Today is almost another comic day. New publications are in preparation and will be available in comic stores and on digital comic platforms. Every week at The Weekly Pull the team highlights some of the releases we’re most looking forward to when they arrive in stores. These editions may come from one large publisher, two or more smaller publishers. It can be a new monthly publication, an original graphic novel or a collection. Superheroes or representatives of another nature may be involved. Anyway, we’re excited to keep you posted on the release this week.

This week the mutant of SWORD #1 flies into space, Batman is back in black and white and Home Sick Pilots mixes horror and punk rock. Moreover, the DC returns to the Multivera with two very different names and more.

What kind of comics are you most interested in this week? Please let us know which new publications you would like to see in the comments and feel free to leave suggestions. Tomorrow you will find our week overview and next week the new part of the weekly trekking.

Batman black and white #1

(Photo: DC-Comics)

  • Written by James Tynion IV, J.H. Williams III, G. Willow Wilson, Emma Rios and Paul Deaney.
  • The art of Ted Moore, J.H. Williams III, Greg Smallwood, Emma Rios and Andy Coubert.
  • Published by DC Comics

Any Batman tape: Black and white is a star in his own stripping era. Whatever the reader’s taste, these collections of short stories appeal more than the individual strengths of writers and artists. They represent rather highly respected talents with a variety of skills, approaches and styles. The result is a collection that will always be interesting and will almost certainly contain at least one unforgettable record. This continuation of black and white seems to more than live up to this promise given the great talents involved. Outstanding artists like J.H. Williams III and Emma Rios find their own stories here, while artists like Tread Moore and Greg Smallwood bring their own unique style to the site. Batman: The number one black and white shows Batman as Gotham’s repentant detective for the world’s most experienced defender. Whatever your personal preferences, these pages will surely reveal an exceptional Batman story. — tracking magnet


Captain Miracle #24

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

  • Written by Kelly Thompson.
  • The art of Lee Garbet
  • Published by Marvel Comics

Carol was in the middle of an alternate reality and led a team of children from some of the biggest Marvel icons, but surprises don’t stop there, and we get some basic answers in Captain Marvel #24. The secrets of OVE and its stronghold are always fascinating, and the discovery of all these beautiful alternative versions of Marvel’s favourite made us hope that one day they will jump into our universe. Keep your fingers crossed! – Matthew Aguilar


Comedy animation story #1

(Photo: IDW publication)

  • The author is Fred Van Lente.
  • The art of Ryan Dunlavi
  • Issued by IDW-Flag.

The comic book offers readers an extension of the same exceptional artistic team that brought us the comic book, so expectations must be high. Although this new series meets the standard of its predecessor, anyone who takes it can expect to learn a lot without ever getting bored. Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavi know that words and images in comics reinforce each other. So they use this medium to add depth to the most important historical prose. The research is excellent, and it offers a clear narrative perspective that helps the uninitiated to immerse themselves in the complex and confusing story of how the illustrations were made to move around in the film screen. You don’t have to be a nerd to want to know more about the history of animation, and one can hardly imagine a more fun approach to this course than the history of comic strip animation. — tracking magnet


Dark Nights Lethal Metal Last Stories of the Universe DC #1

(Photo: DC Comics)

  • Written in different ways.
  • Art in different directions
  • Published by DC Comics

Yeah, dark nights in general: The Death Metal event of the last few months has been divided into many unexpected and wild moments. But this event was at its best because it honors the characters and worlds of the DC Universe that are on the periphery – that’s what the latest DC Multiverse Oneshot stories are experiencing at their peak this week. This collection of stories about the last night before the battle with Perpetua and Laughing Batman covers a wide range of DC characters preparing for the final preparations for the next battle. This recording has so much to offer, even for those who haven’t followed any of the Death Metal events, from Mark Wade’s first return to Washington in ten years, when he worked with Francis Manapool on the story of Superman Tomorrow Man, to the absolutely perfect story of Dust of the Distant Storm by Gail Simon and Megan Hetrick, to Green Arrow and Black Canary. Even if Lethal Metal is off your radar, there are plenty of recent DC Multiverse stories to join your collection. – Jenna Anderson


