Every week the wheels of WandaVision keep turning, creating one dream episode after another. Fortunately for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision Episode 4, We Interrupt This Program, begins laying the groundwork for the show by describing the world outside of the Wanda sitcom for the first time. At the beginning of the episode, it quickly becomes clear exactly when the episode will take place. With the new information, perhaps WandaVision will have a direct (retroactive) impact on Spider-Man’s surprise ending: Away from home.

Full disclosure: minor spoilers in perspective for WandaVision! Be careful if you haven’t seen a later episode.

We know that WandaVision leads directly to Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, so we can assume that Wanda is so opposed to reality that the space/time divide appears at the end of her Disney+ show. So maybe – just maybe – we’re suggesting an appearance by John Jameson (J.K. Simmons) in Spider-Man: Far from home, it could be the same character from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Ready to dive down the rabbit hole?

We interrupt the program with Monica Rambo (Teyonah Parris) right after The Blip as Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) brings everyone back to the Avengers : Game over. It’s so close to a turnaround that fans actually see Rambo’s reform in slow motion with the dust behind him.

Shortly thereafter, Rambo shows up at SWORD’s headquarters, and we learn that she has been back to life for three weeks. That said, yes, it’s only been three weeks since she was sent on her first mission, which happens to be the event that’s taking place before our eyes on WandaVision. It’s interesting to note that Far From Home is set eight months after the events of Endgame, meaning WandaVision is six months ahead of the Spidey sequel.

Are you still with us?

Since WandaVision precedes Far From Home in chronology, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the multiverse already existed while Spidey was working on the film. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) first assumed he was from an alternate universe and that he could cross it using the stones of infinity. We now know that he lied about coming from an alternate reality, but what if he didn’t lie about the multiverse itself?

It seems that the events of WandaVision will take place over a period of a few days rather than a few months. So it’s possible that the multiverse will continue for about a month after the game ends, allowing several people to switch sides, including Jonah Ion and his new media empire. He will have about seven months to make a name for himself in this new universe – the Prime Marvel Cinematic Universe – which is very believable in the digital age.

The first four episodes of WandaVision could be aired on Disney+. Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is currently scheduled for release on the 17th. December 2021.

What other Marvel characters would you like to see appear because of the multiverse? Let us know what you think in the comments or contact our editor @AdamBarnhardt on Twitter to tell him all about the MCU!

frequently asked questions

Did Mysterio die far from home?

How did Mysterio die far from home? Mysterio has changed in the sense that he is now a bad guy. … At the end of the film, Peter is able to remember the drones and we see Mysterio die after being shot by the wrong machine.

What happens at the end of Spider-Man on Foreign Lands?

Spider-Man: Far From Home ends with Spidey, aka Peter Parker (Tom Holland), inviting his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) to join a rather creepy web series based around New York. … And then he catches up with Spider-Man as Peter Parker.

What happened at the end, away from home?

By the end of Away from Home, Peter Parker is reconciled to Uncle Ben’s mantra. With great power comes responsibility. Although we’ve never seen Ben on screen in this version of the franchise, his existence is revealed in the baggage of Peter’s Eurotrip and, more importantly, in Peter’s desire to …

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