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IRVINA (CBSLA) – Two firefighters were injured in a fire east of Irvine on Thursday of 7,200 acres, causing thousands of people to flee.

The car was heading north to escape Bond’s fire when he was hit on 3. December 2020 crossed the road to Santiago Canyon at Silverado Canyon. [Leonard Ortiz/Orange County Register/Getty Images]

Bond’s fire was caused by a house fire before 10:15. On Wednesday night, in the 29400 block of Silverado Canyon Road, Orange County firefighters reported that the fire quickly spread through the bush and then exploded into a wildfire.

According to official sources, the injured firefighters received medical assistance on Thursday afternoon and were taken to the hospital for further treatment. His condition was unknown.

Fire Bond moved westward during the Silverado fire in October, which set fire to 13,400 acres and forced tens of thousands of residents of Irvine and Lake Forest to evacuate.

CBSLA reporter Kara Finnstrom described the chaotic scene and said the wind blows the flames and the coal flies everywhere. Large bulldozers and vehicles caught fire and caused several large explosions.

The wind has turned and the fire is all over the canyon and there is a chance I could lose my home, Jill Hitchcock of Silverado told the CBSLA on Thursday.

Some local residents stated that they had little or no mobile phone service because of the power outage as a precaution against failure and that they had not received an evacuation warning.

I heard screaming: Fire, fire, fire, it’s here, so we have to leave immediately, says local Jerry of Wolfgang. I looked out the window, and it was already so big.

3. December 2020. CBSLA.

According to the OCFA, several structures were damaged in the fire, but the exact number could not be confirmed. There was no note about the wounds.

Captain Thanh Nguyen reported to the SPLA that the fire jumped from east to west in the Santiago Canyon in the early morning hours.

We were expecting gusts of up to 70 miles per hour in the area, Nguyen said.

We’ve also seen how the wind has changed, so we tell all our employees to be aware of this ever-changing wind, he added.

About 500 firefighters fought the fire. Because of the wind the firefighters had to land on the ground for the night, but the helicopters which dropped water came back into the air late Thursday morning.

So they were able to fly part of the night, but due to the increased wind speed it was not safe for them to continue to do so, said CFA Captain Greg Barta.

According to Orange County firefighters, the residents of Silverado Cany, Williams Cany and Modges Cany had to be evacuated at night. As the flames spread to the southwest, a mandatory evacuation order was issued for Foothill Ranch and the Portola Hills area west of El Toro Road and north of Highway 241.

Voluntary evacuations were carried out in Borrego Canyon, Baker Ranch, Live Oak Canyon, Trabuco Canyon, Rose Canyon, Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, Vista Valley Road and Meadow Ridge Drive.

Bond Fire burns at 3. December 2020: the slopes west of the road leading to the Santiago Canyon, at the Silverado Canyon. [Leonard Ortiz/Orange County Register/Getty Images]

A Voluntary Evacuation Order was also issued for Lake Forest for the area adjacent to Lake Parkway to the south, Irvine to the west at the Musick Industrial Park border and Highway 241 to the north.

Santiago Canyon Road is closed at Jackson Ranch Road on Route 241.

A Red Cross evacuation point is located in the Santiago Gorge near the Collège d’Orange. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, government officials cannot set up shelters, but they do provide hotel vouchers to private individuals.

The south is currently at the epicentre of the Santa Ana wind, which, due to the dry, stormy conditions and low humidity throughout the region, has sounded alarm bells, making conditions favourable to forest fires.

Near the site of the Silverado fire, which started on the 26th. October in the streets of Santiago Canyon and Silverado Canyon, burned 13,400 hectares of land and forced more than 90,000 people to evacuate. Edison from Southern California has informed California state regulators that his equipment may have been responsible for the Silverado fire. No houses have been destroyed.

The exact cause of the house fire is currently being investigated.

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