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Barcelona boss Ronald Cooman raised his eyebrows and left Ricky Puig in the team for Saturday’s game at La Liga Alave.

A 21-year-old is a surprising omission on a trip on the classified plane Conrad de la Fuente Barcelona B…

The team of #AlavésBarça! pic.twitter.com/ZiMFErzZif

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) 30. October 2020

Puig is popular with fans and is one of the club’s best young players. However, he fights for time in Barcelona, and his only performance so far this season is a late replacement in the victory over Selta Vigo.

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Coeman explains the key to releasing

At the press conference held Friday before the game, Kuman was questioned about Puig’s absence from the team. The Dutch coach explained why he decided to leave the young midfielder.

Kuman on Tomo in the absence of Ricky Puig: It’s a technical solution. In several games we had 23 players, but for me there are too many players. It is preferable to travel from 20, 21 maximum. I prefer that players train hard and don’t travel (if they don’t play).

– Samuel Marsden (@samuelmarsden) 30. October 2020.

The decision to leave Puig will be a real boost for him after his official transfer from Barcelona B to the first team at the beginning of the season.

Puig did well in practice, but clearly didn’t do enough to convince Kuman that he deserves a place in his team for the time being.

So elegant, @RiquiPuig pic.twitter.com/VwzkA64cYk

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) 28. October 2020.

The Dutch coach has shown that he is willing to rely on the youngsters Sergeino Dest, Pedri and Ans Fati, who will perform regularly in Barcelona during the first weeks of the season.

Pork on credit ?

Kuman warned Puig at the beginning of the season that, according to Sport, it might be better to rent regularly to play.

It’s not true that I don’t count on him. Yesterday I talked to Ricky Puig. For me, young players have to play. They can’t stop playing. It’s for Ricky, for Alanya, for Pedry… …they have to play. I told Ricky he’s got a future here, but now he’s gonna have a hard time competing in his place. I advised him to take out a loan. At the age of 20, young players have to play.

Instead, Puig decided to stay and fight for his place. Earlier this month he told Radio Cope that Coeman would give me chances, but he was sure he would eventually play, like Mark said.

However, it’s hard to see Puig playing much this season, apart from the Copa del Rey games, where Kuman probably lets his senior team rest and offers his players a rare playing season.

Puig may be rethinking his future in Barcelona after the reopening of the transfer window in January. A talented midfielder would certainly have had a choice if he had got himself into debt trying to get his career back on track.

Already in April, Sport reported that clubs like Chelta Vigo, Real Betis, Granada and Ajax showed interest for young people, but also for teams from the Premier League and the Bundesliga. So in January, Puig was able to make a difficult decision about his future.

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