Tina Carter from East-Enders

Tina Carter was murdered tonight. (Photo: )

EastEnders viewers are convinced that Tina Carter is still alive despite being murdered in tonight’s episode.

The beloved character, played by Louise Bradshaw-White, died backstage in the tragic scenes of Grey Atkins (played by Toby-Alexander Smith) just months after the murder of his wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer).

Gray and Tina shake their heads after learning the truth about Chantelle.

He chased her back to her apartment, and in later scenes he was seen covering her body with wrapping paper while Denise Fox told a terrifying story from above.

Nobody sees them, people like that, they have a face on the world and you believe them, Denise said.

They paint you a picture, then they come into your head and you start to see yourself the way they see you and one day the real world comes back.

Tina EastEnders, lying on the floor.

Tina’s body was covered with wrapping paper (Photo: )

Then they know they have to silence you because the dead can’t speak.

Despite the devastation caused by the available scenes, many believe that Tina is still alive and that she will return to Walford in the future.

I don’t think Tina’s dead, it looks like she’ll turn up again at some point, one of them wrote.

A similar sentiment supports a different message: Maybe Tina isn’t dead at all, he just thinks she is, and she’ll come back for the climax of the story at Christmas.

I bet Tina is still alive and wakes up in the trunk of a gray car and Shel has memories of Stewart, but Shel plays dead and goes back to Walford a month later to get the gray animals out.

– chloe ð¼vn¸ (@chloeannelillia) 28 December 2020

I don’t know if Tina’s really dead. I can’t decide….. but I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking on my part because I really love him #

– Nadine Erskine blm (@NadineErskine) 28 December 2020

I don’t think Tina’s dead, she feels like she’s gonna show up….

– Sarah (@sarahjayne_xxo) 28 December 2020

#Easties Maybe Tina’s dead, he thinks she’s dead, and she’ll be back for Christmas to be the highlight of the story. #

– Daran Phillipson (@dazman007) 28 December 2020

It has been confirmed that Tina will leave Walford after Louise announced her departure from the soap opera in October.

I just wanted everyone to know that I’m leaving EastEnders at the end of the year, she said at the time.

After seven extraordinary years, it’s time to move on and consider other projects! I had a great time at EastEnders and I’m gonna miss the cast and crew a lot. But I am also very excited about the new adventures that await me.

It was a great trip. As part of the 30th anniversary, the live episode, the Carter family, every day working with my best friends. Danny Dyer, Kelly Bright and Linda Henry, I love you more than anything.

She went on to say: Thanks to all the big fans for their support and love for Tina. I like him very much. Keep looking. There’s gonna be a lot more drama! Tina first appeared on Albert Square in 2013.

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