We now have eight weeks of NFL season – actually half the season. And although it was a season like no other, the games actually lasted eight weeks. Not always in the right order, but we have a very good sample.

One of the problems with fantasy football is that people like to play by name. But the truth is, we’re playing with numbers. Players with big names don’t win a week, but big stats.

I’ve been doing blind resumes for years, and I’ve recently seen how many others use them.

So think about those actors – look at the statistics before you look at the answer – and tell me if you feel the same way about those actors.

Two quarterbacks (one game)

Player A: 21.9 BCP, completion 68.6%, 265.1 passes per match, 2.1 TD passes per match

Player B: 22.0 PCA, 67.3% completion, 260.1 passes per match, 2.3 TD passes per match

Player A has been Ryan Tannehill since the week of 2019, when he took the starting position at Buy More in Tennessee. Player B is Patrick Mahomez in the same neighborhood.

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On Sunday Buy More Ryan Tannehill has a heavy game with the Bears. Mike Clay and Field Yates discuss whether protecting bears is enough to put a succession of fancy buys like Tannehill’s on the back burner.

This season (per race)

Player A: 20.6 BCP, 8.6 lenses, 5.1 shots, 97.1 yards, 1.0 DT

Player B: 19.3 BCP, 8.8 targets, 5.8 holds, 87.0 yards, 0.80 TD

Player A – DK Metcalf. Player B is Travis Fulham.

This season (per race)

Player C: 16.4 CAC, 9.6 objectives, 6.3 catches, 78.9 yards, .38 DT

Player D: 16.8 BCP, 7.8 targets, 5.8 hold, 73.8 yards, 0.60 DT

Player C is Allen Robinson II. Player D – Cory Davis, always available in 44% of ESPN leagues.

This season (per race)

Player E: 17.8 BCP, 6.8 targets, 4.4 holds, 67.1 yards, 0.88 TD

Player F: 16.9 BCP, 8.5 targets, 6.8 holds, 73.0 yards, 0.38 TD

Player E is Tyric Hill. Player F is Tyler Boyd.

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This season

Player G: 14.3 PPG, 0.78 points per shot, one of the top 10 scores, is on average the eighth highest score.

Player H: 14.1 PPG, 0.77 points per touchdown, two best unrealized performances in 99.9% of the leagues.

Player G is the hero of Clyde Edwards. Player H is Miles Gaskin. Gaskin just got into the IR, but still. Interesting, isn’t it?

From the third week (per race)

Player I: 16.0 BCP, 6.8 targets, 4.8 holds, 52.8 yards, 0.67 TD

Player J: 16.0 BCP, 7.5 lenses, 5.0 shots, 75.0 yards, 0.50 DT

Player I is Robert Woods. Player J is T Higgins.

Two quarterbacks per game

Player K: 27.9 PPG (12.2 PPG as driver), 66.8% full, 2.86 TD total per race

Player L: 27.7 PPG (10.9 PPG as a jogger), 66.1% full, 2.87 TD total per game

This year’s player is K Kyler Murray. Player L – Lamar Jackson in 2019, when he set a record for the highest fantasy football season of all time.

Two walkers, per set

Player M: 19.1 FTFG, 71.2% yards for leading teams, 1.78 yards per carrier after contact

Player N: 20.5 FPPG, 71.2% yards for the team, 1.71 yards for each carry after contact

Player M is James Robinson. Player N is Derrick Henry.

Three PR this year per set

Player O: 19.3 EDLs aimed at 25.9% of the routes, 5.8 strikes per race, 15 metres per strike

Player P: 18.1 EDL aimed at 25.1% of the routes, 6.3 strikes per game, 15.4 yards per strike

Player Q: 17.8 PCA for 20.1% of the routes, 4.4 strokes per game, 15.3 yards per stroke

The player Oh, Travis Fulham again. Player P is Julio Jones. Player Q is Tyric Hill. In case you haven’t heard, I brought Travis Fulgham as a real case.

Two walkers, per set

Player R: 8.8 FPPG, 3.7 yards to carry, 1.3 red touch areas per set

Player S: 8.5 FPPG, 4.0 yards per key, 2.3 red key areas per set

Player R – Ezekiel Elliott in three games since the injury of Duck Prescott. Player C – Latavius Murray.

