Billy Gilmore (left) Billy Gilmore (left) made 11 runs for Chelsea last season for his knee injury.

Midfielder Giorgiño scored points as Chelsea ended their successful season in Champions League Group E with a point against Krasnodar.

Frank Lampard changed the team that Leeds defeated this weekend to give Tino Anjorina his first start, while 19-year-old midfielder Billy Gilmore made his first start after recovering from an injury.

The second series of blues dominated at the start, but the Russian team looked dangerous in the break and ended up on Remy Cable in 24th. minute. The former Newcastle player started and ended the move with a low shot that passed Kep Arrizabalaga’s reach.

Four minutes later, however, the British were at point level when Giorgiño shot into the penalty area after Tammy Abraham was passed by Brazilian midfielder Cayo.

England striker Abraham also came close with a low shot that was largely rejected by defender Yevgeny Gorodov’s shoe.

The Blues finished Group E as the winner with 14 points from their six competitions.

Chelsea youth have a chance to shine

Lampard praised the potential of Gilmur and Anjorin in setting up the club, although this couple, like many before them, will fight for a breakthrough in the club?

Anjorin, who is in the blues at the age of 7, made his first start and his third start in the higher age group. The native Dorset, described as a boxing midfielder, usually stayed on the left side of the field and brought some stray balls with him at the beginning of the match before he settled in.

He almost helped when his fishing pass in the penalty area for Kai Havertz of the German midfield did not find the right end.

Gilmur made a strong impression last season before suffering a knee injury in July that kept him out of the game until last week, when he came out in the final minutes of a 4-0 victory in Seville.

The Scotsman, who switched from Rangers to Chelsea at the age of 16, paired the midfielder with the same midfielder as Abraham and Havertz further forward. An early strike against the goal would have been a test for Gorodov if it hadn’t fallen off Abraham’s shoulder, while the half free kick was easily saved by the Russian goalkeeper.

As for Capa, he’s wearing Chelsea’s shirt for the first time since October. Not only did the Spaniard take the ball out of the net, but he also only soiled his shirt when he pushed away a diagonal shot from Vanderson when he dived.

With speculations on the movements of Kepa and Gilmour in January, it will be interesting to see how many more shows a couple will do for the budding blues this season.

Blue in force –Statistics

  • Chelsea is unbeaten in six games of the Champions League (W4 D2), the longest unbeaten series in the league since September 2015 (W5 D4).
  • The players of Krasnodar have only suffered one defeat in their last four European away games (W1 D2) and have lost three out of four (W1).
  • Chelsea ended the group stage with a 14 point lead, the best result in this phase of the 2014-2015 match (14 ).
  • Chelsea has won ten penalty points in all leagues this season, more than any other Premier League team, with eight of them scoring (along with Lester and Manchester United).
  • Anjorin is the ninth oldest player to make his Champions League debut for Chelsea (19th – 15th) and the youngest since Callum Hudson-Odoi in October 2019 (18th – 32nd).
  • For the ninth time, Cabella scored his first Champions League goal.
  • Capa has missed seven goals in four appearances for Chelsea this season in all leagues – as much as his bluesman colleagues Edward Mundy and Willie Caballero sent their 15 games together in 2020-21 (seven).

What happens then?

Chelsea plays Saturday (20:00 GMT) in the Premier League in Everton.

The actors of the game

GilmoreBilly Gilmore


  1. Team number23 Player nameGuilmore
  2. Team number18Girod player game
  3. Team number11 Name of playerWerner
  4. Team number 7 Player nameEdge
  5. Team number29 Player nameeHavertz
  6. Team number55 Player nameAngerina
  7. Team number17Player name Kovacic
  8. Team number5Player’s name Yorginho
  9. Team number28 Player nameAzpilikueta
  10. Team number 2 Player nameRudiger
  11. Team number 4 Player nameKristensen
  12. Team number9 Player name Abraham
  13. Team number33Person’s name.
  14. Team number1 Name of playerArrizabalaga

Krasnodar FK

  1. Team number16 Name of the playerClasson
  2. Team number14 Name of playerOlsson
  3. Team number28Player nameSmolnikov
  4. Team number 7 Player name Cavelle
  5. Name of the city of the player of team number 1
  6. Team number52 Name of playerVienna
  7. Team number6 Name of playerRamires
  8. Team number33 Player nameBerg
  9. Team number4Player Martynovich’s game
  10. Team number31Name of the Cayo player
  11. Team number 10This player’s name is Maciel.
  12. Team number2 Player nameSorokin
  13. Squadron number 18Player’s nameChern.
  14. Team number93Player nameShapi Suleymanov
  15. Team number77Player nameKambolov
  16. Team number20PlayerName of the brand



  • 1Arrizabalaga
  • 28AzpilicuetaReserved for 82mins
  • 4Cristens
  • 2Men
  • 33Emerson
  • 17KovacsExchange for Canteat 74 minutes
  • 5 Jorginho
  • 23Gilmore
  • 29Havertz is replaced by Wernerat 74 Min.
  • 9Abraham
  • 55AnjorinReplaced by Hirudat 80’min.


  • 3Alonso
  • 7Sludge
  • 10Pulis
  • 11 Werner
  • 13Caballero
  • 14Tomori
  • 15Zuma
  • 18Gyrude
  • 19Mount
  • 21Chiliwell
  • 24 James
  • 40Ziger

Krasnodar FK

  • 1c cities
  • 28Smolnikov
  • 4Martynovich
  • 31da Silva Pantaleão Replaced by sorokinate 74 min.
  • 6Ramirez
  • 14Olsson exchanged for 80’min Cambolowat.
  • 52Vienna
  • 10Susa CamposSubstituted at 80’minutes black.
  • 7Cable position exchanged for Suleymanovat 80 minutes
  • 16Class
  • 33BergSubstituted by Markovat 90’minutes


  • 2Sorokine
  • Chernov 18
  • 20 Markov
  • 47Utkin
  • 53 Chernokov
  • 77 Kambolov
  • 88Sinitsyn
  • 93Suleymanov
  • 98Petrov

Referee: Pavel Kralovets

Attendance: 2000

Real-time text

  1. Final of the games, Chelsea 1, FC Krasnodar 1.
  2. The second half is over, Chelsea 1, FC Krasnodar 1.
  3. Olivier Giraud (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  4. Alexander Martynovich (FC Krasnodar) won in midfield with a penalty kick.
  5. Tammy Abraham (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  6. Ruslan Kambolov (FC Krasnodar) won in midfield with a penalty kick.
  7. Foul Cesara Azpilicueta (Chelsea).
  8. Yevgeny Chernov (FC Krasnodar) swings in a free kick from the left.
  9. Deputy, Krasnodar FC. Eugene Markov replaces Marcus Berg.
  10. Olivier Giraud (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  11. Igor Smolnikov (FC Krasnodar) won a penalty kick in midfield.
  12. Olivier Giraud (Chelsea) successfully turns the free kick into his own half.
  13. Foul Tonnoy Villene (Krasnodar FC).
  14. Olivier Giraud (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  15. Ruslan Kambolov (FC Krasnodar) won in midfield with a penalty kick.
  16. Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea) is sent away for an offence.
  17. Foul Cesara Azpilicueta (Chelsea).
  18. Yevgeny Chernov (FC Krasnodar) swings in a free kick from the left.
  19. Substitution, Chelsea. Olivier Giraud (in) comes from the bank to replace Faustino Anjorina.
  20. Deputy, Krasnodar FC. Eugene Chernov replaces Vanderson Macel.

Playback banner image all around - blue Stand - blue

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