Amazon Black Friday Week for Dungeons and Dragons fans will be offering some of their biggest books as part of a larger buy two, a free sale that includes hundreds of items in different categories. In fact, D&D books not only buy two books, one of which is free, but many of these books also get substantial discounts. This includes the basic rules of D&D and recently released games such as Icewind Dale: Frosty Girl’s term, which after a 50% discount and a $5.02 bonus coupon, is only $20.

You can buy all free B2G1 sales here for as long as you need – just search for Dungeons and Dragons or Dungeons and Dragons in the sales search box to remember the names. You can also just go to our list below. Here is a list of the top Dungeons and Dragons titles for sale on Amazon B2G1. Please note that headers can be added or removed at any time. After the list on Amazon you will find a list of profitable D&D companies – including the brand new Tashin All boiler.

Black Friday Best Deals B2G1 D&D :

Buy 2, get 1 over the counter here on Amazon.

Dungeons and Dragons book offer on Amazonas

Gift box with the basic rules of D&D: Only $91.99

With special aluminium covers of Dungeon & Dragon’s three main rule books, this set is the perfect Christmas present for the table players on your shopping list for the holidays – or a great upgrade for you!

The Player’s Guide, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Guide – along with the Dungeon Master’s screen and the case that contains everything – is a $91.99 steal. Don’t forget that two of the three standard ground rules are also part of this free B2G1 sale. The player’s guide is the only missing element, but at the time of writing this article Amazon had a 42% discount.

Let’s see what’s in the kit.

Glacial Valley: Frost resistance – savings of 60%

Campaign module for characters from 1 to 12 years old, Icewind Dale : Rime of the Frostmaiden is one of the last modules of the 5th edition of D&D. The story, described as one of the most difficult adventures in the whole Dungeons & Dragons series, contains many entry points and many branches of decision points.

The adventure takes place in the Ice Valley, which lies at the northern tip of Sword Beach, under a moving sea of ice. This remote Arctic region is home to a confederation of ten villages known in the D&D world as Ten Cities, and a handful of barbarian tribes, both of whom embark on adventure.

To characterise this Gothic horror story, the team of writers and designers drew inspiration from old horror films such as The Thing of John Carpenter and The Shining of Stanley Kubrick. The plot contains a lot of secrets for the players to discover.

Get a 60% discount at Amazon after a $5.03 voucher.

Tashino Boiler All – 53% discount on

An important new extension of the rules, called Tashin Kettle of All, was published on 17 December. It was introduced on 22 November and includes 22 new subclasses plus Artifik and five subclasses previously found in other primary sources of Dungeons and Dragons. The rulebook also includes new additional rules for setting characters that allow players to change racial characteristics, such as the ability to change the rating, or even create a custom rule that is completely removed from the existing Dungeons & Dragons rules. You can consult our magazine here.

Tasha’s Cauldron of All is not part of the free Amazon Dungeons & Dragons B2G1 sale, you can get it for 53% discount at this time after receiving a $6.64 bonus coupon.

See this agreement on the Amazon

Basic D&D kit for only $7.79

If you’re new to dungeons and dragons, the basic equipment is a great way to start. Unlike the original starter kit ($11.22 – 40% off), the Essentials kit focuses on creating characters, and the Ice Pick Dragon in the kit introduces new rules for playing the game 1:1. In other words: You don’t have to organize a group of five or more players to start your adventure. One MD and one adventurer are enough, and the adventurer can use the rules to recruit civilians, animals and other creatures for research.

At the time of writing, a set of Dungeons and Dragons is available on Amazon for just $7.79, which is a ridiculous 69% of the price list. The set contains everything you need to start the adventure: blank character sheets, dice, the Screen Dungeon Master 33 × 8.5, cards for magical items, a double-sided poster card for use in the Ice Pick Dragon adventure, the code for 50% of the digital version of the Player’s Guide, and access to additional content, including additional adventure material to take the story to the next level.

See this agreement on the Amazon

How to find other offers from D&D

Again, you can mark the names of Dungeons and Dragons using the sales search bar or simply browse through our list above to find the best names. Please note that tiles can be added or removed at any time.

D&D books are only a small part of the products sold at Amazon, so come here to buy them all. You can mix and match D&D books with one of the corresponding titles.

Pay attention: If you buy one of these great, independently selected products, we may receive a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

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