Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra is making the most of his incomplete team this year.

Jimmy Butler doesn’t care who he offends or what people think. It is one of the hallmarks of leadership. Another version of leadership is a learning process, a test of willpower – and one that Bam Adebayo passes with flying colors.

Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra was asked what was the biggest improvement he has seen in his All-Star center this year. He could have easily talked about his new mid-level jumper or his chemistry change game with Butler. No, none of them were the most impressive. Adebayo gradually transitioned from a silent listener to an aggressive teacher.

It says much more, Spoelstra told reporters Thursday night. The first two years he didn’t say much, and each year he felt more and more comfortable. Not only is he more confident in his role, but he is absolutely indispensable to the group he leads. And he does it differently. Sometimes it is challenging, sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is encouraging, it lifts the spirits of the boys, encourages them and helps them feel more confident. I appreciate this process because I see him growing as a leader.

Bam Adebayo on his leadership role:

This is the role I’m changing into. UD and Spo both push me to be so loud.

I’ve always been one of those kids who led by example, and now I have to make do with my voice and my example.@5SportsReasonsSports

– Brady Hawk (@BradyHawk305) January 19, 2021

Adebayo averaged 19.8 points and 9.3 rebounds per game in 27 games. He speeds up the pace to destroy careers. But his ambition to become a leader has turned most heads, something the 23-year-old wants to do this season.

I feel that my leadership has grown. I play an important role and this is exactly the responsibility I have to take on to move us forward, Adebayo said on 24. January. Everyone feeds off me, so I can’t play games where I’m not aggressive, or I play lying down.

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Taylor Swift Grades Butler Dance Moves

Classify this file under the status of the popup icon. Taylor Swift apparently got wind that Jimmy Butler was dancing to one of his songs and used social media to thank the basketball star for his moves.

Former Heat star Dwyane Wade caught Butler’s attention in a viral video during an appearance on TNT where he was taunted by the team after the game. It shows a young butler improvising on Swift’s number 22 in the Chicago Bulls’ locker room in 2014.


– Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) February 19, 2021

Wade gave Butler – his former Bulls teammate – 9 of 10 points for his dance moves, then Swift made his appearance, awarding the Heat forward 13 of 10 points. Think of something. Butler has stated in the past that he was a big fan of Taylor Swift. He grew up in Texas and often listens to country music as he warms up for the game.

I love Taylor Swift, Butler said, via the Cleacher Report. I like music in general, but their music is pretty catchy …. I try to listen to the people I’ve built relationships with over the years. Whether it’s Ludacris, Lee Brice or Jason Aldean, it doesn’t matter, I try to support them as much as they support me.

Tyler Guerrault is becoming a complete basketball player

Tyler Herro is having a hard time with Heat fans these days. There is a minority that believes Miami should have traded Guerrault for James Harden last month in a conference reshuffle that never happened. Although the 21-year-old guard has struggled at times, his potential remains undeniable.

A shout out to anyone who doubts me.

– Tyler Herro (@raf_tyler) November 22, 2017

On Thursday night, Spelstra was addressed about Guerro and told everyone to put on the brakes. The youngster is a tireless worker who still has to learn to become a complete player in the pros. It will be a daily process.

He will grow and get better as an offensive player. He spends a lot of time researching and working, Spoelstra said. He’s not just a shooter. He can dribble. He is always working on his stick to strengthen it against stronger players; he makes his decisions with a defensive helmet on, and of course he continues to take more responsibility and improve on defense.


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