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Dr. Sandra Lee recently performed miracles on her TLC show, Dr. Pimple Popper, and is now back at work helping a woman with a unique health problem.

Dr. Sandra was called by Jackie, 50, who was suffering from a lump the size of a melon on her back.

My bump looks like a big melon, Jackie says of the bump on her right shoulder. It’s got a weird shape, it sticks out, it’s just huge.

I had this disease for about nine years, it was very small but it persisted, Jackie said. About a year ago, my bump tripled in size and I was discharged by my doctor. He just said it’s a common tumor.

Jackie was cut off from the outside world because of the tumor, and she hoped the surgery would help her.

Since the bump has grown, I avoid people when I can. If I didn’t have a gardening job, I’d probably never leave home, she says.

Dr. Pimple Popper was called in to help Jackie (Photo: TLC)

Dr. Sandra Lee was back in action (Photo: TLC).

At Dr. Sandra Covid-Security’s clinic, her tumor was examined, and Dr. Sandra said she thought it was a lipoma.

Speaking of tumors: The doctor said: There are small holes, i.e. small groups that go through the unit to hold it in place. It is trapped in a fibrous web, which makes it more difficult to remove.

Dr. Sandra warned that the lipoma was so large that it might not heal properly. Jackie was then taken to the operating room and the mass was sedated locally.

The bump was then opened up, revealing fatty debris and confirming that Dr. Sandra was right that it was a lipoma.

Jackie had a bump for nine years (Photo: TLC).

The lipoma was removed by the program (Photo: TLC).

The doctor said: I was right, this lipoma will definitely contract, there is a lot of septation, a lot of hard tissue and scar tissue holding this lipoma in place.

It’s like a lipoma, mission impossible!

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After the eight-pound bulge was removed, Jackie said: Oh, my God, that sounds so great!

There’s no big lump there anymore, and seeing my skin flat and seeing the stitches, and then looking at it and being able to see my tattoo again, I haven’t seen that in nine years!

Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC.

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