Shared photo of English players, Premier League match, Rangers players, football fans and Sarina Wigman, the new boss of English women The new year brings the European Championship for Men, fans returning to the stadiums, an interesting race for the Scottish and English titles and a new era for Sarina Wigman and the Lionesses.

There is a lack of optimism in a turbulent and challenging 2020. But now that the annual horror is over, let’s all hope that 2021 will bring more positive things.

For millions of us, football has provided some escape from the pandemic this year – and promises to provide more inspiring moments over the next 12 months.

Here are five things we hope….

Return fan

Going to a game with your teammates and bringing the atmosphere in a crowded stadium can seem a bit far-fetched at this stage.

However, the coronavirus vaccine gives hope that this can happen in the coming months.

A handful of fans have had the chance to see football live again in recent weeks, as a limited number of fans returned to seats one and two after the national blockade on 2. The month of December is closed.

That changed on Wednesday when all matches were again held behind closed doors due to the recent restrictions at Covid 19.

Vaccinations are beginning to spread across the country, and Health Minister Matt Hancock said the speed of the program will depend on how quickly the vaccines can be produced.

Only when this process continues will we understand what this means for the football audience. However, most fans hope that 2021 is an opportunity to dust off their subscription, play a few games and see their favorite team in person.

Leicester at home against Aston Villa Leicester against Aston Villa from 9. March was the last Premier League game for their own fans.

A more open championship race in the Premier League?

When the English Premier League resumed in June, there wasn’t much to do in terms of a title race.

Liverpool is 25 points off the pace and the chances of them not winning a Ligue 1 championship in the last 30 years are virtually nil.

Even in 2020, the Reds were 13 points behind second place in Leicester City – with one game less.

Twelve months later, things are much more complicated. Only seven points separate Liverpool, who always seem to be be beating the team, from the ninth place Southampton.

However, the Reds are no longer as impenetrable as they used to be. After 16 games in Manchester United last season, they lost only one point in a draw.

After so many games, Jurgen Klopp’s team hasn’t collected any points in seven games, so he drew six and lost one.

Manchester City won the title two seasons ago with 98 points, a far cry from their record 100 points for the 2017-18 season.

Only nine points separate league leaders Liverpool from ninth seeded Southampton.

Liverpool and City aren’t what they used to be. That’s what makes it interesting, said the former defender of England, Gary Neville, in December.

That’s what this season does to us. The first two set a bar that I had never seen before – now we see something more normal.

With a busy schedule that leaves little room for rest or maneuvers in the coming months, the unpredictability of the first 16 rounds of competition in 2021 could be addressed.

A new order in Scotland?

Celtic boss Neil Lennon and Rangers colleague Steven Gerrard Celtic boss Neil Lennon has had to deal with fanatical protests in recent weeks, while Rangers colleague Steven Gerrard has won his first Scottish title.

The end of Celtic’s stranglehold on Scottish football will not be seen as positive by those who convince Boyce – but the rest of the country could see it that way.

Celtic monopolised football in Scotland has won the last twelve domestic trophies for four seasons.

The Scottish Premiership seems to be aiming for a predictable but different result this season.

Rangers, led by former English midfielder Steven Gerrard, are 16 points away from their competitors in Glasgow.

If Rangers win the Old Firm derby at Ibrox on Sunday, Celtic will have to win a tenth consecutive title.

But if they lose, it will give new hope to Neil Lennon’s men, who still have three games to go.

Ten consecutive victories would be the highlight of the Old Firm competition, as it has remained out of reach for both Celtics and Rangers.

But it’s not just Glasgow celebrating this season. Hibernian, Livingston, St Johnstone and St Mirren all compete for their first major title of the season after reaching the semi-finals of the Scottish League Cup.

The Hibs were the last team before Celtic won the Scottish Cup in 2016.

Triple UK hopes for Euro 2020 – and a realistic chance for England to win it?

Euro 2020 The tournament was originally scheduled to start at noon. 1-12 June of this year.

It remains to be seen whether fans will be able to attend the planned Euro 2020 matches and this will probably largely depend on the success and speed of vaccination against the coronavirus.

The championship starts on June 11th and takes place in 12 European cities.

UEFA reserves the right to decide whether to hold the tournament in full, in part or in camera, pending a final decision in March.

We can not guarantee that he will play in its current form, but we hope that the tournament will take place and that we will have something to look forward to, said former England goalkeeper Rob Green on Radio 5 Live.

In any case, the finals will attract a lot of interest in the United Kingdom, where England, Scotland and Wales have qualified. For the first time since the 1958 World Cup, these three countries qualified for a major tournament.

People will be cheering and there is an overwhelming sense of optimism when the tournament starts – although you never know how long it will take, said former Wales midfielder Dave Edwards.

This is what we need as a society.

Scotland has qualified for a major men’s tournament for the first time since the 1998 World Cup.

We had a 22-year-old when it was hard to be a fan of Scotland and make jokes about former Scottish winger Pat Nevin.

We are excited, and whether in the stadiums or on television, the excitement is unmistakable.

And there seems to be a real chance that England can put an end to 55 years of misery.

The Gareth Southgate team is the fourth best men’s team in the world (among the European countries, only Belgium is above them), and all group competitions – plus a possible semi-final and final if it succeeds – are on the programme of Wembley.

New eras for women in England and Scotland

If neither of the two men’s teams manages to win silver at the European Championships, the national holiday might not be so far away for their female counterparts.

There is hope that this can be achieved next year in the form of an Olympic gold medal for Great Britain. But apart from that, England and Scotland are preparing separately for an exciting new future under a different management.

The Lionesses have defeated the semi-finalists in the last three major tournaments. But a new era begins in September with the arrival at the helm of Dutch director Sarina Wigman.

Wigman led the Netherlands to victory at Euro 2017 and almost surpassed that performance when they reached the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019.

Great potential with England’s new boss, Wigman.

Despite the 2-0 loss to the USA, Wigman’s reputation as a proven winner remains intact and inspires the optimism that she can bring success in England.

She knows how to be a winner, said former English midfielder Katie Chapman.

Their teams are always very nice to watch. It’ll be refreshing, and I look forward to their work.

The most important management position in the history of the company has now been filled in Scotland.

Shelley Kerr’s leaving on the 24th. December marked the end of an era for the Scots, who qualified for their first World Cup under Anna Signeul just after the European Championships.

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