happy Birthday. For more information, please contact Mons at 805-748-0568.

As almost all normal activities were suspended due to the pandemic in 2020, most sellers turned to selling at farmers’ markets and outdoors.

The stand of Dan Shattuck Recycled Art contained objects made of small objects. The silverware was transformed into a decorated rose or a glittering, long-legged spider. Copper pots and pans have become ants.

It was the second Shattuk event this year. He worked as a salesman in a shop for 10 years. After the show was cancelled, he set up a kiosk in the driveway of his house in Los Osos. For more information, please visit

It’s fantastic. No complaints. We have beautiful weather. People are out, Shattuk says about the Holiday Boutique. This is my second show, and it looks like my third show has been cancelled.

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