In the movie “The Night Gallery”, a collection of paintings by artist Richard Schmidtlein come to life, and it’s up to an expert to unravel the mysteries behind them. This is where “Professor Groov” comes in. Groov is a scholastic essayist and classical music buff, and his job is to write a concise write-up of a television show or a movie.

“The Night Gallery” is a fairly well-known TV series from the late 1960’s, about an actor who travels through an enchanted gallery at night, encountering strange and sometimes terrifying beings. These people he meets, and the things they tell him, help him to understand the source of his nightmares, and to finally come to terms with his own identity.

In the late 1950s, a new series of supernatural television programs debuted that would have a profound impact on the world of television and culture as a whole. In the winters of 1957 and 1958, a series of mysterious shows known as The Night Gallery aired on NBC, and were built around a large cast of actors and actresses who played characters from the supernatural realm.



The fifth season of Riverdale is continuing to raise the stakes, and this week’s episode may be the most strange yet. We’re here to help you catch up on the most important facts and stories from Riverdale’s most recent episode. The greatest revelations and Easter eggs from “Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery” are listed below. Obviously, there are spoilers for Riverdale’s Season 5, Episode 14 “Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery” below! If you really want to know, just look!


Cheryl invites Minerva to the Blossom home to show off some new paintings she’s created. Each artwork depicts a different aspect of life in Riverdale.

The first painting depicts Archie in a mining outfit, who is receiving treatment for his anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his service in the war. Cheryl goes to Archie, Frank, and Eric and begs for their assistance in collecting the palladium in the Blossom maple groves before Hiram does. Archie enlists the assistance of a bunch of men, and when Kevin gets trapped in the mines for a short while, Archie has a horrific flashback and returns to his therapist to be prescribed anti-anxiety medicine.

Reggie, Fangs, Kevin, and Archie continue to mine, and during a break, they discuss the Mothman. Archie sees the Mothman the next time he goes into the mines, and he starts to suspect that the medicine he’s taking is intentionally testing him. Reggie, Fangs, and Kevin eventually start to have hallucinations as a result of the carbon monoxide in the mines, and Cheryl urges them to figure out how to bring clean air into the mines. Archie apologizes to his therapist, who advises him to avoid social situations until the hallucinations cease.

Betty is surrounded by eyeballs and a chainsaw in the second artwork. Betty and Tabitha cope with the abducted and held prisoner possible Lonely Highway Killer. Betty converses with the guy she’s detained in the school’s auto shop. She compiles a stack of photos of the Lonely Highway Killer’s victims and gives them to him, and he confesses to some of his murders. Betty approaches Alice and requests that she face the Lonely Highway Killer in the hopes of persuading him to confess to Polly’s murder. He confesses, but in a mocking tone, and refuses to tell them where Polly’s body is buried. Betty tries something else, promising to torment him in the same manner that the Trashbag Killer threatened to torture her. When she returns to the room to figure out what to do next, she discovers that the Lonely Highway Killer has committed suicide. Betty informs Alice that she believes he wasn’t working alone and that he was “hunting” with his family.

Jughead sits on a throne surrounded by rats in the third picture. Jughead sits at Alcoholics Anonymous, telling the tale of how he became a successful writer while also becoming an addict. After getting signed by his agency, Jughead went to New York to pursue a career as a full-time writer, and due to Jessica, he acquired a fondness for Maple Mushrooms, prompting him to write his first book. Jughead then asked Betty to his book launch party, but when she was unable to attend, he left her an obnoxious voicemail. He then went on a three-day binge that landed him in the ICU just as Archie summoned him back to Riverdale. Jughead explains that he returned to New York to find out what had happened to him, and he discovers that he’d been hospitalized for rabies and had sought refuge in the sewers, only to be pursued by the Rat King, whom he won over by reading him his book. Jughead was subsequently visited by a vision of Betty, who persuaded him to return to the surface and avoid death. When Jughead went to the sewer later, he recognized everything and discovered a duplicate of his book, which also included fiction about the Rat King that Jughead had written. Jughead stated that when he first fell into the sewers, he was besieged by rats, and the entire experience had made him understand how alone he truly is.

Cheryl gives Minerva a fourth painting, this one depicting the two of them as deities. Minerva informs Cheryl that she still loves her, but she has to leave the following morning for a trip to Africa, so they decide to make the most of their time together.


Riverdale airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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