President Joe Biden took to the airwaves Thursday night to make big announcements about the COVID-19 vaccine coming to America, and he reminded many of another famous, albeit fictional, president. The President stressed the importance of making the vaccine available across the country and noted that if all goes according to plan, families will be able to hold small gatherings without worry between now and Independence Day. The reference to the Fourth of July holiday of the same name and the tone and execution were reminiscent of Bill Pullman’s famous speech as President Whitmore in Roland Emmerich’s 1996 film Catastrophe. We’ve collected the best tweets about it below!

As you may recall, there are many memorable moments in the iconic sci-fi film, but Pullman’s speech in particular: Today we celebrate our Independence Day, which is still the most popular. In an earlier interview about the film, Pullman revealed that his performance was the reason the film was eventually called Independence Day!

We shot it at night, of course, because it’s dark, not on a soundstage or anything, Pullman told Cinema Blend. It was very late, and it was pushed forward in the schedule because Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich were arguing with Fox over the title. I believe it will be judgment day. That’s what Fox wanted, and it was a typical disaster movie title. They really wanted Independence Day, so we had to make a really good speech. They did the editing, and a few nights later Dean came up to me in my trailer and said: Do you want to see it? … He put on the VHS, showed me the voice-over, and I said: Holy mother, they should call that movie Independence Day. And they did.

If you can’t wait until July, you can stream Independence Day now on HBO Max.

Joe said to take him to.

Big Biden saw Bill Pullman’s Independence Day speech and took it as a challenge.

– Ragnarok Cancer (@eclecticbrotha) March 12, 2021

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Vibrates only

Someone else is going to get a real Bill Pullman vibe from this speech.

– Grace Segers (@Grace_Segers) March 12, 2021

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Ball in your yard Joe.

Biden has Bill Pullman’s speech word for word on the 7/4 call.

– Laura Olin (@lauraolin) March 12, 2021

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I didn’t want to get sued.

My goodness, that was a great speech by POTUS Biden! You may not have shed a tear, but I sure did. The speechwriter also missed the perfect link to a certain Bill Pullman speech somewhere!

– Robert Glowacki, PhD (@RGlowacki13) March 12, 2021

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So close

Biden almost quoted Bill Pullman on Independence Day.

– Tom Oates (@toates) 12. March 2021

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The biggest teaser

If Biden is the 4th. July says nothing about Bill Pullman’s Independence Day, it was just a big joke.

– Jeshua_11 (@refractedglow11) March 12, 2021

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