Clayne is one of Biden’s most trusted campaign advisors and has long been considered the most likely candidate for an executive position. Earlier, during his tenure as vice president, Barack Obama served as Vice President Al Gore’s chief of staff in the Clinton and Biden administrations.

Ron has been invaluable to me in all the years we’ve worked together, even when we saved the U.S. economy from one of the worst recessions in our history in 2009 and then overcame a terrible public health emergency in 2014, Biden said in a statement.

His deep and varied experience and his ability to work with people across the political spectrum is exactly what I need in the White House as we face this moment of crisis and bring our country together.

Clayne praised Biden in his speech on Wednesday and called his new role an honorary one.

I look forward to helping him and the President-elect build a talented and diverse team to work in the White House as we address their ambitious agenda for change and try to bridge the gaps in our country.

Clay tweeted too. I saw so many good wishes on this site tonight. Thank you very much. And I’m sorry I can’t answer them all. I am honored with the trust of the President-elect and will do my best to lead a talented and diverse team at Biden Harris.

Clay brings with it a unique experience, which is determined by the current coronavirus crisis. A democratic collaborator has been appointed by President Obama to lead the response to the Ebola crisis in 2014.

Klein’s experience in leading the Obama administration’s response to this public health threat is considered an asset.

During the campaign, Clayne was one of the personalities of the Biden team who responded to the pandemic.

The trump card response to the crisis has clearly failed, Clayne said in an election video attacking the trump card response to the coronavirus released in July. Donald Trump waved a white flag against the coronavirus.

Clay graduated from Harvard Law School in 1987 and was editor of the Harvard Law Review. He later worked as a legal secretary for Justice Byron R. White at the Supreme Court. Clayne was appointed from 1989 to 1992 by the then Senator Biden as senior advisor to the Senate Commission for the Judiciary, a position that included holding the controversial hearing on the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

Clay has been preparing a debate on the Democratic candidates since Bill Clinton. His work with Clinton led him to hold various positions in the Clinton administration, including chief of staff for de Berg.

Clayne also worked on Gore’s failed presidential bid, including his recount in Florida, where he served as general counsel.

After many years as a partner in a Washington law firm and general counsel to a venture capital firm, Clayne was appointed Chief of Staff by Biden in 2008.

Clay also served as Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor for the 2016 campaign, focusing on preparing Hillary Clinton for the debate.

This story was completed by the explanations of Biden and Clayne.

Kate Sullivan and Paul Leblanc of CNN contributed to this report.

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