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This season (per race)

Player T: 11.5 BCP, 5.7 lenses, 3.3 hold, 39.3 yards, 0.71 TD

Player U: 12.0 BCP, 3.7 lenses, 3.3 hold, 44.1 yards, 0.71 TD

Player T is Mark Andrews. Player you are Robert Tonyan. Tell me if this is the negative Andrews post or the professional Tonyan.

This season (per race)

Player V: 12.2 PPG, 18.0 hits, 77.3 scratch yards, 0.57 TD (RB25 total score)

Player W: 12.0 PPG, 7.9 Touch, 56.9 Scratch Yards, 0.43 TD (RB26 total points)

Player V is the Kenyan Drake. Player W is Chase Edmonds.

Something to think about, right? Don’t forget: You can’t win games by name. Figures.

Let’s get started. Thanks, as always, to Thirsty Kyle Sopp of Fantasy Focus 06010 and Status-a-Stop of the Fantasy Show on ESPN+ and Damien Dubrowski.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go:

Quarterback I love in week nine.

I’m not sure what Bill O’Brien is doing these days, but I hope Watson will be there with all his fantastic teams. In three leagues since the end of the BPP era, Watson has averaged a fantastic 27.0 points per game compared to 18.3 FPPG with O’Brien at the head of this season. And now, from the week of preparation, Watson will take on the Jacksonville defense, which has lost third place to the quarterbacks in the last four weeks due to the number of fantasy points per game, including more than 300 assists per game and more than two assists per game. Watson is one of the top five players in week nine, and if you don’t play on Sunday, you deserve to be fired as manager of the fantasy team.

The autumn wind is a thief who comes off his fantastic glasses for fun. The QBs throw them around and upside down and you’ll see that your fantasy team has won.

I apologize to the great Steve Sabol, but the essence of my tortured poem The Raiders’ defense is shredded by the opposing quarterbacks. This season, Las Vegas is giving up its eighth passing line for the game, but in the last four weeks, it has given the quarterbacks their fourth fantasy point. With an over/under score (at the time of writing this article) of 53, and given that Herbert QB5 has been in the fantasy since he became a starter, and has more than three touchdown passes in four consecutive games, he is the great love of week 9.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you don’t start with Herbert, you’re the one with the joke.

Okay, I’ll stop.

Every year, during the preseason, I am asked to make bold seasonal forecasts. I’m saying it’s not about what’s gonna happen, it’s about what’s gonna happen in the future. Now I remember one of them and I’m happy because one of my bold predictions is that Tom Brady will have the best statistical season of his career. That can happen. In the last six games Brady has scored 17 touchdowns and only one interception. This is worth 23.5 fantasy points per game. I understand he didn’t look so good Monday night and now he’s playing a league game for less than a week, but this week I’m using him on a large scale. With Antonio Brown at his disposal, and possibly Chris Godwin as well, Brady has the protection of the saints that allow him to score touchdowns at the highest speed in the league. Of the seven New Orleans buy-outs this season, only Nick Falls has scored more than 19 fantastic points. Finally: Tom Brady is the love of the ninth week and your old friend Matty B. is a genius.

* If you just look at Brady’s call and ignore my other bold predictions for 2020 *

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Matthew Berry looks at the upcoming Bucs calendar and says Tom Brady doesn’t think it’s wise to start the BQ every week.

Other votes

I know there is some fear that Pittsburgh will kill Dallas to the point that Ben Rothlisberger doesn’t have much to do (like Cleveland), but the cowboys allow touchdown apply at the second fastest speed. Big Ben has several touchdown passes in all but one of this season’s games. … No flight poems for Derek Carr, luckily just some statistics: The chargers will yield the third highest number of fantasy points for the quarterback this season. Until last week Carr had several touchdown passes in five consecutive games and, frankly, Carr received an order last week. I think it was a touchdown for Henry Ruggs III, who wasn’t given the right name. … The winner of this week’s Falcon Playing Award is… Rotary lock! But the truth is not only that the Falcons were in fantastic points for the last time this season before the game against the quarterbacks. Locke has a warm hand, he has made 81 assists and three touchdowns in the last two games.

