The duels – one in Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, and the other in the White House – will highlight the very different approaches to the Trump-Biden pandemic. The President has repeatedly underestimated the disaster by focusing instead on the false claims that last month’s elections were stolen from him. Biden, whose own campaign is an exercise in social detachment and disguise, is committed to putting science back at the heart of the virus.

Meanwhile, the tragedy of the pandemic has been exacerbated by the political vacuum in Washington. Trump has the power in the last weeks of his term and a presidential megaphone that can do much to convince Americans to take precautions, but is not inclined to do so. Biden has plans and a new team of experts who could make a difference, but he has no real power to change American behavior and policies until he is sworn in next month.

The president plans to use a vaccination summit to sign an executive order at the White House prioritizing the supply of coronavirus vaccines to Americans. Functioning of the administration The degree of deformity deserves some praise for the rapid development of vaccines. But Tuesday’s event also seems to indicate the president’s determination to use the crisis to advance his own policy priorities, as senior government officials bragged that Trump saw the effort as a way to strengthen his first principle of American foreign policy. The impression that this was a political rather than a strategic move was underlined on Tuesday when Prime Minister Moncef Slowy said he had no idea what the president was going to do.

Honestly, I don’t know… and, frankly, I’m staying out of it, so I can’t say anything about it, said Slowy in Good Morning, America on ABC. Slowly the government also fought back after the New York Times heard the story that officials rejected Pfizer’s offer last summer to sell more of his vaccine in the United States. Slowly but surely he said it would be a mistake to buy more doses at a time when it is not certain that Pfizer’s prototype will work, pointing out that the strategy is to diversify government prices with a range of potential vaccines.

We have selected six different vaccines to build a portfolio to manage the risk that some of them will work and others will not, and to ensure that if multiple vaccines work, we will accumulate doses of the vaccine from that portfolio, said Slowy.

However, it has become clear in recent days that the government’s previous forecast of several hundred million doses of vaccine by the end of the year was wrong, meaning that states do not have enough vaccine to protect primary health care workers when they deliver their first child.

As Tuesday’s event approaches, headlines will be dominated by coverage in the UK, the first country to introduce the first vaccines after an extensive process of clinical trials.

Trump had hoped to make his first victory round in America, and last week CNN said it was furious that FDA officials who urgently needed to approve Pfizer’s vaccine this week did not beat the British for the strike. He accepted this position when the FDA procedure was considered the world standard and the authorities are already facing the difficult task of convincing many sceptical Americans to accept the injection.

Biden entrusts the Pandemic Medical Team

The imminent vaccines against a handful of pharmaceutical giants give hope that normal life can be restored next year – even though supplying these vaccines to tens of millions of Americans is a huge logistical challenge. However, there is no doubt that the crisis is rapidly worsening.

An expert, Dr. Peter Hotes of Baylor College of Medicine, warned CNN on Monday that the United States, which is approaching 15 million Covid 19 infections and a total of 300,000 deaths, will soon be able to record 3,000 Covid 19 deaths per day.

And on Monday, a leading American infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, said there could be a really dark time for us after the expected outbreaks after Christmas and after the memorial service in mid-January.

This means that, at the most extreme moment of the crisis, the Biden government takes up its duties and takes up the challenge of accelerating and managing an extremely complex operation to deliver tens of millions of doses of vaccine. Biden’s call for all Americans to wear Jake Tupper masks for the first 100 days of his presidency on CNN is probably even more appropriate, as the current rate of infection is likely to be in the dark when it reaches the Oval Office.

The question also arises as to whether the millions of Americans who believed Trump’s falsified statements about election fraud were willing to follow the advice of the president that his predecessor, who had ignored the masks, had for weeks marked an illegitimate child for no reason.

Biden entrusts the Pandemic Medical Team

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On Tuesday in Wilmington, the president-elect will inaugurate a new health cluster characterized by the scientific rigour with which Trump was often overlooked during the pandemic. The team is composed of former surgeon general Vivek Murty, who wants to appoint Biden for a second term in the same position, and Dr. Rochelle Valensky, who was selected by the President-elect to head the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fauci accepted Biden’s invitation to remain head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a position he has held since 1984. This internationally renowned expert will also serve as Chief Medical Officer within the Biden administration.

But some Republicans are already flying the flag by electing California Attorney General Xavier Beckerra as Secretary of Health and Welfare.

I think it will be controversial, said Senator John Kornin of Texas, citing the candidate’s views on unplanned health care and abortion. Some of these people are pretty radical.

The commentary suggested the possibility that Biden might fall victim to a prolonged confrontation with her Secretary of Health at the darkest moment of the worst public health crisis in 100 years.

The deep concern of healthcare professionals is reinforced by the good news, such as the emergence of other potential vaccine candidates who have shown great efficacy.

But the fatigue of social exclusion, the temptation to meet during the holidays and the President’s efforts to minimize the seriousness of the threat can lead to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

I can’t help but think about how Americans are going to lose their lives in the next few weeks, none of these people should lose their lives, Hotez from Baylor College told CNN Wolf Blitzer in the war room.

If we could just have them vaccinated on the other side, they could live a long and normal life, and that is my priority now, especially in the middle of the country where embassies are still being interrogated… where many still believe that Covid is a fraud or a death from other causes.

Viral attack in winter

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Now that the president lacks leadership, the burden of the winter virus attack once again rests on the shoulders of local and heads of state. Many have reintroduced restrictions on indoor meals, the size of meetings and other measures. California, which has experienced the worst peak of Covid 19 since the start of the pandemic, has imposed a ban that will remain in place until after Christmas.

People are tired, they’re lonely and they just want it all to end, Lt said.

What we’re trying to do is encourage the Californians to admit that this is the most dangerous part of the whole pandemic. But at the end of the tunnel, she says, there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the vaccines.

Due to its own increase in infections, Washington DC banned contact sports such as football, basketball and hockey on Monday. Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Woolf, said he was considering further restrictions after the warning that health workers were overworked and exhausted when the situation worsened.

The Democratic government of New York. Andrew Cuomo was praised on Monday by Fauci for his efforts to prevent the spread of infections. However, the governor warned that his state could relive the restrictions he had imposed this spring during his gruesome Covida-19 and predicted that the authorities would soon be forced to ban restaurants in New York City.

The frustration we see here is that we estimate that more than 70 percent of the discrepancy comes from small meetings, Kuomo said. I was talking about that before I turned blue, about the visible safety of being at home.

These closures will inevitably lead to a worsening of the already poor economic conditions: Millions of Americans will be unemployed because of the pandemic and small businesses around the world will go bankrupt.

This makes it all the more important that Congress finally overcomes its differences and draws up a new rescue plan for Covid-19 that expands unemployment benefits and provides support to companies.

The best hope for these Americans in the short term is to try to fund the government with a temporary law to buy time for more stimulating negotiations and a broader spending bill for Christmas.

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