Filming for the second season of The Witcher has resumed after the Christmas break. The actors and crew have now remained at Arborfield Studios headquarters and are busy finishing scenes for several episodes. Bosses Stephen Surjik (Episodes One and Two) and Louise Hooper (Episodes Six and Seven) are taking late notice, and some members of the cast have also revealed that they are struggling again.

The show comes out in season 2, episode 2.

Henry Cavill recovered from his leg injury in December and shared on Instagram that he is now back to his typically tough schedule, starting at 4:30 a.m. to fill his time on set with long recovery periods. Among the various performers who finally spoke up on social media are Henry Witcher’s partner Paul Ballion, who plays newcomer Lambert in season two, and Anna Shaffer and Royce Pearson, who fans will remember as Tressa Merigold and Destrode from season one. Read the full article with all the posts here.

witcher season 2

With January no longer on the agenda, fans may be wondering how much is left to shoot. The Iranian Secret Service has informed us that the first scheme should be completed by February 2021. Given the fourteen-day break in November, as well as some possible hiccups due to Henry’s physical issues and a slightly delayed start after the Christmas break, our best current theory is that the record will be finished and released in March 2021. Remember, this is just the gauge. However, if we add six to seven months to that, it could mean that the second season of The Witcher will come out this fall, in September or October.

Fans praised the show…

Roach, Geralt’s usually loyal and independent sidekick, captured the hearts of thousands of fans when The Witch went viral in December 2019. During the first season, he was amazingly (because Roach was a man on the show) portrayed by a Hungarian horse named Zeus. Currently, his manager said on Instagram that Zeus Witch has decided that they will go to Hungary.

witcher season 2

What is the significance of what is coming here? As far as we know, Geralt is going to start season 2 with his old friend Roach, but as we found out sometime in November, he’s going to have another pony named Roach, as he usually does. What will happen to the main cockroach, however, remains uncertain. Since Witch has been riding a similar pony for a very long time, we are sure, though not entirely sure, that he will be allowed to retire as soon as possible.

With the recreation break just around the corner, the spotlight will soon turn to modifying, supplementing and completing the previous year’s record. This is where enhancements, music and additional voice recordings become an integral factor. The advanced imaging studios working on the second season of The Witcher are in full swing.

Season 2 is coming to an end.

As the filming of season 2 draws to a close, a few new major characters are popping up that we had never before associated with the artist. Of course, Netflix is keeping its cool on the projection front after dropping a few clues in February 2020. But that doesn’t mean we’re not keeping our eyes and ears open for possible new additions. Last November, we announced that the Queen of Lyria and Rivia would be played by young artist Rebecca Hanssen, and we’ve now spotted one of her partners.

Edward Rowe, also known as Kernow King’s joker in Cornwall, will take on Cadwyn leader King Henselt in his second season. Henselt is unable to book and play the latter’s fans because of his bellicose tendencies and his excessive views on racial justice. To new fans, he risks being seen as a rude and threatening figure, or as Geralt has noted in some cases, “a man who looks more like a thug than a leader.” Artists Ed Birch (The Last Kingdom) and Julie Barclay (Broadchurch) have also been confirmed for the second season, though we have no idea of their work yet, though we are still waiting for Barclay to paint Nenneke’s portrait.

In January 2021, Netflix announced that artist and model Jody Turner-Smith (Nightflyers, The Last Ship) would star in the project titled The Witcher: Origins of Blood. In the six-part limited series, set 1,200 years before the start of the main series, Turner-Smith will play Eila, who is portrayed as “a high-ranking heroine, beloved by the voice of a goddess, who left her band and her position as guardian to the queen to follow her wandering artist’s heart. A severe punishment on the continent leads her to return to the method of the sharp edge as she continues to seek retribution and healing.” The series certainly explores the production of the first absolute witch.

Prequel Cast

No other casting for the prequel is currently known, although several reliable sources revealed last year that Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) had been offered a role in the series. Apparently, Momoa will not be able to interest himself in Blood Origins, as shooting of the series will begin in May 2021 and Momoa will be busy shooting his new film Slumdog from February to June 2021.

witcher season 2

The 2D animated film The Witch: Nightmare Wolf was announced more than a year ago and has long been the subject of rumors. In 2021 we will finally be able to see it, and now we even know the authorities for its running time: 1 hour and 21 minutes. Bad Dream of the Wolf is being developed by Studio World (“The Legend of Korra”) and will tell the story of young Wesemir, the wizard who eventually becomes a teacher and father figure to Geralt. Unfortunately, “2021” is the most accurate release date for the anime at this time, but it should appear on Netflix some time before the start of The Witcher’s second season, which is pretty standard in the second 50% of the year.

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