Put your pants on: Austin Amelio says madness is coming when Dwight and his wife end up in the movie Fear of the Walking Dead. The sixth season in Alaska ended with the long-awaited arrival of Sherry (Cristina Evangelista) in 2016, but the couple’s happy reunion can’t last long: Dwight escaped from Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and was then conquered by Virginia (Colby Minifi) and his pioneers. Bang Virginia gathers an army – led by Ranger Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo) – to face the growing threat of mysterious messages painted on a beach submarine and a city building that is literally crawling with plague rats.

They’ll see these lives as two pieces of a puzzle that don’t really fit together, Amelio told the decision-maker what would happen for Dwight and Sherry. Or a piece of the puzzle is folded and there is water on it and you try to make it. It’ll be different. It won’t be what they thought.

The honeymoon can’t last long, Amelio said, because crazy things are going to happen.

Amelio’s comment came after co-stars Lenny James and Karen David, who played Morgan Jones and Grace respectively, warned the audience to prepare for a very dark sixth season.

There will be too many fears to deal with, James said at a virtual family party, The Dead Family Walk in the summer. It’s getting dark this season. Let’s add David, who didn’t come this season: We’re definitely going to the dark side. It’s very, very dark, so get ready. It’s gonna be pretty touching.

Signals of change for a group of survivors who were given characters in dark places have largely disappeared and spread throughout West Virginia, including Alicia Clarke (Alicia Debnam-Karey) and Daniel Salasar (Reuben Klinki).

If you look at this universe, there must be something serious enough to say that we’ve plunged into darkness, James said. We’re almost there. At the end of this season, no one will be the same.

Questions about Sherry’s absence from the Walking Dead will appear in Honey, Episode Fear, to be released on November 8th. November in the air. There we will meet the one the evangelist calls Sherry 2.0.

She’s a more assertive, stronger, more resilient person, and she’s on a mission. I call it Sherry 2.0, the evangelist told insiders. Everything that happened to her in her life – all the pain she endured, the losses, the abuse she suffered, especially with Negan, and then, finally, because she couldn’t finish all those experiences because she had to run away – she never saw what happened, and she never really saw the light. Her ex-husband.

She moved on: Dwight’s character has in a way really witnessed the fall of the Empire, and she hasn’t witnessed it. She really went through all these experiences, and it was very difficult, and [you] will see how it changed her as a woman. It’s hardened her somehow, and you’ll see she’s fighting it.

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