ATASCADERO – The AUSD Board of Directors met Tuesday night for a lengthy and informative meeting, presenting the first digital renderings of the new pool and professional development that district staff will undertake beginning this year.

At the beginning of the meeting, Robert Gaona of Paloma Creek was recognized as the best bilingual interpreter in Paloma Creek. Chris Balogh, Alternative Education Director, presented the award to Gaon, who also received a certificate and a beautiful insulated coffee mug for his outstanding work.

Mr Gaona is the most useful bilingual interpreter I have the pleasure of working with, Mr Baloch said. In the Alternative Education Department, Mr. Gaona helped organize the Paloma Creek High School and Ace Academy admissions meetings, family support group meetings, Individual Education Plan meetings, court hearings, and Student Conduct Board hearings. These meetings are often held simultaneously at different times of the year and Mr. Gaon always works patiently with our overloaded schedules and is never late for a meeting.

Superintendent Butler gave an update on VIDOC-19 after confirming perfection. Mr. Butler explained that once the district has started school immunization, it will be implemented in three waves. In the first wave, vaccination will be available to those who work directly with students and individuals, such as B. primary school teachers, those who work one-on-one with specialist teachers and nutritionists. The second wave will consist of teachers currently working remotely, and the third wave will be for administrative staff.

Vaccination is voluntary and will be administered to employees unless ordered by a higher authority.

The Atascadero City Council then proposed that the Board of Supervisors appoint a member to the Sales Tax Oversight Committee. After a brief discussion, Director Mary Kay Mills appointed Director Ray Buban, who accepted.

The new pool will occupy the same space as the existing one.

Brant Lloyd, Director of Facilities for the AUSD, went into the next Zoom meeting and invited Tom Cruise of PJHM Architects to discuss the rendering of the basin. The new pool will look like the current one, but will be much more open in its design.

The pool will be 35 feet long and 75 feet wide and will have covered bleachers that can accommodate 150 people. Additional seating will be provided next to the shaded bleachers.

To keep costs down, the design has been reduced to the essentials. A building at the foot of the pool will house the toilets, pool equipment and several outdoor showers. Teams still need to change and prepare for games in the locker rooms just outside the gates. The pool will also be equipped with new modern lighting and signage.

The county is still waiting for the final estimate and will have another chance to make changes if the cost is too high. AUSD should be able to do this within the next month.

The next speaker at the meeting was Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, E.I. Rossi, who spoke about the district’s new professional development plan for certificated employees. AUSD’s Educational Services Department will work with Marzano Research Associates to train the best students in the district to assist the rest of the staff on Early Release Fridays and Teacher Training Days.

This new method helps teachers and students focus on key areas of the curriculum and allows for assessment of learning. Areas where students need to improve are also addressed.

To learn more about the district’s new approach or to attend one of the AUSD School Board meetings, go to Youtube and sign up.


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