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Last week the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an impending diplomatic mission to China, a country with whom Canada has had strained relations in recent years. In anticipation of the announcement, the prime minister summoned the House of Commons to an emergency session so that they could get a jump on giving proper notice to the Chinese government.

Every year, the Canadian government estimates the country’s economic potential based on a number of factors, including the size of its population, the size of its economy, and the overall health of the country. The prognosis is that the Canadian economy is poised for a good year, thanks to the recent oil price surge, which has boosted the country’s trade.. Read more about speaking cue cards 2021 with answers and let us know what you think.

How I spent my last Sunday: essay, IELTS cue card, speech, paragraph

How did you spend your last weekend?

How I spent my last Sunday: Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph: Time waits for no man. It slips out of your hands like sand. But why is the weather panting down my neck this week? It really has been a monotonous week, and I’m looking forward to Sunday. No, no big projects! But all I want to do is crawl into bed, laze around and sleep it off. My life in college is going pretty well. Classes, homework, work, tense negotiations, career confusion…. Oh, my God! Sometimes I want to run away, far, far away, to spend some quiet time there and be happy.

How will I spend my last Sunday?

How can I spend my last Sunday?

But it won’t happen. No fairy tale comes true. Really? I have a few friends that I would really like to meet, but they are all mad at me because I rarely see them. How can I tell them that I really miss them, but I don’t have the communication skills. While I was thinking about this, I decided not to finish my homework until Saturday night, because I didn’t feel like doing it tomorrow, which was Sunday. Late at night, I fell asleep thinking that the next day would be a Sunday, where I could sleep in.
Being an airhead, I woke up late this morning. The day was bright and sunny. Of course, my mom was all red because I woke up so late. I took no chances, came to my senses and began helping my mother in the kitchen and encouraging her with my jokes.

How did you spend your last Sunday?

Breakfast was served, we ate and watched TV. If there was nothing to see on TV, I switched to my favorite screen: my laptop. I love watching movies, so I quickly looked at the movie section and started watching one. By the time I was done, it was time for lunch. I had lunch with my family and was wondering what to do next. I decided to call my friends and suggest a meeting, as this would change their angry faces to happy ones. The moment I picked up my phone, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and my two friends stormed in, surprising me. Suddenly the room was filled with joy and excitement. They hugged me and told me to get ready quickly because we were going out. Indeed! That’s all I wanted. The girls are going out Sunday! After eating and chatting, we left. Along the way, we impressed one of our friends and took her with us. Finally, the girl gang is here. We all went to the Sunday market that the whole town had been talking about for a few days. We all walked around for hours, talking, teasing and socializing. The fair was well organized with crafts, food, games, music, entertainment and a full house. The highlight was the arrival of guests at the band’s show, which had just begun. We all sang and danced to the music. Time passed and soon we were on our way home. When I got home, I felt so appreciated and filled with the joy of our bond.

When I got home, to my surprise I saw my brother who had come from Bangalore after a long hiatus. I didn’t know he was coming and I was just so happy. To celebrate his arrival, my father decided to take us to a movie and a restaurant. During the movie and dinner that followed, we laughed, talked, shared memories and spent time as a family. When we got home, my brother and I talked about some things.

A day with my family

As sleep nearly took hold of me, I realized that this Sunday was one of the best days of my life because two important things happened today: my friends and my family. What day would be better without a day with your loved ones? I really don’t need big parties or big plans. The most important thing for me is to cherish the time I spend with my loved ones. After all, that’s happiness, isn’t it?

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  • How did I spend my last Sunday
  • How did you spend your last weekend
  • How did I spend my last weekend

On January 20, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning all for immigration into the US from 7 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan. This was the first time in more than a decade that the US took such action.. Read more about ielts speaking cue cards pdf and let us know what you think.

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