Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle in the popular soap Emmerdale, has revealed that he’s had his last day on set. Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Danny said: “I don’t know what my future is at this point.”

The “Danny Miller” is an actor that has been involved in a number of British television shows such as Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. On the 20th September 2017, it was announced that Danny Miller would be leaving Emmerdale after 13 years. Read more in detail here: danny miller.

Emmerdale star Danny Miller on Aaron Dingle's exit

Aaron and Chas in Emmerdale

Hugs! (Image courtesy of ITV)

Danny Miller, who played Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, has spoken out about his departure from the show.

Danny has been playing Aaron since 2008, and he has been a part of numerous major stories.

Aaron’s path has taken him from the Robron period through his mistreatment, and now he’s chosen to bid farewell to his village life and start again.

Aaron’s life was flipped upside down after Ben Tucker’s (Simon Lennon) murder.

Aaron in Emmerdale

A tough farewell (Picture: ITV)

When Aaron’s sister Liv (Isobel Steele) was imprisoned for Ben’s murder, he was terrified that his inebriated sister may have killed his lover.

Aaron came to visit Liv after her court appearance and sat down to inform her that he was done trying to support and care for her.

Liv was upset, but Aaron understood he had to break connections with Liv in order to recover and, at long last, put himself first, as Danny Miller describes in his last interview:

‘He’s driven out of the village, as if Ben is keeping an eye on him.’ He didn’t want to go backwards, injuring himself, jogging, and starving himself, so he eventually resolves to have a new start and reclaim his normalcy.’

‘He goes to Liv and tells her how he’s feeling, rather than asking how she’s doing,’ Danny adds as he reflects on Aaron’s last moments with his sister.

Aaron in Emmerdale

This is a significant choice. (Image courtesy of ITV)

‘On this particular occasion, he prioritizes himself and has a tough chat with her.’ I’ve never had to do a scenario in which my emotions were visibly present. That was my last farewell to Izzy, and it was a difficult scene to perform emotionally. As Danny, I wanted to cry, but Aaron had to keep it together since he had to show Liv that this was the time he was leaving her. Over the last six months, Liv’s word has grown untrustworthy, and the evidence against her in Ben’s murder is mounting. Things may have turned out differently if Aaron hadn’t watched the video. Aaron realized after seeing the video that Liv no longer listens to him or respects him.

‘All Liv has done in Aaron’s mind is throw support back in his face, pushing him away, and now they don’t get along.’ Aaron’s attitude toward Liv is that she has to stand on her own two feet so he can take care of himself.’

Aaron’s last scenes included his mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter), and Danny was overcome with emotion as he recalled what it was like to shoot with Lucy for the last time:

‘When I’ve worked with Lucy and Dominic [Brunt], I’ve always thought of them as parents.’ In terms of what Lucy and Dom have done for me, they’ve played a significant role in shaping who I am now. It’s Cain! The one with Cain isn’t as emotive. Jeff [Hordley] is a highly emotional guy, and we get along well, so it’s only natural that some emotion showed through in his performance. It was difficult to say goodbye to Lucy since she is always there for me and Dominic. It was only right that my last session was with Lucy, since my very first scene with her was also with her.’


Danny ended his conversation by sharing his feelings on Aaron’s departure from the community.

‘It’s like a second home, and you never know what may happen in three or four years – I could return!’ Emmerdale doesn’t want Aaron’s journey to stop here, which I believe is a homage to him. The knowledge that I may return in the future gives me great comfort.’

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