Claire Crawley and Chris Harrison.


Claire Crawley and Chris Harrison at the premiere of the Bashlorette film

SPYLERS: Stop reading if you don’t want to know the spoilers of season 16 of the bachelors. The nation of bachelors waited for Chris Harrison to tell Claire Crawley: Congratulations, you just blew up Bashelorette. Now, after months of speculation, it will probably happen this week.

The first rumors began to surface during the summer when Crowley Reality reporter Steve left the show to continue his relationship with his favorite Dale Moss. After his first meeting with Moss when he came out of the limo, Crowley said I really feel like I just met my husband. This direct connection led many viewers to wonder whether Crowley and Moss had communicated with each other, which Crowley denied. According to E!’s exclusive voyeurism, the same fear will apply to Crowley’s fiancée.

In the video, candidate Kenny Braash asks questions about Crowley: Did you talk to Dale before the shift started? Harrison’s asking: You lied to all the bachelors? The question seems to be addressed to Crowley, although the answer is not given directly.

Although she didn’t see her answer, she had admitted earlier that she was looking for declared fans during the production delay. Crowley said he promoted The Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the season premiere: He was one of the guys who was on the air at the beginning of the season, when he should have been on the air earlier and looked at it, there were just a lot of good things that matched what I was looking for, what he kind of embodied.

In what sounded like a conversation with men at a publicity event, Crowley said I’d never apologize for love. This statement came after a week in which the men had grown tired of Crowley’s relationship with Moss. The crowd saw Moss dominate the band’s date and get a rose. In another event, focused on comic frying, with Moss and other men who were not present on the date as spectators, the participants focused their energy on this point. At a cocktail party, Crowley asked every man a model from New York before giving someone a rose and calling Moss my fiancée. At the time, ABC director Rob Mills told former bachelor Nick Viall, host of the Viall Files, that they knew they had to bring in someone else as a bachelor.

After she seems to be gone, the audience sees Blake Moynes asking questions: Claire’s gone. What just happened? Ask Braash: Do we have a new bachelor?

Taisia Adams is the new Bachelorette.

As it seems to be confirmed, Adams should take the lead of The Bachelorette in next Thursday’s episode. Although his schedule on board is unclear, with Crowley’s series of favorite tweets suggesting she’s been pushed back, Adams will secretly be among the remaining men. Four more people join the cast: Spencer Robertson, Montel Hill, Peter Giannicopoulos and Noah Arb.

Robertson should have the first impression of the rose, but he shouldn’t end up in the top four. These seats are occupied by Ben Smith, Zack Clarke, Brendan More and Ivan Hall. This trip can be pointless if Steve’s claim to the reality of Crowley and Moss is the only love story of the season.

Broadcast next Thursday

Fans had to be ready to watch Bachelorette on Tuesday after the end of the season and could not broadcast on Monday as usual. Still, the show is moving again, but only for one night.

With Tuesday’s election, an iteration of the reality TV series, led by women, will be broadcast on Thursday at 8/7c. The work plan will be available again on Tuesday after the elections.

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