The clock is ticking: ESPN’s fantasy football in the standard leagues will be broadcast one week after noon today, Wednesday, September 25th. November, 12:00 ET. (And to specify that this is the final date by which transactions must be accepted and not proposed).

In a special episode, Matthew Berry and the team break some strategic steps that will take you to the top of the league for the usual trading hours on October 25th. November. Flows to ESPN+

This is your last chance to update your team, so prepare your proposals! After this point, there will be no way to improve your team, except through a free agency, which usually will not provide you with direct and very effective players.

We’re running out of time, and I’m here again to help you with some candidates. Below are four players you should buy now, when their value is perceived as low, and four players you would like to sell to strengthen your list in other areas.

Get them.

Marquise Brown, WR, Baltimore Raven: If you look at what the crows do in December and January, you’ll want to take part in their passing game for a while. Quarterback Lamar Jackson wasn’t just trying to reach his 2019 MVP, and his managers will probably still push you to take the top five positions in trading. Close End Mark Andrews has an average of 7.2 points for Fantasy on PPR in the last four races of the Ravens. So why not Brown, who in his last five games has a lead over the four biggest receivers (a rather difficult game against the New York Giants and James Bradberry in week 16)? With 24 vertical targets and an average depth of 15.2 meters (all), Brown remains Jackson’s favorite source of deep threat. Moreover, he is the best striker, his seven goals in the end zone are in the lead together with Andrews.

Eric Abron, TE, Pittsburgh Steelworks: The fancy PR results have been modest this season, but have you taken stock of its long-term use lately? In the last four weeks, Ebron has played 85% of the Steelers’ shots on foul, the highest score of all receivers, with an average of 35.8 races (third in the team) and 6.3 goals (fourth) and has six red zone goals (second). Yes, the Steelers have a lot of mouths in the passing game, but use this to your advantage in trade discussions, because the Steelers face a series of games that put much more pressure on the wide receiver than on the tight receiver: The Ravens (week 12), the Washington football team (week 13) and the Buffalo Beals (week 14) fit the description particularly well. If your team is otherwise healthy, then taking the risk/reward based on the touchdown, a tight conclusion with a favourable balance sheet plan, is a good strategy.

Zack foam, RB, buffalo bees: In the backfield of the Beals, things are already moving towards Moss, maybe you haven’t noticed. In each of the last three games he has enjoyed a higher percentage of dreams than Devin Singletari. Moss also scored on average more points for PPR Fantasy (11.9-6.2) and total hits (11.0-8.3). This week’s farewell accounts are the best time to make an exchange offer, as desperate teams run the risk of ruining themselves to get all the useful parts in a very short time. In all three games, Moss showed 3 of 4 great skill in scoring 11 of 15 yards after the first contact. It is an airlock to keep the team’s goal line and it is clear that scoring a goal is practical because the team has more than a 50/50 split, even in the 1920s.

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From Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions: I’m in. Over the past four weeks, Swift Lviv has surpassed 71% (39 out of 55) in percentage terms in the tenth round, in which Kerrion Johnson (9) and Adrian Peterson (7) played sparingly. In this game, Swift passed three 10-yard runs, adding 5 out of 5, and he intercepted his passes for 68 yards and scored, with one game of each type scoring his breakaway speed (each run was at 20 mph). In the second half of 2020, the newcomer has many trump cards and his performance in the games of the next four weeks could lead many of his fantastic teams to qualifying: The Carolina Panthers (Week 11), Houston Texas (Week 12) and Green Bay Packers (Week 14) are the sixth, second and third best games of the season. Swift’s future, especially the near future, looks awfully bright.


Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Beals: Repeated name of the last column strength of the calendar – Allen – both for the rest of the year and in the fantasy play-offs – has one of the worst calendars in the League, ranks second and worse in the quarterbacks, even after updating the statistics for the 10th round. He has some great imaginative performances, his 36.0 and 27.4 points are the best and fifth best in 2020, but they also came in on two of the easiest games the quarterback could wish for (Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals). All can be harder to play because it’s his farewell week and that lost game hurts when he still has 14% of his schedule – 17% if you rule out league week 17 – and he hasn’t played an average or best game of the season in the last five weeks. If you can reach a value close to its current QB2 in terms of fantasy points or QB4 with the game points, give it now.

Dallas Gedert, TE, Philadelphia Eagles: He ended the farewell week with a bet of 92%, 28 routes and six goals, and although his 7.3 PPR imagination is unlikely to push the needle to a major victory, Goedert is still the one who can act aggressively through trade, despite his complete return to health and his growing role in the Eagles’ offensive. Besides the fact that Carson Wenz had a good fit with Travis Fulgham and Jelen Reigor, Gedert’s games in the imaginative playoffs were among the least attractive in this position. The Packers (Week 13) and New Orleans Saints (Week 14) are among the most formidable defenders against stubborn opponents, while the Dallas Cowboys (Week 16) also brought a lot of problems to this position.

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers: With a performance of 19.6 PPR fantasy points and four games with 14 or more points in the last six, Moore is a player you should definitely go shopping with. The previous production of WR21 seems to be a mirage as it has only three targets in the red zone, the largest degradation in the league (6) and the fourth largest open zone (7.2%) among the receivers with at least 40 targets. Robbie Anderson has been number one in the Panthers this season, while Curtis Samuel has had a surprisingly high number of hits (19 targets and three in the red zone, compared to just 17 and zero Moore in the last three weeks). The fact that the Panthers haven’t spent their farewell week yet, let alone the games with the Packers (week 15) and the Washington football team (week 16), only adds to the trade.

James Robinson, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars: So far he has been one of the breakthroughs of 2020, but it is also important to note that in the last two weeks, on his way to the seated position of the RB3, he has celebrated the two most fugitive offside players in the RB3 – the aforementioned Texan and Packer – with fantastic PPR points. Robinson’s stock may be high at the moment, but he probably has the busiest schedule during the fantastic playoffs when the games with the Ravens, the Bears and the Colts end his season. Keep in mind that the Jaguars are not a very good defensive team and although Robinson does something during the home game, it will not be enough to compensate for the tension of 12 to 15 rotations (or worse) if these opponents reach the top positions early. If you can take advantage of Robinson’s agreement by placing him in RB1, accept the deal and find a safer way back to the championship.

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