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Well, folks, week 10 has arrived, which means we’re in the last month of fantasy season.

For most competitions, the post-season fantasy starts at week 14. That means you only have four weeks left to take your place in the play-offs, move up the ladder or even consolidate your position in the first round.

For the first time it seems to us that we survived the weekend games without major injuries to the participants of the fantasy games. Several players were affected by the shocks, paving the way for a short-term interest for some reserve players, while other players with a low level of performance showed strong performance.

Even though it’s not the biggest week of the son’s retreat, there are still some heavy pickups. In that sense, this is the best rejection of week 10.


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Tua Tagovayloa Design Office, Miami Dolphins – Tua recovered strongly after a difficult first start on Sunday. This year’s fifth training camp ended just over 71% against the Arizona Cardinals, finishing with 248 yards, two touchdowns and a zero interception, seven passes at 35 yards. In the next three weeks, Tua will compete against the Chargers, Broncos and Jets, who are in the top ten for the most fantasy points their opponents allow. The newcomer has a fantastic opportunity to list some good performances, making it a great streaming option for at least the next three weeks.

QB Drew Lock, Denver Broncos – The attack of the Broncos is hard to believe throughout the season, but it is undeniable that the unit works much better with a lock below the middle. In a disappointing ninth place. During Sokolov’s week in Denver, Locke filled in only 52% of his passports. However, he threw 313 yards and two touchdowns, climbed 47 yards and made an extra touchdown on the ground. Lock and the Broncos will take on the Las Vegas Raiders next week, who have just thrown 326 meters by Justin Herbert, with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. In week 10 the lock was firmly fixed on the radar.


RB Duke Johnson, Houston Texas – One of the players who got a concussion in week 9 is a Texan chasing David Johnson. After his injury, Duke Johnson took over the role of team leader and although he wasn’t very effective, he ended up playing his best game of the season. Johnson ended the season with a 41-yard touchdown at 16 and captured all four 32-yard goals. If David Johnson can’t get dressed this week, Duke Johnson will have a tough and fantastic match against Cleveland Brownes in week 10. Although we won’t know David Johnson’s score until the end of the week, now add Duke Johnson when he takes the lead again.

RB JD McKissick, the football team of Washington – Antonio Gibson is undoubtedly the most talented runner.

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in the rearguard of Washington, but that didn’t stop McKissick from getting his share of the game. With Kyle Allen gone indefinitely and Alex Smith at the centre, McCrissick can expand his role even further. In the ninth. Week of the loss of the Giants, McKissick was shot 14 times and turned 9 shots of 65 meters. In two games Smith replaced Allen, he tried 49 assists, 18 of them for McKissick. That’s an incredible target of 36.7%. Despite the fact that this sign is probably not stable, Smith pointed at the back several times. All can be the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, which should bode well for McChrysic’s fantastic values. If he’s still available on the wire, take McKissick and forget it.

RB Jordan Wilkins, Indianapolis Colts – After Marlon Mac’s injury in the first week of the season, Jonathan Taylor is expected to return as the belcow of the Colts. But after Taylor scored two 26 shots in week two, he has surpassed 13 early attempts in just one of the last six games. Taylor received only six bags in week nine, after seeing only eleven a week earlier. Meanwhile, Wilkins has carried the ball 31 times in the last two weeks after picking up and landing at 128 meters. There seems to have been a change of defender at Indy and although it is difficult to trust this backfield as we move forward, it seems that Wilkins is now the favorite player. The next six weeks the Colts will meet the Packers, the Titans, the Texans and the looters again. These four teams are currently in the top 10 for the fantastic points their opponents will award in the second half of the season. If Indy agrees with Wilkins as leader, he can be a winner of the competition.

RB Callen Ballag, Los Angeles Chargers – Another back injury that occurred in week 9 was Justin Jackson’s knee in the first game. It was a great opportunity for everyone who had Jackson on their team, but it paved the way for Cullen Ballage, the returning traveller, to take his first major action as a charger. The ball is completed by a 15-yard team with 69 yards (4.6 yards per carrier) and a touchdown, catching two of the three 15-yard goals. Joshua Kelly was disappointed after Austin Eckler’s injury, but the fourth round rookie finally got five assists for 31 yards in week nine. The seriousness of Jackson’s injury is unclear, although the fact that he injured himself so early in the game and did not return is not a good sign. Compare that with the likely return of Austin Heckler in the near future, and it doesn’t look like Ballage will remain a fantasy for too long. But until the return of Jackson and/or Eckler, Ballage looks like the best Chargers runner, putting him on a fantastic radar screen.

Broadband receivers

W.R. Curtis Samuel, Caroline Panthers. Don’t look now, but Samuel has recorded a touchdown in three consecutive games. The quarterback had the best game of his 2020 campaign against the Chiefs in week 9 and caught nine assists for 105 yards and a touchdown this season. Samuel also won a few rush attempts in each match, adding three 13-yard attempts and scoring a touchdown in week 7 and 8. It’s clear the Panthers want the ball as far into Samuel’s hand as possible. After being taken out of the end zone in the first five weeks of the season, Samuel now has four shared touchdowns in the last three games. Samuel should be a priority for anyone who needs help with a wide receiver.

WR K.J. Hamler, Denver Broncos – Although the Broncos are certainly disappointed with the loss in the ninth round, they are still very happy with the result. As the Sokolovs are in their second round, the team should be encouraged by the performance of some of their young strikers. We’ve already hit Drew Lock because Jerry Gedi has just played the best game of his campaign for newcomers, and he’s not the only receiver who can. Hamler was targeted ten times against Atlanta, taking six of those passes at 75 yards and adding a run of over 15 yards. After a hamstring injury at the beginning of the season, Hamler finally seems to have fully recovered and his production confirms this. Hamler also handed over an ante and a start in week 9, underlining that the Broncos want the ball in the hands of a newcomer in the third round. Hamler could take a step forward as the number two option in the Broncos passing game behind Jeudy, a role that should put him firmly on the fantasy card.

WR Danny Amendola, Detroit Lions – Kenny Golday missed by a hip injury in week 8, allowing Amendola to replace Matthew Stafford’s favorite goal. In the first two weeks of the season, when Holladay was out of the game, Amendola was the target of every game seven times. In week 9, Amendola led Lviv with 10 goals, while none of the winners scored more than five. The final receiver transformed these targets into seven shots over 77 meters, but kept them out of the end zone again. Amendola still has a goal to score this season, but offers a solid base if Golladey doesn’t get into the game. If Holaday can’t make it this week, Amendola will have to play a tough game against Washington FLEX, whose strength lies on the side of the road against Kendall Fuller.


TE Austin Hooper, Cleveland Browns – Hooper played the last two games before the 9. Cleveland week so far, that’s why it seems to have fallen from the eyes of many fantasy owners. Three weeks earlier, Hooper had been selected 23 times in total, finishing five games with 50+ yards or one touchdown per event. Hooper has yet to take the field after Odell Beckham’s seasonal injury, which should bring Baker Mayfield even closer to their goal. In week 10, Hooper and the Browns will receive the Texas Houstonians in Cleveland. In a game against Texas last year, Hooper, then with the Falcons, intercepted six passes for 56 yards. Hooper – TE1 in this game and could be a reliable option for the weaker fantasy position for the rest of the season, depending on the Mayfield game. With Travis Kelsey and Hayden Hearst on board this week, it will be hard to find a better replacement than Hooper.

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