If you are a fan of aesthetics, then you might be often making changes in your room to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetics simply add to the beauty of any space. With creativity and effort, you can add aesthetics to any room and make it look beautiful. The best part is that creating aesthetics does not require a lump sum amount. You can also try DIYs to increase the aesthetics of your room. On the other hand, making some interior changes can also make the room aesthetically appealing. Here are a few ways that you can implement for your room to have an aesthetic vibe.

Eventually, the aesthetics of your room depend on how creative you can be. There’s no rigid rule to creativity, you can make your room look pleasing with simple changes. Adding good art effects and covering your beds with graphically appealing cushions and covers can also make the room look aesthetic. 

  • Elevate the look of furniture – A simple start to make your room aesthetic can start by having slight alterations to your furniture. For instance, you can make your bookshelves look stylish by stacking the books in a pattern and using an antique bookend. Similarly, you can make your dresser look appealing by using its top for keeping a decorative tray, tall indoor plants, tall pillar candles, upright jewelry box, etc. 
  • Add a portrait wall- Dedicating an entire portion of a wallto hangphotographs can make your room look aesthetically instantly. You can create a statement wall full of portraits using minimum items. To make it further appealing you can illuminate the entire area with fairy lights that will enhance the collage of photographs. If you are unable to dedicate a wall then you can also use the surface of your wardrobe to create a polaroid picture area. 
  • Go for a faux brick wall- Having a faux brick wall can give your room a countryside aesthetic look, the texture of such an accent wall can create a rustic look to the room giving the entire space an aesthetic touch. You can also use an oversized mirror leaning on a faux brick wall to make the entire look of the room satisfying to the eye. 
  • Hang a tapestry matching the theme- Hanging a tapestry made with good fabric and patterns can add up a great decorative element to your room. Getting a tapestry matching the theme of your room will cost you the bare minimum. The tapestry can elevate the graphic appeal of your room making it aesthetic to view. You can also layer up 2-3 tapestries and add lighting to make it look eye-catching. 
  • Add decorative lamps and warm lighting- Lighting plays a vital role in deciding the aesthetics of your room. Placing decorative lamps on your side tables can add a playful touch to the room. Along with that, having warm lights makes the vibe of the room cozy and comfortable. Lighting can spontaneously change how the other elements of your room look. Therefore, choosing good lighting is one of the important factors while making the room look aesthetic. 
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