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What is a sports club?

Participation in a sports club : The Athletic Club is a student-run club that provides entertainment, competition and training related to sporting events. Athletic clubs are an essential component of the Division of Wellness Services, which will be supplemented by intercollegiate, intracollegiate, and activity programs for students and faculty, as well as physical education classes. These sports clubs are mainly initiated and run by students, teachers and other invitees.

Who suggested you join a sports club?

A friend of mine told me about a gym that had just opened in town. A friend of mine told me that they have all kinds of sports activities and many professional coaches. You can learn different activities or just hang out with your friends.

Your experience of participation in a sports club

The Ultra Sports Center has been on my radar since it opened.  So when I heard that the Lucknow selection was on the 20th. In August, I played soccer in a friendly game. I decided to buy tickets to have fun at the new stadium that is part of the Hub and at the same time support our Lucknow team.

I must say that when I arrived at the 10-acre Lucknow Sports Centre, I was quickly swept away by the excitement and noise in the air.  There were football fans getting ready to come to the stadium to cheer on the hosts, diners, shoppers, families and spectators – like me, everyone was excited and looking forward to seeing our new sports icon.

How was the sports club?

The Lucknow Sports Centre includes various facilities such as a 35,000-seat stadium, a 4,000-seat aquatic centre, a 1,500-seat sports arena, an aquatic centre, a library and a retail and hospitality facility of about 25,000 square feet. Before the big game, I decided to walk around the shops and restaurants.  A huge shopping mall with a wide range of fashion brands, sportswear and a large selection of groceries. I easily lost track of time seeing all the big brands and such a wide selection of sportswear, they had the best running and walking shoes. Just then it was announced that the game would start in 10 minutes. I rushed into the stadium and took my seat. The most important element of the new sports centre is the proximity of the stadium to the commercial area.  It only took me five minutes to get from the mall to my house. How convenient!

When I entered the stadium, I was overwhelmed by the environment. The 35,000-seat stadium was unlike anything else in Lucknow. The stadium also features a retractable roof and customizable retractable seat configurations that are preset and robotic at the lowest level, making it suitable for a variety of sporting events, concerts and other activities.

Why was joining a sports club the most amazing experience?

What I found most amazing was the view of the city skyline and the creek. This is great!  How beautiful it was to see and feel in that moment!

I was happy to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful stadium and make history by attending the first football game played in the city’s new stadium.

Question about participation in a sports club

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Tell us about the last sports club you visited. Please tell me

– Where and when was this?
– Who told you about this?
– What were you doing there?


– How often do you go to this club?
– Do you like it?
– Why do you want to join this sports club?
– How important are games in student life?
– Do you think your city should have more sports clubs?
– Do you think the government should encourage people to participate in sports and games?
– What facilities should there be in sports clubs for young and old?

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