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Field Yates is sure that Ben Rothlisberger will play the Cowboys, but Mike Clay is not that enthusiastic.

quarterback I hate week.

Of course, a talent like Jackson could come back on the blacklist and kill me. I get it, I get it, I get it. But this season, Jackson has killed a lot of his fantastic managers. Jackson has less than 200 pass lines in four of the last five games. It’s rude, but it wouldn’t have been so important if his peak averages had been at the 2019 level. That’s not true.

  • 2019: 11.7 pitches, 80.4 yards speed, 0.47 TD
  • 2020: 9.4 pitches, 58.7 yards speed, 0.29 T

Jackson’s 2020 numbers are unlikely to improve this week against the Colts defense, which will lose less than 13.2 fantastic points per league game against the quarterbacks this season. In most teams Jackson is still on the grid, but this week he’s outside the top 10. So if you took someone like Justin Herbert… Yeah, you can justify the fact that you were number two in the fantasy last year.

The Bucs allow quarterbacks to earn the second highest number of fantasy points for the game this season and to forfeit touchdown passes in the sixth minimum touchdown. And although Brice scored two touchdowns in the first round against Tampa Bay, he scored only 14.4 fantastic points in that match. It is also possible that the vultures are in Tase Hill. Any good news? We probably won’t be inundated this week with the news that Bris has turned a corner in his career for Brady.

Yeah, it got so bad that Newton was put on the New York Jets Hate Against Drones list. This happens when you only have two touchdowns in a season with 156 attempts. And, believe it or not, only three times this season the quarterback has scored a fantastic 16.5 point against the Jets. Given the alertness of the jets, it is unlikely that Newton will be needed here to win. Given the fact that Newton has only 12.0 fantasy points on average this season in races where he has no MULTIPLE Rush points, it is difficult to justify that he has only 12.0 fantasy points in the 9th round. Even if the Patriots play against the Jets, the first round will be in the top 12.

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Field Yates and Mike Clay are looking at the fantastic prospects of Cam Newton against the ninth week jets.

The backs I love in week nine.

It’s not a relationship counseling column, but I’ll give you something anyway: Find someone who inspires you to get better. Take the Houston, Texas defense. The opponents improved their mid-season performance over the Texans by 24.9% more than in the championship. Walking back will be his best thing against the Texans, all thanks to a day together. It’s beautiful. In the past four weeks, the Texans have taken two steps to be more than 135 meters behind the race. Robinson’s on his way to meet the Texans this week. Since Robinson has seen 95 percent of Jacksonville return this season and is playing an increasing role in the passive game (at least four out of five games in a row), he must find some real imaginary love in week 9.

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Mike Clay loves Jaguar’s RB James Robinson on Sunday, and he has a good game with the Texas players.

You’ll probably hear it on the Twitter of the Arizona Cardinals after the game, but I’m here to tell you in advance: Start this week with Edmund in his fantasy. Although he had an average of only 8.8 hits in the last four games, he had more than 15 fantasy points in three of the last four games. Now that the Kenyan Drake is out of the game, Edmonds is faced with a huge increase in punches, which prepare him for a fantastic day. In four 10-shot career games, Edmonds scores an average of 20.1 fantasy points per game. In the last four weeks the dolphins have run 121.6 yards per game and 5.5 yards. Edmonds has to start in every league while Drake’s on the board.

Toddler: He continues to produce. In six of this season’s eight games, Gurley has a rushed touchdown and a tie against Derrick Henry, who has the red zone in the running backs. Gurley hasn’t been very effective this season, but with at least 18 shots in four straight games, it doesn’t matter. He should get a lot of touch – and touchdown chances – against the defense of the Broncos, so that the seventh fantasy point in the last four weeks can be reversed.

Other votes

The RB1 Washington plant officially belongs to Antonio Gibson. In his last game he had a 20-year season and in three of his last four editions he fired at least four shots. That size should allow him to harm the Giants’ defense again this week, which has seen the fifth largest catch per game in the last four weeks. … Zack Moss is just one touch behind Devin Singletarium in the last two games and has the big lead in the red zone and carries the goal away. Moss is the bison you want to find this week as a flexible game.

