Tick-tock may be banned in the United States.

Can the president get his bill back? (Photo: Getty)

Former US President Donald Trump lost his access to Twitter after violating the Twitter policy.

The ban came into effect after Twitter temporarily suspended Mr Trump’s account for tweets in which he justified the violence after his supporters stormed Capitol Hill in violent scenes in which four people were killed.

The social media giant first removed the offensive content and then suspended his account completely.

The official Twitter security account confirmed the news Friday night, tweeting: After reviewing recent tweets of the @realDonaldTrump account and the context surrounding it, we have definitively suspended the account due to the risk of inciting violence.

In the context of this week’s horrific events, we made it clear on Wednesday that further Twitter violations could possibly lead to the same action.

Our system of public interest exists so that the public can hear directly from elected representatives and world leaders. It is based on the principle that people have the right to open accounts.

However, we made it clear years ago that these accounts are not above our rules and that they are not allowed to use Twitter to incite violence. We will remain transparent about our policy and its implementation.

Twitter has announced that it has banned Trump from the platform (Twitter).

Twitter has announced that it has banned Trump from the platform (Twitter).

Twitter also removed a video in which the U.S. president told his special followers: We love you after they destroyed the U.S. Congressional building and forced its closure.

Although this decision is unprecedented for a former incumbent president, there have been previous cases where Trump was about to lose his access to Twitter.

Last May, Twitter hid one of Trump’s tweets because it violated one of his time-honoured rules against glorifying violence.

After the massive protests in the United States after the assassination of George Floyd, a black man, the president threatened to send in the National Guard and added a warning that if the looting starts, the shooting will start.

In a normal way, this would have resulted in a suspension – but Twitter made an exception.

One of Twitter’s reasons for keeping Trump on Twitter and hiding him instead of suspending him completely is that the U.S. president is a person of interest to whom they make exceptions.

A worthy person is classified as an elected official with more than 250,000 followers.

But the social media giant has confirmed that he will lose this award if Trump leaves his office in January.

In May, Twitter wasn’t the only tweet that crossed the line in the eyes of Twitter either.

After the November election, Trump twittered numerous claims (12 according to the Twitter count) that the election had been manipulated and manipulated for Joe Biden.

Twitter responded by highlighting the tweets and providing links to information that disproved Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.

Twitter’s terms and conditions state that they may suspend or terminate accounts at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all, but almost all accounts are suspended if they violate parts of their user agreement.

What will Trump do now?


Donald Trump shared a video on Twitter during the events on Capitol Hill (Credits: PA).

In recent years, many banned Twitter users have switched to the alternative microblogging network Parler, which has less strict rules about what can and cannot be said on the platform.

Although many Trump supporters use the application, it is not clear whether Trump has an account on the platform or uses it.

But given the number of assets of the application, it would be a logical step for someone blocked from Twitter.

Even before he was elected president, rumors were circulating that Trump would start his own media activities – and this possibility seems even more likely given his suspension.

Trump has a long-standing relationship with the media and information officials, and sources close to the former president say he has long had his own media in mind.

It remains to be seen whether he will build his own network from scratch or take over one of his friendly networks such as Newsmax or One America News Network.

There have also been cases where the ban on Twitter has been lifted, but this is not common practice.

In early October, a few weeks before the 2020 elections, Twitter restricted New York Post’s account for sharing potentially false information about the elections – information about Joe Biden’s son and a leaked hard drive.

But shortly after, they lifted the lock on the account and had it shared again.

Their argument was triggered by a policy change – so if Twitter changes its policy again, Trump can reinstate its account.

MORE: Trump’s Twitter password was Maga2020, the Dutch government admits.

MORE: Donald Trump’s personal banker resigned abruptly after a criminal investigation into the president’s finances.

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