Biden got the trump card with 917 votes just after 4:30 a.m. and Friday. The former vice president’s amazing strength in Georgia stems from the massive turnout of black voters in Fulton County and other suburbs around Atlanta, the fatigue of Trump in Georgia’s growing suburbs, which have become younger and more diverse in recent years, and more than a decade of hard work to improve democratic registration in the state.

Not a single democratic presidential candidate has won since Bill Clinton in 1992. Clinton barely beat former president George W. Bush in that state, partly because he and Bush participated in a triple race in which the independent presidential candidate, Ross Perot, ran.

On Thursday evening, the race took place not only in Georgia, but also in Pennsylvania, another country whose president cannot afford to lose if he hopes for a second term.

The momentum of the race turned in Biden’s favor – and brought him to the critical threshold of 270 votes needed to become president – while gaining huge margins in the absent election that democratic voters voted for. As the drama unfolded across the country, the president’s allies staged legal claims and conspiracy theories, while Trump’s book, Stop the Count! The tweeted asset.

In the other two states that could influence the fate of the race, Nevada and Arizona, overtime races are also underway.

To date, Biden has 253 votes and the chairman 213 according to CNN.

Pennsylvania, the state that could have taken Biden across the threshold in 270, could have completed most of its outstanding accounts on Thursday or Friday, state officials said. The former vice president was just over 26,000 votes behind Trump in Keystone State, after casting more than half a million votes at one point in the hours after the polls closed. Tens of thousands of votes – most from very democratic areas, including around Philadelphia – have not yet been counted.

Build your own path to 270 voices with CNN’s interactive map.

Without Georgia and Pennsylvania, Mr Trump won’t be able to get the 270 ballots. His chances of re-election will therefore depend on how the situation in those two states develops in the coming hours.

But on Thursday night Trump actually sent a signal that he did not intend to leave power without a fight if he eventually lost the election.

The president’s speech from the White House conference room could be one of the most dangerous statements the president has made in American history. In this document, Mr Trump wrongly states that the votes cast before and during the elections, but counted after election day, are illegal.

Trump made ridiculous statements saying his numbers were down on election night because Democratic officials continued to find ballots, even though the vote count actually dropped because polling stations in many states counted ballots by e-mail, which was convenient for Democrats after voting on election day, which was usually convenient for Republicans.

As the president said, the daily number of new coronavirus infections in the United States reached 114,876, the worst daily number ever recorded, showing how Trump’s political obsession led him to overlook the crisis that killed more than 234,000 Americans.

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Biden traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, for a short speech intended to spread optimism, build patience in counting the votes and convey the image of a presidency that has only just been established.

In America, the mood is sacred. So the people of this nation expressed their will, he said, and called for calm and patience in the counting.

The president’s team had previously insisted that the president of Pennsylvania would win with a vacant seat. Donald Trump is very much alive, says Trumps campaign leader Bill Stepin.

But Trump’s consultant told CNN consultant Jim Acosta that Biden’s growing momentum in the Commonwealth is causing growing concern in the election campaign, as he fears that the franchise will be difficult to secure. The consultant pointed out that Trump’s future lies in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is important, the man said, and he added that they are all important, and he admitted that the president could not let any of the remaining states escape.

It has long been known that Biden would benefit from a late increase in absenteeism, which was preferred by the Democrats during the pandemic. The president spent months campaigning to make mailboxes look fraudulent – one of the reasons the GOP voters were much less inclined to use them.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday afternoon, Jake Tapper, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar from Pennsylvania, said that the provinces are outraged and it seems that we are ahead of schedule. In several CNN interviews, Democratic Senator Bob Casey said he believes Biden will eventually win the state by 100,000 votes.

History was shattered in Arizona, where several polls in Maricopa County, including the Phoenix, limited Biden’s list to just under 68,000 votes, while Trump’s team insisted that the president would eventually win and keep hope for the road at 270.

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In Nevada, a closed league is also taking place, with Biden’s lead increasing to almost 12,000 votes on Thursday afternoon. The Democrats thought the state was certain of victory, but it was closer than expected. The end result, in turn, equates to a postal vote from which Biden could benefit, as Clark County, which lies around Las Vegas and is generally a democratic zone, is home to thousands of prominent people.

If Biden takes the lead in Arizona and Nevada, he will win 270 votes and become the next president, no matter what happens in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

CNN Biden projects receive at least three out of four votes in Maine and in Wisconsin, Michigan, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Virginia, California, Oregon and Washington, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington and one out of five ballots in Nebraska. Nebraska and the state of Maine give two votes to their winners and distribute the remaining votes in congressional districts.

CNN Trump projects will win Montana, Texas, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, Mississippi, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, North Dakota, Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia and four out of five votes in Nebraska.

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Trump’s team, which wants to maintain its narrow road to victory, has set in motion a tidal wave of sometimes contradictory and scattered legal challenges with no evidence of violations, demands that votes continue to be counted in the states behind him, and wishes to be eliminated in the states he leads.

STOP SERVICES, TRUMP Thursday morning on Twitter, when such measures would freeze the race and give an advantage to his opponent, and that answering his request would be tantamount to depriving a voter of his rights, as tens of thousands of legally deposited ballots are still being counted.

As part of his legal strategy, Trump plans to ask the Supreme Court to intervene in a case challenging a Supreme Court decision that allowed ballots to be counted after election day in Pennsylvania. The judges refused to expedite the appeal before the elections and are currently considering whether to pursue the case further.

Trump and his campaign team also tried to ask how Biden made a late leap to victory in the vibrant state of Wisconsin, where a Democrat came to power in the postal service and early votes were counted after most of the ballots were personally cast on election day.

The Kozyr campaign said Wednesday that recalculation will be necessary in Wisconsin, while in Michigan and Georgia legal problems will worsen.

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The state’s approach to the campaign revealed scandalous contradictions in the strategy: She seems to be trying to prevent the counting of votes in states where Biden is lagging behind, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, while at the same time demanding that all votes be counted in states where she believes the president has a chance to level the playing field with Biden, such as Arizona and Nevada.

Biden’s campaign leader Jen O’Malley Dillon called the lawsuit unfounded and pointed out that our records show that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

In telephone conversations with some of his allies on Wednesday, Tromp expressed his lukewarm support for his team’s legitimate strategy. In doing so, he showed that he had accepted not executing the plan and wondered why his team had been unable to successfully challenge the election rules, even though he was still willing to enforce them, CNN reported.

A Pennsylvania court said Thursday that observers of Trump’s campaign could be closer and observe the processing of votes in Philadelphia – a relatively minor decision that Trump’s campaign staff quickly described as a mass victory because it still counts votes that may resolve the state issue.

No court has found irregularities in the counting of votes in Philadelphia.

This is a divorce story that will be updated.

Catelyn Polanz of CNN contributed to this report.

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