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Field Yates and Matthew Berry crush Bill’s fantasy games that go back to Zack Moss and Devin Singletari, discussing which player has the most fantasy values and moves forward.

The backs I hate in week nine.

Who’s done more for their MVP case in the last three weeks than Duck Prescott? The injury caused by the quarterback at the end of the season was serious for the cowboys, including their star, RB. In total, RB 33 in these three weeks, Elliott has in three consecutive games 80 yards or less, and only three red zones are running in this zone. That’s the reason: In all three games since Prescott injured his judge’s ankle, 79.1 percent of Elliott’s champions entered the penalty area with at least seven defenders. Prescott’s was only 47.2%. With Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush taking on the Steelers defense this week, which is in sixth place with a minimum of points per game, Elliott can expect another week of fantasy beyond the top 10.

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Daniel Dopp asks Mike Clay and Field Yates where all of Ezekiel Elliot’s tricks have gone?

I call him Jonathan Taylor Thomas because his career got off to a good start and then he disappeared. Someone from Habitat Improvement? No? Okay, good. Anyway… Jonathan Taylor, the soccer player, hasn’t made more than 68 fast meters since week two, and last week he only played 33% of the snaps – the lowest figure since the fall of Marlon Mack. Although Taylor has more work this week (some people think he’s not 100% healthy), it will be difficult to do much with the Ravens, who have the lowest fantasy points per game this season and have only given up two hasty touchdowns to the RB. Even if some members of the Ravens defense miss this game because they are on the KOVID 19 list, it will be a difficult game for a P player. So yeah, if I tell you to start Taylor this week, you can call me the King of Lies. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the voice of the young Simba in the original film The Lion King. Come on, guys! Read it on your J.T.T.’s!)

Atlanta’s fast defense is really good? Or is Sokolov’s pass defense so bad that teams don’t have to play against it? I’ll take some of the A and B categories. However, the fact is that in the last four weeks, the Falcons have been the second and last in terms of yards rushed per game, and only one touchdown rushed in that segment. Add to that the fact that Gordon is only 10 metres ahead of Philip Lindsey in his last two races – and he’s on average 7.0 metres less than Lindsey on this circuit – and Gordon is not in my top 20 this week.

Passengers I love on weekdays nine.

After a great start he was just very good, on the edge of beauty. He has scored only one goal in the last five games, and in two of the last three he has played within 50 meters. However, many techniques have helped, and this week he is back in his top 5 dominant and great since the beginning of the year. For Seahawks, most catches and yards per game this season can have not only the deepest but also the widest receivers. Seattle also awards an average of 21.3 fantasy points per game to opponents who score seven or more goals against them. All this is ideal for Diggs, who are making an average of 10 career goals per race this season. In recent weeks, the Buffalo pass has been cancelled, but that’s nothing the Seattle defense can’t fix.

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Mike Clay loves the game of Stephon Diggs and John Brown against the Sichawkes in the background.

It has been reported that the Texans asked the Packers for a large income at the end of the Fuller case, and I can’t blame them. I would also ask a lot of Fuller on this fantastic fair day. He scored five straight runs, averaging 7.4 goals per game in that period. I would not donate such products, especially when Fuller is under the protection of the Jaguars, who have taken the fifth largest wide receiver and have already donated six deep TD receivers tied for third place in the competition. Am I legally high on Fuller this week or am I just trying to raise the selling price for him in the leagues where I have him? Call it a bit of both.

Daniel Jones threw 28 paces at Shepherd this year. Shepherd caught 22. If you look at Jones’ accuracy this year, it really is an impressive number. As Danny Dimes’ top scorer (18 goals in two games since his return), Shepherd has scored double-digit points in his three full games this season. And if Jones comes under pressure on Sunday against Washington’s strong line of defense (and he will), his first reading will probably be Shepherd, who is an undervalued No. 1 receiver in a functional (not large, but functional) attack over a wide range. Shepherd’s borderline WR2 this week.