DC Funny Multiverse #1

(Photo: DC-Comics)

  • Written in different ways.
  • Art in different directions
  • Published by DC Comics

To be honest, I’m always enthusiastic about the seasonal anthologies of DC, which contain different characters from all over the DC universe to celebrate a particular holiday. DC’s Very Merry Multiverse, the company’s new 80-page giant, is no exception, with a list of stories that are sure to put fans in a festive mood. It seems eclectic in every way, with character combinations and creative teams too perfect for words like Paul Sheer, Nick Giovanetti and Steve Lieber in the delicious Harley Quinn story, John Leyman and Danny in Gotham’s Batman, and Tom King and Scott Koblish in Very Lobo Chanukah. In addition, the Very Fun DC multiverse highlights relatively underestimated characters in DC legends, from youth to President Superman and Prez. No other comic this week gives you that much for your money, illuminates the strange world of DC and inspires you for the coming weeks of vacation. – Jenna Anderson


Heroes of the House

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

  • Written by Zeb Welles.
  • The Art of the Guru
  • Published by Marvel Comics

Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, when everyone is home, we have to ask ourselves what the heroes are doing at home. Marvel answered this question with his Heroes of the House reports on the summer, and now these comics are in a collection. The collection is certainly very relevant, but also offers some comfort, humour and normality in a certain abnormal time. Each person treats quarantine differently. This charming little collection can only help you hide the fact that all this banana bread is baked, because it reminds us that heroes are also people. — Nicole Drum


Home Patient Drivers #1

(Photo: Comic strips)

  • Written by Dan Watters.
  • The art of Kaspar Vineyard
  • Published by Image Comics

The haunted house story? Of course, it doesn’t matter. The story of a haunted house in the nineties, where a singer of a punk band, who was somehow inspired by the Power Rangers and The Shining, lived? Now, my attention. These are the Pet Sick Pilots, the new series by Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard. The first is co-author of Coffins in Bindings, and the second is a painter of Peter Cannon: Lightning. It is a solid playground and a creative team developed. What else are you looking for in your new comic book? — Jamie Lovett.


King in black: Identification number 1

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

  • The author is Kurt Busek.
  • Benjamin Dewey and Jonas’s scarf art.
  • Published by Marvel Comics

The King in Black can be found here on the Marvel Comics page, and if you are a fan of Namor the Submariner and, frankly, Atlantis in general, then you want to see King in Black this week: Namor number one. The story takes place in the past, offers an adventure in which young Namor and others are involved and offers a history of the creation of some of Atlantis’ greatest villains. An interesting space, a kind of pleasant side effect and a chance to see the teenager Namor, the book is a must for anyone interested in the underwater side of things. And of course, I can’t help but recommend something to Namor. He’s the best. — Nicole Drum


Powerful morphine No 2

(Photo: Boom! Studio)

  • Author – Ryan Parrotte
  • The art of Marco Renna
  • Written by BOOM! Studios

The new era of the Power Rangers began in the style of Mighty Morphine #1 and the Power Rangers #1, but as the fans know who reads the latter, it will never be the same again, neither for the title nor for the team, if they go forward. After what happened, the fallout starts at Mighty Morphine #1, and it’s on the new Green Ranger in a mix that nobody knows except Billy and Grace. Also, Lord Zedd is back in full power, so yes, the world of Power Rangers will be no less complicated in the near future, and that is why we are here. – Matthew Aguilar



(Picture: miracle comics)

  • Author – Al Ewing
  • The art of Valerio Sti.
  • Published by Marvel Comics

The mutants defeated death and thwarted a nation on Earth for themselves. And then what happens? This is the question asked in SWORD #1, the first release of Marvel’s X-Men, the last in the series. Al Ewing of the Immortal Hulk has once again collaborated with imperial painter Valerio Sti and colourist Marte Gracia to lead the mutants to the stars. Given the revolutionary nature of the recent X-Men era on Earth, readers will not want to lose what happens when they go into space, especially under the leadership of such a talented and respected creative team. — Jamie Lovett.


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