No matter how much time we spend at home watching a streaming movie, you would think that we have exhausted all possibilities for streaming. However, with the chance that this is almost impossible, it is easy to get into the bidding stream. Therefore, with the year 2020 (thank God, right?) and the hopeful year 2021, we really have to be more careful with what we lose. There is so much, from timeless classics to new imitation classics, that you can’t see it all.

With all the duties of decency that come with the holidays, the last thing you want is to be left out in the cold in a big world of holiday films. Especially when it comes to Netflix, the most commonly used streamer. Whether you’re celebrating at home with your family, zooming in, celebrating with a clock or opening your gifts on Google Meet, everyone you talk to is constantly getting information. These are probably holiday films, because that’s what most services need at this time of year. Thanks to this list of curators, you can now keep up to date with all the Netflix holiday films you have to close in 2020.

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This original Netflix brings a familiar touch to anti-romantic comedy. Emma Roberts doesn’t like not dating at family parties. She hates the questions, the side view and everything else. She meets a man (Luke Bracey) who wants nothing to do with the relationship, and they decide to form a couple… but only for special occasions. These two have been pretending to be in a relationship for a year, and what do you know about it? They realize that maybe it’s not so bad to be together after all. Considering the time we have all had to spend with people in our own homes, Holidate is the perfect comedy (with lots of romance) at the perfect moment.

Naughty mothers Christmas

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Bad mother first gave us Amy, Carla and Kiki, three women who have had enough of all the crap mom has to endure. We saw three women, curious parents, terrible teachers, wretched jobs, who actually turned their backs on the situation and were just themselves. It became available and the film was a great success. Bad Mama Christmas takes this idea and expands it a bit, because during the celebrations these temperamental women can’t stand the bullshit of ANY ACTIVITY. Make sure his mother is here for the holidays and you have the perfect recipe for disaster!

Troll festival

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This Dreamworks offer is a wonderful fairy tale for children, from which adults can certainly learn a lot. The story is simple: When Queen Poppy discovers that the others don’t have a holiday, she decides to make one for them. Of course this fairy tale is a bit boring, but isn’t that the point of the holidays? Do I have to do that? Got it? You care more about others than yourself? Trolls Holiday removes these themes and reinforces them so that viewers can see the true meaning of the season. Young and old love trolls. They appreciate what they represent and the stories they tell. This film is a wonderful compliment to any festive diet.

Christmas Chronicles

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Who doesn’t like Kurt Russell? Considering that this film comes from the teams behind Home Lonely and Harry Potter, how can this Netflix original not be very good? Brother and sister try to catch Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) on his annual good deeds. After all, they pulled Santa’s sled off the rails and now they have to help Santa celebrate in front of everyone. When Russell plays Santa, which is a bit different from other Santas, The Christmas Chronicles is the holiday that really turns these movies upside down. Yeah, everything’s gonna be okay in the end, but the most important thing is what we learned along the way.

Christmas Chronicles: Part two

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After a mega hit, the Christmas Chronicles: The second part flew in a sled to save us for 2020, and not too soon. Kurt Russell came back and St. Claus and his wife Goldie Hawn joined him as Mrs. Klaus in another fantastic Christmas adventure that is perfect for the whole family. In the film, Kate Pierce reluctantly spends Christmas with mom’s new boyfriend and her son Jack. But when it comes to the North Pole and Christmas, Kate and Jack are suddenly drawn into a new adventure with Santa Claus. One of the new classics among the Christmas movies you can’t miss.

Christmas holidays

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Think of this funny name as a lonely house, but at school. A young girl (Cameron Seeley) is in a good mood when she is kidnapped before the Christmas holidays by the school’s maintenance department (Danny Glover) and discovers that this is exactly what she needs. What may seem a little crazy is actually full of heart, fun and festive spirit when you see this overworked 9-year-old solving very mature problems. With a solid performance by Glover (after Lethal Weapon, who doesn’t like him on some holiday?) and a wonderful performance by Seely, Christmas is an unsung holiday classic!