So, yeah, if a guy has a lion’s helmet and a pair of hands, maybe you should think about playing some great games this week. I know Matthew Stafford might not be playing this week and that would certainly lower expectations here, but lower expectations are actually a difficult end in another language. Given the lack of product in the tight game and the lack of talent in Viking defense, it doesn’t matter who throws the ball. The Vikings give their opponents in the underdogs the most yards per game and Hawkson, who has more than 10 points in three of the last four games, is expected to get even more goals with Kenny Hollaway giving him the most yards per game in the ninth minute.

Other votes:

The 15.6% deep pitches of the league against Dallas this season resulted in a touchdown – twice the league average. Meanwhile, Chase Claypool hit an average of 12.5 air courts per goal in five of the seven games this season. It’s hard to determine which beneficiary of Steelers will choose week after week, but coincidentally, week nine is Claypool’s week. … Jerry Gedi starts the mid-season for newcomers, who scored 10 goals last week. A similar volume this week would give him a chance to get some good grades against the Hawks who are in the defensive. … Suddenly, the titans of combat are among the top three in the wrestling and yard competition, which can be widely accepted this season. Since the Darnell Mooney is now considered a pure WR2 game in Chicago, it should be counted as a week 9 Flex or DFS game. … Atlanta has awarded 18.9 fantastic points for this season’s championship game in a tight circle. Cela en dit lunette sur Noah cette semaine (ne pas, ne pas, ne pas, ne pas, ne pas) Les lunettes lumineuses FANT cette semaine. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Are you looking for something different, or something from your narrow point of view? If you didn’t call Travis Kels’ number, the answer is probably yes. Look at the Logan Thomas of the soccer team. He had over 40 yards and a touchdown in each of the last two games, and this season he’s actually third in every little bit before the game.

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Mike Clay queues up Chase Kleipul, Judy Smith Shaster and Dionta Johnson for their match against the Cowboys and looks where Ray-Ray McCloud and James Washington are on the Steelers’ list of winners.

Passengers I hate in week nine.

Last week Cooper threw a five-yard header into Ben DiNucci’s match. This type of production is almost optimistic about the protection of the Steelers, who are the seventh largest catch in a wide receiver and lead the championship this season in both pressure and lightning speed. Whatever quarterback or unfortunate fan the competition loses to Dallas this week, there won’t be time to force them to play a full game – and fantasy managers should spend a lot of time thinking about how desperate they are to get into the game. Cooper is a risky WR3 in that respect.

Peanut butter and jelly. Jordan and Pippen. Matthew Berry and Field Yates. All those iconic duets. But Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are not on this prestigious list. Take this: Evans’ average score is just 7.3 fantastic points per game and three goals with this season’s active Godwin. We don’t know for sure if Godwyn will play in week 9, but Antonio Brown will. Evans’ targets are likely to fall, and according to Mike Clay, he’s also likely to fall in the shadow of Marcus Lattimore. In his last three games against the Saints, Evans has only five traps, 71 meters and a touchdown… I expect his fight against New Orleans to continue on Sunday. Oh, I was thinking of another iconic duet: Mike Evans and the ninth week hate list.

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Field Yates and Mike Clay will follow Mike Evans’ fantastic match against the Saints in week 9, while Yates thinks Tom Brady will receive the ball from Antonio Brown.

This season, Arizona closes the Deep Ball, resulting in the lowest number of catches and yards on deep passes in the entire NFL. In addition, the cardinals also allow the lowest percentage of achievement of the final objectives. Besides, we have no idea what this crime really looks like under Tua Tagovayloa. Last week, he threw just 93 yards in a game dominated by Miami defense and special teams. Consider Parker, who should see a lot of Patrick Peterson in this game, as the last stronghold of the flexible game in the ninth weekend.

Even Smith hasn’t been able to get out of the black hole, which is in a tight final position in 2020, and in the past two weeks he’s only hit six goals, three catches and a total of 38 yards. Depending on the touchdown, he also ended up in the TE ranks: Smith is currently averaging only 5.0 points per game over his four games this season without touchdown. This is not surprising, given that it ranks 28th in the routes of the game. Unfortunately, in a game against Chicago’s hard defense this week, it means that Smith has also been promoted to the rank of one of my hateful tirades for the past nine weeks.

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