Chris Ashton and Johnny May Chris Ashton and Johnny May scored long distance tests against Australia and Ireland respectively

Between two attempts, 10 years ago, and about 80,000 spectators. But there are also many similarities.

The first was against Australia in November 2010. England throws the ball on their line and shoots blindly when they see the space bar. Chris Ashton takes the piano. Drew Mitchell blocks the room, but Ashton cuts inside, ignites the afterburner to leave Wallaby in the dust and dives under the bars.

The other one was on Saturday. Again, that was the opposition’s fault. The Irish line 22 meters within England goes in the opposite direction. England jumps and turns far. Johnny May doesn’t have a starting point like Ashton. But he does it for himself. He passes Chris Farrell, passes Bundy Aki and then Chips on the back of Hugo Keenan and holds Jamison Gibson Park to put the finishing touches.

Chris Ashton Ashton could start celebrating his move before going under the poles and leaving the wallaby behind.

Two classics from coast to coast – but which one was the best?

Fortunately, the Rugby Union Weekly team, including Ashton himself, an unbiased and unbiased team, has gathered here to make a final verdict.

England and the Harlequins are half Danny Carr: Chris’ process is better for me just because you have the roar of the Twickenham crowd. Everyone thinks Drew Mitchell is going to catch him, then Ashey forces him out, and the sound increases to a crescendo when he splashes under the bar. Fans do better.

But Johnny had more wisdom than Asha. He planned an entrance, a chip with a weak leg, a regatta, a hand in hand. Johnny has put together some incredible skills for this account.

England and the Chris Ashton Harlequin Wing (with a strong tongue in the cheek) : These are two very good attempts. After Johnny kicked, he managed to beat seven players on the field, but where was the opposite center of James Law? He’s got a dresser over there. I don’t want to fight here anymore. Mine was better, Johnny wasn’t so bad. It’s done.

Johnny May and Jamison Gibson-Park Johnny May won the race against the Irish halfback Jamison Gibson-Park to score his lead and goal.

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How did Johnny May change his game?

Johnny May made his England debut in 2013 May made his England debut and won 51:26 on Argentina in June 2013.

Ashton: Johnny still has that headless chicken style in his game, but Eddie managed it and played very directly with him. He told him to run after the shovels, as if his life depended on it, and that he exploded, defended himself well and ran as fast as he could. Eddie couldn’t make it easy for him. And Johnny knows he’ll try if he can.

There may be players I’ve met who are better at changing direction or accelerating, but in terms of pure speed on a straight line, I’ve never seen anyone as fast as him.

He sneaks into Rory Underwood’s file of 49 English attempts. I hope he can do it at the age of 30, because it would be nice to have a modern reader with such a record.

Attention: I saw the change at Johnny’s around 2016. He wants to feel loved. Eddie put his hand on him, said he believed he could be the best wing in the world and gave him the confidence to be himself. Sometimes it’s still a headless chicken, but if you give it this structure and these instructions, it will do things incredibly well. He’s an absolute professional, he doesn’t drink, he stretches for an hour every night, he’s always early at the gym.

Johnny’s in a meeting with the Department of Defense right now. He directs everything according to the time of the kick and the pressure of the kick, he has a big role in this team. If you’d said that five or six years ago, people would have thought you were crazy because he seemed ignorant. But he’s incredibly smart, and he’s worked on that.

How should rugby change?

Jamie George scored a goal against Georgia English prostitute Jamie George scored a hat-trick from the back of a rolling dock to defeat Georgia in the first weekend of the Fall Nations Cup.

The May trial was one of the few magical moments of the autumn cup, where there was much exhaustion and little inspiration.

How do hearts, minds and eyes play, what to do if something needs to be changed?

Attention: Rugby is a sport where cats are copied, people watch what the best teams do. Buckwheat kicks incredibly well, are incredibly typical for their breed and have a strong bond. Exeter has the best docker in the country. And everywhere in the game, it’s all about defense.

Young children will watch England versus Ireland at home and think they’d rather play Fortnit or tie Fifa to the play table. The rugby we see will not inspire the next generation of players.

I don’t like the sound of rugby. I took the rugby ball because I like to try it out, throw the ball and go back up, but you can’t see much at the moment. This will only change if certain rules are changed.

I would have forbidden crawling, so it wouldn’t have been easy to draw a solid line and throw the box in the trash.

They should get fewer points for trying to grow corn. It’s boring, nobody wants to see it, do it in three points, not five.

Chris Jones, Rugby Union correspondent: I think it’s cyclical.

The 2007 Rugby World Cup was boring, the 2009 Lions tournament against South Africa was one of the most epic rugby tournaments we have ever seen.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup has been accepted or cancelled, but the 2015 Rugby World Cup has been great.

In 2017 the defenders dominated, but at the World Rugby Championships in 2019 rugby was excellent, at least until the preliminaries.

I think the year immediately after the World Cup is not the best year for referees because the teams are not as good as three years later.

The pandemic has not allowed teams to get together and train so much, and if you don’t have that time together, you go back to base, which is kicking, chasing and defending.

Maybe in a year’s time we’ll have the British and Irish Lions against South Africa, the best of the best will be on the heavy and fast field and we all say it’s a great rugby sport again.

Jacques Foury’s late attempt in the monumental second round of Lviv 2009 marked the final victory of the Springboks in one of the sport’s biggest competitions: Around the iPlayer Banner Around the iPlayer Footer Header.

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