The DC Films universe will see some epic additions in the coming years, as the new films bring long-awaited characters to the big screen. A handful of them will make it to Black Adam, a long-awaited film in which Dwayne Rock Johnson plays a super strong antihero. Fans were eager to see who would accompany Johnson in the film, especially after confirmation that the project would represent the American Justice Society. Fans got the latest casting updates on Monday, when Quintessa Swindell played the role of Maxine Hunkle/ Cyclone in the upcoming film. Shortly after the first casting announcement, Johnson went on Twitter to confirm the news. He officially welcomed Svindell into the film and said he was very interested in working with them.

Ready rumble⚡️
I am happy to officially welcome Quintessa Swindell to our cast of BLACK ADAM.
You take over the role of CICLON.
I’m looking forward to working with them, and we’re ready to dig in the Washington jungle. #bringit#cyclone #COPY3️
Production starts spring 2021

– Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) 14. December 2020.

Svindell, who is not a wizard, is best known for his leading role in the film Netflix Knickknacks and his performance in the HBO episode Euphoria and the upcoming film Voyagers. You play the role of Maxine, the granddaughter of Ma Hongkel, who was the first Red Tornado and unofficial member of the Justice Society. After being abducted and experimenting as a child, Maxine realized that in her childhood she had the ability to manipulate wind and sound waves, which eventually led to her being recruited by JSA.

Black Adam will be the first Cyclone film to be presented in a different setting. The whole Hunkel family was underrepresented in live performances in DC, with the exception of Ma Hunkel, who briefly performed in Smallville, and her helmet opposite the DC legends of tomorrow.

Swindell and Johnson are accompanied in the film by Eldis Hodge (Underground, The Invisible Man) as Hawkman, Noah Centineo, To All the Boys I Love Before, Charlie’s Angels as Atom Smasher and Sarah Shahi as the person of interest, The L Word, who would play Adrianna Tomaz.

Like most kids when I was growing up, I dreamed of becoming a superhero, and Johnson always talked about the movie. As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But a few years later, in my imagination, I realized that Superman is the hero I could never be. I was too provocative. It’s too stormy. Too much resistance to convention and authority.

Despite my problems, I was always a good boy with a good heart – I just liked doing things my own way. Now, years later, with the same DNA as a child, my dreams of being a superhero have come true. It is an honor to join the #DCUniverse icon, and it is a real pleasure to be BLACK ADAM. BLACK HADAM is lucky to be endowed with magic and skills similar to SUPERMAN, but the difference is that it doesn’t come close to the marker and doesn’t line up. He’s a rebel, one of the best superheroes who will always do what’s right for people – but he does it his own way. Truth and justice are ADAM’s dark road.

Are you excited about Swindell playing Cyclone in Black Adam? Share your thoughts with us in the following comments!

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