In your neck, there is a butterfly-shaped organ known as the thyroid gland that produces hormones. The thyroid hormones regulate bodily functions such as your body temperature, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure.

In the initial stages, thyroid cancer does not show any symptoms. But as it progresses, it may show swelling and pain in the neck.

There are various types of thyroid cancers. Some advance slowly, and some are aggressive. However, most thyroid cancers are curable with the help of treatment.

The incidence of thyroid cancer has increased nowadays compared to previous days. According to experts, it may be because now because of technology the experts can detect even a small cancer of the thyroid gland that was not possible previously. The earlier it is diagnosed, the more treatable it is. Therefore if you are at risk of developing thyroid cancer, you must attend the screening visits with your healthcare provider because it can help detect it earlier.

If you have swelling in your thyroid gland, you must visit a healthcare provider soon. Sometimes it is not a serious condition. But sometimes it can be an indication of some serious underlying health problem. Therefore you should not delay your visit to the health care provider. To get an expert opinion, you can consult with an Oncologist in Lahore.

What Are The Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?

Typically, thyroid cancer does not show any such signs and symptoms in the initial stage. But as it progresses, it may show the following symptoms.

  • A lump or nodule that can be felt in the neck
  • Changes in your voice. It often becomes hoarse.
  • Pain and swelling in your neck and thyroid gland
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck

When Should You See A Doctor?

You must see the doctor if you have a complaint of swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the thyroid gland, and other symptoms. Do not take it lightly, as it can be an indication of some serious health condition.

What Causes Thyroid Cancer?

The exact cause of the thyroid gland is not clear yet. However, it may occur due to mutations, also known as genetic changes in the thyroid cells. The cells of the thyroid gland thus grow haphazardly. The old ones do not die, and the new ones keep growing, which forms a tumor. The tumor can also invade other tissues of the body – a condition known as metastases.

What Are The Risk Factors For Thyroid Cancer?

Factors that can put you at risk of developing thyroid cancer are:

Being Female

The female sex is more prone to developing thyroid cancer as compared to males.

Exposure to Radiation Therapy

Previous exposure of your head or neck to radiation therapy can increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer.

People Working In a Nuclear Power Plant

People who work in a nuclear power plant are at increased risk of developing thyroid cancer. They need to take extra care of themselves because nuclear radiation can be harmful to their bodies.

What Are The Complications of Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer may come back even if you have got your thyroid gland removed. It can recur in other parts of your body, such as:

  • Lymph nodes in the neck
  • Small pieces of thyroid tissue were left behind during surgery.
  • Other areas of the body, such as the lungs and bones

The Bottom Line

Thyroid cancer can be detected at the early stages if you attend follow-up visits with your health care provider. If you have got benign nodules in your thyroid gland, you must keep them in check so that you know if they become cancerous. The earlier thyroid cancer is diagnosed, the easier its treatment is.

If you have any symptoms of thyroid cancer, you must consult with a healthcare provider. To get an expert opinion, you can visit an Oncologist in Karachi.

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