Jeff falls off a roof on Coronation Street.

Jeff’s death means Yasmine is finally free of abuse (Photo: ITV)

The fans of Kroningsstraat rejoiced at the end of Jeff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) after he fell off the roof while chasing Yasmine Nazir (Shelley King).

The couple were involved in a long history of domestic violence that culminated in their death in an episode on Wednesday.

Jeff arrived unexpectedly and tried to convince Yasmin to give him his share of the house after she wasn’t found guilty of attacking him earlier this week.

He left her a set of keys to get her stuff out of the house, but he surprised her again when she showed up at the station while she was still there and tried to get her stuff out during the eclipse.

Yasmin asked Jeff if he had been drinking when he arrived and blamed her for forcing him to turn him in. He accused her of ruining his relationship with Christine (Kate Wood), with whom he intended to fly to Cyprus.

Angry after a phone argument with Kristina, Jeff lit a lighter for Yasmin, then set the house on fire and dropped the burning flame on papers at his feet.

Shelly King as Yasmine Nazir in this week's episode of Coronation Street...

Jeff found his apparent death after following Yasmin on the roof of his house (Photo: PA).

Yasmin ran upstairs to escape when Jeff set off the fire alarm to stop his alarm before following her through the skylight on the roof.

When Yasmin tries to run, waddling along the tiles and telling himself not to look at the drop underneath, Jeff is attacked by Alya, who also climbed up.

The three cling to the roof while Yasmine finally gets up in front of Jeff and tells him that he is no longer afraid of him because he loses his foot and the roof tiles.

Bye-bye Teflon Jeff, that was touching #Corrie #Corrie60 That was awesome! The beloved Yasmen is taking pictures of what sent him here, and the chickens are here! They remember what you did to Charlotte Brontë…

– Susan Hill (@SuseHill) 9. December 2020.

Yasmine tries to help him by throwing his scarf at him despite Alya’s protests, but it’s useless because that’s where he eventually falls and dies.

The audience loved the happiness that followed Jeff’s death and the fact that Yasmin will finally be free of the abuse he did to her.

They tweeted: Bye-bye Teflon Jeff, that was touching #Corrie#corrie60 That was great! The beloved Yasmine filmed the one who sent it and the chickens were there! !! They remember what you did to Charlotte Brontë…

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Others have added: This is the end Jeff deserves… Hoping that the chickens will scratch his eyes out and that Jeff’s smile will finally give him what he deserves.

The audience loved the tense scenes, the writing: YEAH, JEFF IS FINALLY GONE !!!! FINAL!!! I’d like to see the chickens stick out their eyes! Fantastic episode tonight and Yesss bl**dy yess Geoff, I still hope! Happy 60th!

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