FRISCO, TX — As the country experiences a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, Dallas NFL cowboys override intensive protocols and force personnel in direct contact with the players into a bell similar to the team recruited during training camp.

In his speech to 105.3, Jerry Jones, fan, owner and CEO of Dallas, said that everyone was stressed: Don’t let yourself down. According to many sources, the team increases its isolation by housing trainers and staff at The Star’s Omni Hotel.

We are working more intensively and our coaches are limiting their off-field activities and off-field contacts, Jones told the team’s flagship network. We demand that all employees who touch the player do so. This is in addition to what the NFL does.


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The Cowboys switched to intensive protocols last week after the Pittsburgh Steel Player tested positive after the game against Dallas. Last week the cowboys didn’t train in person, but held a virtual meeting.

On Monday, they came back for meetings and a walk at the Star, which according to Coach Mike McCarthy will last all week. Due to the size of a star with 12,000 seats in the Ford Center, the cowboys have a meeting room to keep them socially dispersed.

In the training camp the players stopped at Omni and created their version of the bubble. According to the CLA, the teams cannot force the players to stay in a hotel during the regular season. Jones said he wasn’t sure the league would move to a bubble playoff format similar to the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball.

Stay vigilant. Things could change tomorrow, Mr. Jones. And that’s a fact. Don’t make me think for a second that we have the key to preventing a COVID flash. Well, we don’t have any. But what we do works here.

Jones said he assumes everyone he comes into contact with has a coronavirus and wears two masks. He also said he’d take the vaccine if it became available.

However, Jones has not yet reached the point where he will reduce his participation in the AT&T stadium. In five games, the Cowboys have had 128,750 fans, an average of 25,750 per game, as the team follows the guidelines set by the state, NFL and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jones said his plan was to increase the number of fans during the season. Cowboys took part in the game in Pittsburgh for 31,700 people.

I’m very proud we’re doing it safely, we’re doing it wisely, Mr Jones. Our fans are, to say the least, very useful in the game for these fans. I see an increasingly aggressive approach to the fan issue. We’ll see about that. That doesn’t mean we have COVID and a flash. Some say it is possible, but not if we do it as safely as possible, or if you have the results we have. Literally no one reported coming into contact with KOVID when he came to us. No one.

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