We’re officially two-thirds WandaVision of Marvel, and the series has certainly given fans options. As the mystery surrounding Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and The Vision (Paul Bettany) and their seemingly perfect lives in suburban Westview grew more complicated, fans turned to a variety of Easter eggs and references to try and predict the future of the series. As a recently discovered clue in the TVDetails subreddit reveals, it’s possible that even the most innocuous set of Easter eggs is a tease. Spoilers for WandaVision Series 6, New Halloween Spooktacular!, below! Don’t look unless you want to know!

Based on Malcolm’s sitcoms of the mid-late 1990s and early 2000s, season six focuses on Wanda and Vision’s young sons, Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Kline). At the beginning of the episode, Billy and Tommy do many different and culturally relevant things, including playing a Dance Revolution game. As Reddit user kidkolumbo noted, the level of DDR that Billy and Tommy play corresponds to a song called Butterfly, which introduced a popular technique into the game known as Butterfly Spin/Turn.


Although the butterfly appears only briefly in the episode, it takes on additional meaning when one understands how butterflies have been thought of so far in WandaVision. In the third episode of the Now in Color series, butterflies are a recurring motif in the nursery that Wanda and Sight are building for their unborn child. At one point, when Wanda’s powers are momentarily suspended due to her pregnancy pains, the butterflies on her phone above her crib even turn into real butterflies.

Given that Episode 3 ended with the birth of Billy and Tommy – and the fact that the MCU has a precedent for cooking Easter eggs – the return of the butterfly motif in Episode 6 seems rather significant. Superficially, butterflies might just represent the butterfly effect, and the idea that what happens in the Westview anomaly will continue to have consequences far beyond what the main characters can even imagine. But it’s also possible that the butterflies will take the place of Leila Miller/Butterfly, the mutant character who first appeared in House of M’s important and controversial story, surrounding the Scarlet Witch.

In this case, Leila turns out to be a mutant girl who is one of the few who remembers what happened before the Scarlet Witch rewrote reality. With the ability to remember this alternate reality and other past events, as well as the ability to bring others back to life and remind them of their own alternate lives, she has become a key member of X-Factor Investigations and even a protégé of Doctor Doom.

While it’s not known if WandaVision has even managed to bring in Butterfly, the fact that her namesake has appeared on the show so far – especially since some fans have been lobbying for the show to essentially be Reverse House M and bring mutants into the MCU – is certainly noteworthy.

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