After retiring, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle signed contracts with leading publishers to write their memoirs. “Becoming,” Michelle Obama’s memoir, is a bestseller with more than 10 million copies sold in January 2019. Her husband Barack Obama’s memoir, Promised Land, will be released in November 2020 and is also on its way to becoming a bestseller. The Obamas are currently producers in the film industry. During their tenure, they had to deal with issues that affected America and the world. This experience can be very helpful in making movies. They have signed a lucrative deal with Netflix and plan to focus on producing television shows and movies.

In 2018, they created Higher Ground Productions in partnership with Netflix. They have already started releasing four new films and two other series. The theme of one of the films is about the first person to climb Mount Everest.

The Daily Mail UK reported that the Obamas have announced six new projects. The choices are varied and include a science fiction component. The subject matter is in high demand. The goal is to reach a broader group of viewers. Obama’s press release stated, “We created Higher Ground to tell great stories. This is a new area for them, and they have invited several industry experts to work on the project.

Barack Obama knows how to connect with people

Becoming POTUS is no small feat, and Barack Obama has done it twice.

He held this position for two terms and came into contact with people from the United States and different countries. It is clear that he understood others. He used this gift to identify topics that would be of interest to his viewers. The Daily Mail UK reports on a documentary about national parks. Another is a science fiction film, as well as a television series based on a thriller for young adults.

“Higher Ground” will try to bring a new perspective. The characters will have something important to say. In 2019, the Obamas have selected producer Priya Swaminathan and director/producer Tonia Davis to co-direct Higher Ground.

Michelle and Barack Obama wrote their memoirs… ….

In March 2018, they signed a book deal with Penguin Random House. It was for their memoir.

Michelle finished first. It became “Becoming” in November 2018. Barack’s memoir “Promised Land” was published in November 2020. About the financial aspects of the Netflix deal can only be speculated, but it is believed that some major producers received up to $100 million for their collaboration with the streaming site Netflix. In addition, Barack Obama took advantage of his retirement in Italy in May 2017 to play golf. He hates sitting still, and his production company Higher Ground keeps him busy while he experiments with storytelling.

Barack Obama and his wife want to tell some incredible stories ….

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are new to the movie business. They can reach new heights. Their company, Higher Ground Productions, has a number of projects on Netflix.

The subjects are interesting. They tell the story of the first peoples to reach the top of Mount Everest. The second extreme is YA (Young Adult), a thriller revolving around a young Indian girl. The production company strives to combine fresh perspectives, engaging characters and a good dose of inspiration. Its documentaries American Factory, Crip Camp and Becoming have captivated audiences around the world. Ted Sarandos, co-founder and content director of Netflix, said, “It was exciting to watch President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and the Higher Ground team immerse themselves in original programming and create incredible stories.

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