As we approach the middle of the NFL season, many quarterbacks have made their mark over the course of the year, while others are still confusing most of us, spectators and fantasy footballers, about what they can still do thanks to their past performances.

To be on the same playing field requires in most cases the greatest pressure and tension on every position in the team, which can honestly destroy most lists of fantasy soccer owners with a bad result from their starting quarterback. So for the fantasy football host who went home with a win at the end of the week, it can be an advantage to have the right quarterback against the right defense.

So here we are at the beginning, they’re lining up to be quarterback in week 8.

KB to the beginning of the week 8

Tom Brady, buccaneer from Tampa Bay.

Week eight should be easy money for Brady. The past few weeks, the 43-year-old man has attended his shows and talked to MVP. His last outing is the best proof of that. Against the Las Vegas Raiders, he made 73.3 percent of his passes in 369 yards, giving him four touchdowns. He also rushed to make a touchdown.

Today he’s in the precarious position of playing for the New York Giants, preparing Brady from over 300 yards and throwing at least three touchdowns, if not more. The giants couldn’t get more than one victory in a season. Their protection is just one of the many aspects that need to be dynamically and rebuilt.

Joe Barrow, Bengal from Cincinnati.

Browns may have won the quarterback game between Mayfield and Burrow, but Joe Barrow may have won the war. The starting quarterback was sensational on his recent travels and quickly changed the conversation about how he might affect the Bengali franchise in the future. He made 35 passes against Browns, scoring 406 yards and three touchdowns. He also got along with a touchdown.

The Titans have been unable to stop quarterbacks in recent weeks, leaving the door wide open for Burrow to make another successful exit in week 8. In seven games he threw more than 300 meters in five of them and made more than 60 percent of his passes in each match.

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers.

It’s hard not to like Herbert now. At the beginning of the season scheduled to replace Tyrod Taylor, he certainly took the phone as a starter. Despite the fact that the Chargers hardly ever win this season, Herbert is responsible for most of their success this season.

The newcomer’s recent crackdown on the Jacksonville Jaguars has brought tremendous benefits to the owners of fantasy football, and he should do it again in week eight. Herbert finished the race with the Jaguars and made 62.8% of his passes at 347 metres and three touchdowns. He also put in a good performance in the stampede with a total of 66 meters in nine shots that led to a touchdown.

The Broncos let their opponents’ quarterbacks spend the entire season on the field in defense, so it would have been crazy to expect another result in the eighth round.

KB session of week 8

Cam Newton, New England Patriots.

We knew this would happen and frankly, it would have taken a lot of convincing arguments to make the choice of an opponent one of the factors that would explain why Cam Newton had to meet in week eight. Newton was unable to get rid of the rust that had formed when he returned to work with KOVID-19 in the last two games.

His performance in week 7 against the 49-year-old San Francisco players was certainly unpleasant to watch and difficult to watch. He made only nine passes in 15 attempts, dropping three interceptions. While head coach Bill Belichik still believes in his first quarterback, the owners of Fantasy Football have to pay attention to him in week eight.

While the protection of accounts is not a legitimate threat, it is hard to imagine how Newton will change things so quickly. Expect unsatisfactory results at best.

Tua Tagovayloa, Miami Dolphins.

Whatever excuse you want to use, you can do it. Although he was phenomenal while he was in Alabama, Tagovayloa still has many NFL games to see. His first taste of action was against the poor New York Jets, making two nine meter passes. None of this is against Rams.

This Ramse defense isn’t something a rookie would want to do. In terms of bags they are in third place this season, and in fourth place for the touchdown allowed to pass the ball.

Tagovayloa will certainly be an elite quarterback in the future, but there won’t be an eighth week in that future.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lyon.

Although Stafford’s game this season was exceptional for Lviv, it didn’t score many fantasy points. On average, he’s scored at least three touchdowns in one game this season, so fantasy soccer fans don’t feel like rushing off and bringing the game to their starting line.

In addition, the Colts have recently posted a remarkable performance against the recent quarterbacks. Barrow was unable to generate many attacks against the Colts defence in week 6, so he was unable to score any touchdowns or interceptions. The Colts also leave for a week of farewell and give them a fresh start against Stafford.

Antonio Brown, Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers...

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