What can make you more confident than knowing that any man will be crazy about you? To become such a woman, you need to know what men value most. You will be surprised by the results of a survey conducted by psychologists during a study on the perception of female beauty.

And of course, the most important thing is a smile and a good mood, which is so easy to get by visiting the 20Bet login website. Well, now let’s find out what men value most in women!

Who Is She, the Mysterious Stranger…

Every man has an image of an ideal woman. He imagines the color of her hair, her character, and her figure. Women also often think about what kind of man they would like to be with. However, the stronger sex is more experienced in this matter.

Therefore, psychologists were interested in what men would answer during the survey regarding which women they consider the most attractive. More than 3,000 men took part in this survey — it is large-scale, so it has real weight under it.

The results of the study surprised psychologists because they did not expect such an answer at all. 86% of the participants answered unanimously, and the remaining 14% were divided in their opinions. The men who entered this 14% talked a lot about the physiological characteristics of a woman. Most preferred the face, describing the hair color of the potentially chosen one, and the color of the eyes.

However, we understand that these are individual issues. Someone likes brunettes more, and someone likes blondes, but if a woman seems beautiful to a man, these signs will be secondary. Also, men expressed their preferences about the figure of a woman. It is not surprising that the majority (of that 14%) said that they would like to see a partner next to them who would not be overweight.

Some men liked it if a woman went in for sports; but not too much so as not to lose her femininity. Someone even described how tall he would like a woman. Also, men commented that it was important to them that there was a certain mystery, elegance, and femininity in the chosen one. If, for example, a woman constantly dresses in trousers, and behaves like a man, men feel more like a rival in her than a partner.

That’s What Kind of Women Men Love…

After thinking carefully, the men decided to comment not on the appearance of a woman, but on how she presented herself. And they unanimously replied that they would like to see confident women next to them. Who would know what they want from life! They thought that a woman can be amazingly beautiful, but if she can’t connect two words at the same time, this beauty will fade.

Against the background of an overly shy Mademoiselle, a slightly less pretty lady will shine with the light of distant stars if she demonstrates self-confidence.

Men shared that the most negative relationships in their lives were associated with insecure partners who constantly demanded attention, proof that they were loved.

And a woman who values herself will not do this. She understands perfectly well what she is worth and represents a person. But a man will spend his life with a personality, and not just with a package.

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