Cardi B Poses As Hindu Goddess Durga And Is Dragged For Disrespecting Hindu Religion

Celebrities are inspired by many places for their photo shoots. Cardie B has unfortunately been portrayed as a person who should never try to recreate something that, for obvious reasons, has enraged a certain community.

To promote their new collaboration in sneakers, Cardie created the pose of the Hindu goddess Durga. Leading religions in creative adventures is always a complex business.

Cardi B and Offset would have been almost broken by the original verse of Nicki Minajs Motorsport – she felt a difference…

Rihanna has just learned a lesson about the importance of research when she used a sacred Muslim song in her fashion show Fenty. Nikki Minaj has also been criticized for claiming to be the Virgin Mary in the pregnancy shot, although the discrepancy was not very large.

Cardie b did not pay tribute to the Hindu goddess Durga by holding her shoes, it is simply a lack of respect and by no means a cultural assessment. She cannot escape without apologizing for the mockery of our culture.

– Hana (@MissAmericHANA) 11. November 2020

Cardie B forgets to thank the service after winning the AGV – did something happen? »

After the photos were published, people came on Twitter to drag a rapper for an offensive gesture, all to promote the sneakers.

Cardi doesn’t honor the Hindu goddess Durga with shoes in her hand, it’s just a lack of respect and in no way a cultural recognition. she can’t get away with it without turning around and apologizing for ridiculing our culture, – twittered a person.

Cardi B. and Offset can still make peace – she says he made the best of her and was like a mentor to her.

Cardie B uses Durga Maa to sell buses? When people realize that our gods and goddesses cannot be imitated, I’ve added another one.

This user said: They say Cardie B is repaying our Hindu goddess Durg. Durga maa is never depicted naked, with shoes on, and is used as an aesthetic aid. This is a complete DISPUTE.

They say Cardy B is paying for our Hindu goddess Durga.
Durga maa is never depicted naked, with shoes on, and is used as an aesthetic aid.
This is a complete DISREPEKT

– Aarya♡ (@AaryaAnkaikar) 11. November 2020.

Another insulting tweet reading: It’s not up to you to appropriate my religion or even use it as a means to promote something like shoes… it offends the goddess Durga… we even take off our shoes before we pray seriously and #CardiB hope you don’t apologize.

Finally, after the answer, the MPA artist apologized and blamed the creative director.

A lot of my fans tell me I’m being dragged into social media… because of my Reebok shooting and they say I don’t respect the goddess. When I was at Reebok, creative people told me that they will represent the goddess who represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that is what I love and what I am.

She kept talking: And even if it was drugs, if people think I offended their culture or their religion, I want to apologize, but that was not my intention. I don’t like it when someone’s religion isn’t respected. I don’t want people insulting my religion.

Cardie said she couldn’t change the past, but she’d do more research in the future.



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