There are a lot of upgrades in the Destiny 2 game, and you can get some of them by completing quests in the game. In this post, I discuss how to get most of them, including the new Heroic Strikes, new Raid challenges, new legendary weapons, new exotic weapons, new adventure missions, new exotic armor sets, new sparrow upgrades, new shaders, and new emblems.

There are two big new additions to Destiny 2, the base game and the Curse of Osiris expansion. Both provide you with a horde of new collectibles to hunt down in order to improve your core power level (as well as other stats) and get you closer to your goal of level 40. The end-game grind is going to take a lot more time than you might expect to complete, and you’re going to need to spend a lot of time hunting down all the different types of upgrade materials.

It’s highly likely that you will want to upgrade your Destiny 2 gear and weapons to the new Year One Edition. That’s because the best weapons available come from the game’s limited-time Year Two event. If you’re not yet a part of the community, you can get some of those weapons fairly easily, but the process is time-consuming and a little bit tedious. What if there was a way to skip all of that trouble?

One of the main tasks of a Guardian in the new Destiny 2 season is to upgrade their weapons and armor. You can equip anything you can get your hands on, but eventually you’ll want to upgrade your favorite items. That’s where the Destiny 2upgrade modules come in. Upgrade modules are consumables that allow you to transfer the light level of a weapon or armor to another weapon or armor of the same category. Helmets can amplify helmets, kinetic weapons can amplify other kinetic weapons, and so on. This means that the light level of your equipment can increase along with your guard, allowing you to take on increasingly dangerous enemies throughout the solar system.

Destiny 2 Weapons Suppliers

The most common source of upgrade modules is one of two weapon manufacturers. Banshee-44is located in the central part of the tower, on the right hand side, near the first shop. Ada-1 is located at the loom at the bottom of the west side of the tower. word-image-8913 Talk to Banshee-44 or Ada-1 and you’ll see items for sale. is offering two upgrade modules in exchange for 5,000 shimmers, 10 legendary shards, an upgrade core and 25 planet materials. Both manufacturers offer the same two planet options, the daily switch. If you can’t get enough shine or substance, you can visit Spider at the Reef. He sells and trades materials and may be able to provide you with everything you need to purchase upgrade modules. Otherwise, you can wait until the next day for the planetary material you want to change, hoping it’s something you have in abundance.

Determination 2 Concentrated material operation

Concentrated matter gems are a quick way to collect upgrade modules, but they come with an important warning: Your buff is removed when the upgrade module drops. The fact is that any elite enemy with an orange or yellow health bar has a very high chance of dropping an upgrade module. The buff is used up as soon as the module drops, and you can use another concentrated mategam immediately afterwards. When you combine that with areas with large concentrations of elites, like. B. the dark area under the spaceport or the beginning of the prophecy dungeon, you can get a lot of upgrade modules there quickly. word-image-8914 The gemstones of concentrated matter have another property. They can be purchased at the Eververse store in the tower and cost 200 shiny fabric per. Currently, there are very few ways to earn light dust, which is also used to buy cosmetic items. The only currency accepted in Eververse is money, purchased with real money. So be careful if you want to spend all your light dust on concentrated Mathergems.

Destiny 2 Crucible Rewards

Lord Shucks, manager of The Crucible, is another reliable source for improvement modules. But instead of selling them, he gives them away as a reward for his promotion to the Crucible. If you reach rank 4 in Valor (unranked crucible) or Dishonor (ranked crucible), you will receive a pat on the back from Shaxx and three upgrade modules . These ranks can be reset, so you can recruit new packs multiple times during the season if you invest time in the Crucible. word-image-8915

Destiny 2 Season Rank

Each Destiny 2 season brings with it 100 additional ranks to climb, with various prizes along the way, including upgrade modules. Keep playing the game and earn experience points to increase your season rank. There are still a few modules behind a paid Season Pass, but most are free for all players who take the time to upgrade. word-image-8916

Destiny 2 Mod Squad

Ghost, your clever little alternate, has a nifty trick up his sleeve to help you find upgrade modules. The Modularity series of mods allows you to obtain upgrade modules from different actions in the game. There is a mod for the Crucible, Gambit, which requires victories over other Guardians to activate, and Vanguard, which can be dropped after a successful strike or night strike. word-image-8917 Installing these mods assumes that your Ghost is using a fully designed Ghost Shell. Modularity modules cost four energy to equip, which limits the ability to use other mods simultaneously. There is no penalty for switching to other modulars that fit your current operations, but note that the modules are listed as fragile, meaning they expire after season 15.

Be Best, Keeper

Upgrading your equipment is necessary for your guard to be as effective as possible against the enemies of Earth. Finding upgrade modules in Destiny 2 is the best way to make sure you’re always ready for the next fight. For more tips on how to become a better Guardian and where to get the latest exotic weapons, check out our other guides Destiny 2 .Destiny 2’s new upgrade system is a significant change from the game’s previous approach. The new system promises to give players more power to customize their characters and improve their game, but will the new system live up to its promise? If you’re ready to find out, here is everything you need to know about how to get all of the upgrade modules in Destiny 2.. Read more about destiny 2 upgrade module farm 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get upgrade modules in Destiny 2?

The first game in the Destiny series was released in 2014. It was a massive success, as it quickly became the best-selling game in its genre. Destiny was also one of the best-selling games of that year. The sequel is now available and it’s been a long wait. It’s time to get back to the game that you love. Destiny 2’s in-game upgrade system is now in its second week. That means the vast majority of players have found either the game’s most powerful weapons or exotic armor. And with that, the question arises: where do you go from here? The answer is simple: grind.

How do I make an upgrade module?

Destiny 2’s content release has been a bit of a mixed bag of things since the game’s release last week, as there’s not really a lot of content to unlock and grind for, and that’s not a good thing. Destiny 2’s Eververse Trading Pods have been a real hit with players, but you need to know what you’re buying if you want the best value for money. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of items and where exactly you can get them.

How much do upgrade modules cost?

Destiny 2 has a reputation for being a cash cow for its publisher, Activision, as well as its community. The game covers all bases, with the base story complete, numerous in-game rewards and unlocks, and numerous endgame activities. So, you want to know the price of upgrading a Destiny 2 character to the next tier of power? Don’t ask Player Support, they probably won’t have an answer. They have no idea if Bungie will be honouring the existing upgrade modules for the rest of this year, let alone selling more of them after the game comes out. They have no idea if Bungie will even sell more modules in the future, let alone at a set rate. And they have absolutely no clue if Bungie will give anyone who managed to get their hands on one of these early, out-of-date modules a way to upgrade them.

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