Santa Clauses get

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Although the tone is not too different from the Christmas chronicles, Getting Santa is another story about how Santa broke his sleigh and endangered Christmas. In this fairy tale, Santa Claus crashes, but ends up behind bars. Well, the world can’t let that happen, and then two people come looking for Santa for the big night! With a strong cast, including Jim Broadbent and even Bremner, Pick Up Santa is a very good family movie. This story, directed by Christopher Smith Severance, is written with enough friendly humour from adults and children to make it a gift for everyone.

Fireplace for your house: Birchwood Edition

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Well, Andy Warhol would probably like this one-hour movie if you watch some of his movies like Empire. At this time of day, the tomb of the film is the soul mate of a very comfortable fireplace in front of your house: Birchwood edition. The name of this sentence says it all. It’s a fire that burns on logs in the fireplace. This may sound crazy, but we don’t really expect you to be watching this. More like in Warhol’s movies, it should awaken the mind and the mood. Laugh if you like, but I won’t let anyone turn this on (not even my phones) and let the majestic, crackling spirit of this burning fire catch me. Clearly the name is an angry black horse on that list!


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This story, which was nominated for an Oscar, is a first class Netflix entry. When a not-so-good postman named Jesper befriends a toy maker named Klaus, this friendship sets in motion a series of positive events that eventually infect a not-so-good city. With the voices of Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons and Rashida Jones Klaus is a wonderfully amusing fairytale by Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martínez Lopez. With stylish animations that reinforce the reality of the unreal, Klaus is a holiday film that keeps the whole family warm.

How De Grinch stole Christmas from Dr. Seuss

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Ron Howard has reviewed Dr. Seuss’ Grinch’s nativity scene since his release in 2000. The story of the Grinch who tried to steal Waterville’s Christmas is an old story that still holds true. This 20-year-old film, based on a 1957 book, never seems to age or lose its shine. Well, why? With the cast, led by Jim Carrey in the role for which he seemed to have been born, it’s almost a transitional right to watch this film during the holidays. Everybody’s seen this movie, and if you don’t know this story… That’s all it takes to make it one of the holiday movies you need on your mailing list!

Jingle Jungle: Christmas trip

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With strong performances by Forest Whitaker and Keegan Michael Key, this story is about a toy maker (Whitaker) who loses his love for making toys when he is crossed by his right hand (Key), a classic Netflix holiday offer. The fate of the toy maker changes when his granddaughter (Madalen Mills) reminds him of how great he and his creations are. Full of fantasy, music and a toy that looks a lot like Johnny Five from Short Circuit, Jingle Jangle: The Christmas Journey beats all the necessary notes by director David E. Talbert (First Sunday).

Holiday program

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Who doesn’t like a little love on holiday? The Holiday Calendar is an interesting Netflix original in the sense that it adds a little science to this sentimental story by taking you on a journey through time. Abby (Kat Graham) is a photographer stuck in a rut. She wants something, but she doesn’t know what it is. Then she gets an old calendar that looks to the future. Soon Abby starts sharing this information with her boyfriend Josh (Quincy Brown) and Abby’s life suddenly becomes much more interesting. Okay, I realize that at first glance, a vacation calendar doesn’t compare to what we’ve seen before. But the story is interesting, the play is fresh and cheerful, and who doesn’t like a holiday film that mixes genres?

Holiday peak

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We often see festive stories about people going through difficult times when everyone around us is high. Well, Holiday Rush, another original Netflix, focuses on the family that needs to come together when they are forced to live in poverty. Rush Williams (Romani Malko) is a radio presenter who has to move with his aunt (and 4 children) after he is released from work. As you can imagine, there is a lot of laughter in this family film, but there is also a lot of family drama, because everyone has to discover the true meaning of the holiday. With a strong message and strong performance, Holiday Rush is the kind of Netflix Original that can easily become a big party!

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