Mike Pence was already a controversial politician before he joined future US President Donald Trump. Some supported him as a man of principle and character. There were others who had other descriptions of him. For example, ambitious, cool-headed, and other harsh terms.

Opinions about his tenure as Vice President of the United States under Trump follow a similar pattern. But by the end of his term, Pence had raised the ire of many extreme Trumpists. And the personal relationship between the president and vice president has reportedly deteriorated.

They’ve been talking ever since. And, as the AP notes, Pence seems to be trying to portray himself as Trump’s heir apparent.

Apparently he is making plans for the 2024 presidential race.

The former vice president is reportedly laying the groundwork for his own presidential campaign. In public, he was concerned with such things as joining important organizations and discussing the publication of a book. These are often the actions of a former official who has retired from official politics. And it can also be the actions of someone who wants to launch a new campaign.

Behind-the-scenes conversations are increasingly focused on the expected start of Pence’s campaign. Words of encouragement have been spoken publicly by several current and former Republican officials.

And by the looks of it, there’s already at least one supporter. According to the Baltimore Sun, U.S. Rep. Jim Banks enlisted the support of potential presidential candidate Pence. Banks represents the district in Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana.

Originally, Pence was not a supporter of Trump. In the 2016 Republican presidential election, he endorsed Texas USA.

Senator Ted Cruz. But later, after Trump nominated him for vice president, his loyalty became legendary. What Pence got for his oft-mocked public adoration of Trump was ultimately not a return in his favor. Instead, he and his family members were nearly killed in a riot outside the U.S. Capitol. The rioters were particularly angry with the then vice president for not stopping to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Something he didn’t really have the strength for.

Not surprisingly, the relationship between Mike Pence and Donald Trump was strained at the time. It’s unclear whether some of Trump’s most active supporters would support a possible campaign for Pence.

In the 2024 Republican primary, Pence could be up against a field full of other former Trump administration officials. Including Trump himself, but also other possibilities like Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.

Pence is also a former governor and congressman.

Previously, Mike Pence was an active Democrat. He even volunteered for the Bartholomew County chapter of the Central Indiana Democratic Party. Apparently he changed his political affiliation then.

In 1988 and 1990, Pence ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. He lost both times to Democratic incumbent Philip Sharp. It will eventually win a seat in 2000. A later regrouping would have placed her in class 6. District.

During his time in the House of Representatives, Mike Pence has become one of the most prominent Republicans. In 2006, he was the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. He was eventually pushed out by the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner of Ohio. Pence then became chairman of the House Republican Conference. He previously served as chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

In 2012, Pence was elected governor of Indiana. After an exhausting tenure, he was nominated for re-election in 2016.

However, he withdrew from that race after Trump chose him as his vice president. Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, who won the general election, is the new Republican candidate.

Pence’s brother Gary is a member of the US House of Representatives. He holds the seat in the 6th. District, just like Mike Pence did years ago.

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